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America’s Got Talent Results: 7 Acts Advance to Semifinals In First Live Elimination (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap of America’s Got Talent 10, “Live Results 1”! Judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howard Stern are back alongside host Nick Cannon as we continue the search for America’s million dollar act!

Last night’s live show was stacked with crazy talent, with at least four acts standing out in a HUGE way (Paul Zerdin, Siro-A, Samantha Johnson, and Drew Lynch). But with seven spots open, anyone could sneak their way into the semifinals!

But what do readers think?

Well, according to our official poll, the seven acts advancing to the semifinals are predicted to be (from most votes to least): Paul Zerdin, Siro-A, Drew Lynch, Samantha Johnson, Piff the Magic Dragon, Benton Blount and Alondra Santos. But it isn’t too late to vote, so head on over and add your prediction to the poll!

Keep it locked right here as I’ll be updating with commentary and videos as the night rolls on!

America's Got Talent Results 7 Acts Advance to Semifinals In First Live Elimination (VIDEO)

Credit: NBC

Let’s get this show on the road!


-OMI opens the show to perform his hit single, “Cheerleader”, and…well, this is kind of awful. From a performance standpoint, it’s decent enough, as the dancers and OMI’s swag carry this performance much farther than it otherwise would have gone. But the vocal is barely audible, and when it is, OMI sounds like he’s in a completely different key. He’s a talented guy, and I like “Cheerleader”, but this wasn’t his finest hour.


-After a quick recap of last night’s show, Nick reveals the acts who finished just shy of making the Top 7. These bubble acts are at risk of going home, despite finishing close in the voting. We’ll have until the end of the night to figure out which acts to save.

The on-the-bubble acts at risk of going home tonight are…

Alondra Santos
Samantha Johnson
The Gentlemen

WHAT?! How the HELL is Samantha Johnson at risk?! This is madness! And Howard agrees, saying this is downright criminal. Although he doesn’t name Samantha, he says one of the acts up there was so brilliant last night that it’s a crime to see her up there, on the chopping block. And judging by the 65% of the vote Samantha already has as we head to break, America appears to agree with him. Still, this is pretty surprising, in my opinion.

-Back from break with some behind-the-scenes fun in the Dunkin’ Donuts lounge…


-Nick calls for Piff the Magic Dragon and Triple Threat to step forward. One act is going forward, and the other is going home.

The first act going through to the semifinals is…PIFF THE MAGIC DRAGON!


-Piff talks about how great it is to advance, and Howie congratulates him on advancing, saying America has fallen in love with him. This really isn’t that surprising, considering Piff is one of the more buzzed-about contestants on the show this season. Plus, given the relative lack of magic acts this season, there was pretty much no way he was going to be cut this early. Of course, he’s a really unique act too, and I enjoy him a whole lot, so I have absolutely no problem with this result whatsoever.


-We keep the results moving, as Nick calls Vita Radionova and Benton Blount to center stage.

The second act going through to the semifinals is…BENTON BLOUNT!


-Benton hardly has words for how much this means to him. Meanwhile Heidi calls Benton’s advancement “well-deserved”. I can’t disagree, although I think it’s kind of silly that Benton sailed through while Samantha is at risk. By every metric known to man, I thought she blew him out of the water. Benton has a good voice, but I feel he’s being carried by his likability and his story. Don’t get me wrong, he deserves to be there. But he isn’t the best singer in the competition. Hell, he isn’t even the best singer who performed last night!

-The bottom three acts wait anxiously backstage, as the onscreen graphic indicates that Samantha is leading the vote with 67%, vs. the 17% for The Gentlemen and the 16% for Alondra. A reminder on how to vote…

-Back from break with Nick introducing a video package in which we check in with some of the most memorable contestants and winners from previous seasons…

Mat Franco says winning was a life-changing experience, and Recycled Percussion agree, as the show has now allowed them to book their own touring gig. Terry Fator talks about how he actually did an elementary school show on the day of his audition, and says AGT changed his life. He goes on to state how he met Andy Williams before he died, and the country singer revealed to Terry that he voted for him. We check in with Emily West, who has a record coming out this week, while ILUMINATE has an Off-Broadway show coming up. Lindsey Stirling says it was crazy to go from performing in your room to performing for thousands. Meanwhile, Jackie Evancho thanks AGT for everything she has in her life. Lastly, Mat Franco talks about his new Las Vegas show.

MAT FRANCO performs!

-Mat does an interesting trick that’s basically three-card monte but with wine bottles and a glass. He covers each bottle and glass with one of the cylindrical tubes and makes them switch sides, essentially turning the bottle into the glass and vice-versa. Hell, he even does this with a full glass of wine, making bottles appear where none even existed before. Words don’t really do this act any sort of justice. This guy is insanely talented. The judges give him a well-deserved standing ovation.

