America’s Got Talent 2016 Results #3: Who Advanced to the Semifinals? (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for the America’s Got Talent 2016, “Results Show 3”! Judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell join host Nick Cannon on the biggest nationwide talent search of the summer!

The quarterfinals concluded last night with the following acts:

Alla and Daniel Novikov, Ballroom Dancer Duo
Blake Vogt, Magician
Brian Justin Crum, Singer
Edgar, Family Band
Grace VanderWaal, Singer/Ukulelist
Julia Scotti, Stand-up Comedienne
Kadan Bart Rockett, Magician
Linkin Bridge, Vocal Group
Malevo, Malambo Group
Ronee Martin, Singer
The Passing Zone, Comedy Juggler Duo
Vello Vaher, Acrobat/Contortionist

If you missed last night’s show, check out our live blog and recap with videos of each performance!

But for now, let us know who you think will advance to the semifinals and who will go home in the comments below! And keep it locked right here, as I’ll be updating with commentary, results, and videos as soon as they become available!

Let’s get this show on the road!

America's Got Talent 2016 Results #3 Who Advanced to the Semifinals (VIDEO)

Credit: Vivian Zink/NBC


-Well, it looks like I accidentally hit “publish” an hour early. I completely forgot about the recap show tonight! Ah well, feel free to chill here until the show actually begins.

-So So we’re live, and Nick introduces us to Michael Phelps, and it doesn’t take long for a U-S-A chant to break out. We get an interview with Phelps about his goals in pursuing swimming and competing in the Olympics, and it all leads to a cute line where Phelps says if he’d known Nick would be wearing gold, he’d have brought the medals so they could match. I like this laid back, less-serious Phelps, as opposed to the lord of the DEATH STARE.

-We get a recap of last night’s show with some comments from the judges and reactions from the contestants. Strange that they edit Simon’s critique of Linkin Bridge to an overly negative review, when he actually did say positive things. I’m thinking Linkin Bridge didn’t get through, and the editors want to make sense of it to people who might have been expecting they would. Some other things we learn: Howie feels bad about buzzing Alla and Daniel Novikov, but stands by his critique that they were doing all the same moves; Mel B’s favorite group in the competition is Malevo, and she flips out for the ENTIRE performance; Brian Justin Crum shares an emotional hug with his mother backstage; Howie was annoyed to have been left hanging by The Passing Zone and the judges; and Grace VanderWaal gets adorably ambushed by her family backstage, as th ejudges back in the studio note how outstanding she is. They all agree that this was a pretty great show, and I agree.


-Nick will reveal the acts who came in sixth, seventh and eighth in the vote. America will save one act, and the judges will save another.

Linkin Bridge (crowd is upset)
Malevo (crowd is HORRIFIED)
Ronee Martin (crowd is about as upset as they were about Linkin Bridge)

Mel B looks like she’s going to be sick, seeing Malevo at risk. And I can’t blame her. In NO WAY do they deserve to be in the bottom three. As we head to break, things are looking pretty good for Malevo, as they lead with 42% of the vote, followed by Linkin Bridge with 34% and Ronee Martin with 24%. Back from break, and Malevo is at 42% over Linkin Bridge with 33% and Ronee Martin with 25%. Should be interesting to see how the judges choose between Ronee and Linkin Bridge. I have a feeling they’ll go with Linkin Bridge. We follow this up with the Dunkin’ Donuts Lounge.


-Nick calls Kadan Bart Rockett, and Alla and Daniel Novikov to the stage. The results…

KADAN BART ROCKETT advances to the semifinals!


Brooklyn breaks down in tears, and Kadan embraces his sister and begins crying himself. They thank America for putting them through, and get a big “awww” from the crowd when they see how moved the kids are. Heidi doesn’t think the kids need any advice, only to keep doing what they’re doing, while Simon asks if they can make Howie disappear.


-Grace VanderWaal and Brian Justin Crum are up next. Both are totally going through…

GRACE VANDERWAAL and BRIAN JUSTIN CRUM both advance to the semifinals!

Brian gives Grace the biggest hug, and then scolds Nick for tricking him. Howie says his heart nearly jumped out of his shirt, and adds that those two people onstage are a higher level of talent than they’ve ever had. “I think we’re looking at the finals right now!” he declares, and while I’m not certain about Brian, and I’m absolutely certain about Grace. I’ll be downright shocked if she doesn’t win, and break the drought of singer winners. Simon also scolds Nick for almost giving him a heart attack, but notes that both acts deserve to be there.


-We first met Recycled percussion on America’s Got Talent in 2009, but they’re back now, making more awesome sounds out of junk! Michael Phelps is sitting in at the judges’ table, and he looks like he’s having an absolute blast. Hell, I don’t blame him. This is probably amazing to watch live, as these guys rock out on trash drums and cymbals hanging from chains, with their guitarist standing on the top half of a van that’s been split in half horizontally. This is seriously so awesome, even though I get the feeling that at least one of the judges today would find a way to buzz it. I loved this, and the judges (including Michael Phelps) show their respect at the end with a well-earned standing ovation. When asked, Michael happily declares he loved the performance, as Nick plugs their show at the Saxe Theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.


Nick calls Julia Scotti, Vello Vaher, and Edgar to the stage. I think Julia and Edgar will advance, although they’re teasing like two will go home from this group. The result…

EDGAR advances to the semifinals!

JULIA SCOTTI and VELLO VAHER have been eliminated from AMERICA’S GOT TALENT 2016!

Mel B congratulates them, and tells them to simply keep singing because they’re great. I’m genuinely shocked about Julia, but I’m glad Edgar advanced. I really like them, and have since their audition.


-Nick calls The Passing Zone and Blake Vogt to the stage.

BLAKE VOGT advances to the semifinals!

THE PASSING ZONE is eliminated from AMERICA’S GOT TALENT 2016!

Blake thanks America for voting him through, and Heidi congratulates him on showing those allergies who’s boss. Simon says he sees a big difference between the Blake we first met and the guy who performed last night. He’s impressed. He’s also relieved that he won’t be a part of The Passing Zone’s next act, so he thanks America.

-Back from break as we see the judges play an Olympic game, in which Simon is given a topic and then arranges each of the judges on a Gold, Silver or Bronze platform. Nick then reveals what the topic was. A cute game, although I disagree with Mel B having an annoying accent. I LOVE the way she talks! That said, I thought it was funny of Simon to say he’d prefer to be stuck on an island with Nick, if only because HEIDI KLUM IS RIGHT THERE! But Simon is a faithful man, I suppose. Michael Phelps would rather be with his fiancee and newborn child, and I don’t blame him.


-Malevo, Ronee Martin and Linkin Bridge are back onstage. The result should be obvious…

MALEVO advances to the semifinals!

The men celebrate, and the frontman throws to their director, who has some words to say. He admits he doesn’t speak English very well, but he thanks America for putting them through. Simon thinks America got this right, since he couldn’t imagine the semifinals without them. With that said, he tells them they need to improve, which is a criticism I don’t really get, considering how well they did last night. But perhaps it’s simply Simon advising him about America, that the nation wants them to do more.


-It’s all down to Ronee Martin and Linkin Bridge. The judges will vote and save one. If they can’t come to a unanimous decision, we go to deadlock, and the act with the most votes from last night will advance to the semifinals.

Mel B is a big fan of Ronee, but she also loves Linkin Bridge and their vibe. She admits their performance wasn’t perfect last night, but she likes them, so she’s voting for the boys. Mel B votes to save Linkin Bridge.

Howie feels like Ronee is already a star, and she deserves to be up there. He thinks Linkin Bridge, however, is a surprising act, and this is a show about surprises. Howie Mandel votes to save Linkin Bridge.

Heidi likes Linkin Bridge, but she wants this for Ronee. So she votes to save Ronee. Heidi Klum votes to save Ronee Martin.

Simon praises both acts, but votes for the act he feels has the best chance of doing well in the semifinals. Simon Cowell votes to save Linkin Bridge.

LINKIN BRIDGE advances to the semifinals!

RONEE MARTIN is eliminated from AMERICA’S GOT TALENT 2016!

I agree with the result, although I’m sad to see Ronee go. Still, she did a hell of a job getting this far, and I hope she gets the chance to score more gigs in the future off of this.

But what do you think of these results? Sound off in the comments!

Until next week, thanks for reading!


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