-After the performance, Mat talks about life post-AGT, and says he owes it all to the show, the producers and the fans for getting him to this point. Nick then plugs Mat’s upcoming NBC magic special, airing September 17th. After that performance, you can count me the hell in.


-Nick calls Siro-A and Craig and Micheline to the stage, and I think it’s obvious what’s happening next.

The third act advancing to the semifinals is…SIRO-A!


-Their producer simply says “Thank you” repeatedly, prompting Howard to note that while this group might be short on words, they’re big on talent. He adds that they’re always original and they never rest on their laurels. It’s a huge endorsement, and it’s one I agree with completely, as these guys are frontrunners for the title, in my opinion.


-Nick calls Drew Lynch, Paul Zerdin and Showproject to the stage. And this is where it gets interesting, although I’m convinced more than one act is going through from these three.

The fourth act advancing to the semifinals is…PAUL ZERDIN!

And, sure enough, Nick tells Drew and Showproject to stay put, since he’s not through with them yet. But over to Paul, who thanks America for putting him through, stating how humbled he is by this. Mel B says America got it right, noting how talented Paul is, and just how likable and nice he is as well.


-And, naturally, we’re left with Drew Lynch and Showproject, as it becomes fairly obvious that this is Drew’s moment to shine (I would hope, anyway. If America gets this wrong, it’ll probably be the most shocking result in recent reality TV history).

The fifth act advancing to the semifinals is…DREW LYNCH!


-Drew is fighting back tears. He says, “This is crazy. Each of those guys has a better body than me. They look like they bench press each other.” He states that he never thought he could compete with an act like that, and thanks America for getting him here. Howie doesn’t consider Drew handicapped, saying it’s not Drew’s “disability” but “this ability” that’s got him here. He then tells Drew that America loves him and, on a personal note, he loves him as well. That was kind of touching, actually. Again, not a surprising result, but that’s largely because it was the right one. This crop of finalists represent some of the frontrunners for the title, just between Drew, Paul and Siro-A alone.


-So now it’s time to reveal which act is saved by the Dunkin’ Save. America has voted, and out of Samantha Johnson, Alondra Santon, and The Gentlemen, a decision has been made.

The sixth act going through to the semifinals is…SAMANTHA JOHNSON!

Samantha fights back tears as she thanks America. She can barely get the words out, she’s so emotional. Howard wants to thank America too for saving America, saying he wasn’t sure what he would have done if he’d lost her tonight. He tells Samantha he wasn’t that impressed the first two times he saw her, but she stepped it up last night, made the song her own, and earned her spot in the semifinals. This was an obvious result, and I have absolutely no problem with that.


-So now, the judges have to choose between Alondra Santos and The Gentlemen. I like them both, but if I had to choose, I’d go with The Gentlemen.

Heidi says The Gentlemen did a fantastic job and gave it their all, but so did Alondra. She has to go with her gut, and it’s still going “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”, so…

Heidi Klum votes to save Alondra Santos!

Mel B agonizes over this decision, noting they’re both kids. She stalls for time by praising both acts, then makes a quick decision when prompted by Nick…

Mel B votes to save Alondra Santos!

Howie thinks Alondra is a blossoming flower with talent and culture, but feels The Gentlemen created something on their own here, so…

Howie Mandel votes to save The Gentlemen!

Howard praises both acts, but ultimately goes with the act he feels grew and matured this round…

Howard Stern votes to save Alondra Santos!

So, with a final tally of three votes to one…

ALONDRA SANTOS advances to the semifinals!

THE GENTLEMEN are eliminated from AMERICA’S GOT TALENT 10!

I really thought The Gentlemen had a shot, but I really should have thought better once it went to the judges, since they liked Alondra far more than the boys last night. Ultimately, either choice would have been a good one, but I personally preferred The Gentlemen.

Anyway, the first seven semifinalists are now set! They are…

Benton Blount
Samantha Johnson
Piff the Magic Dragon
Paul Zerdin
Drew Lynch
Alondra Santos

As for next week’s show, the 12 acts performing for your votes will be…

3 Shades of Blue, Pop Rock Band
Animation Crew, Popping Dance Crew
Arielle Baril, Opera Singer
Damone Rippy, Flyboarder
Derek Hughes, Magician/Comedian
DM Nation, Hip-Hop Dance Crew
Ira, Singing Puppet
Freckled Sky, Video Projection Dance Group
Myq Kaplan, Stand-up Comedian
Sharon Irving, Singer
The CraigLewis Band, R&B Vocal Duo
Uzeyer Novruzov, Ladder Acrobat

That sounds like one HELL of a show! I can’t wait!

-That’s a wrap! What did you think of tonight’s results? Did the right acts go through? Sound off in the comments!

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Until next week, thanks for reading!

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