America’s Got Talent 2016 – Live Blog and Recap – Live Show 2 (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for the America’s Got Talent 2016, “Live Show 2”! Judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell join host Nick Cannon on the biggest nationwide talent search of the summer!

Tonight, we have some Golden Buzzer recipients on tap, such as singers Calysta Bevier and Sal Valentinetti, and contortionist Sofie Dossie. But who else is on tap for tonight? Check out the list below via the AGT Wikia:

Calysta Bevier, Singer
FLIP, Dance Group
Kadie Lynn Roberson, Singer/Guitarist
Moya Angela, Singer
Ryan Stock & AmberLynn, Sideshow Duo
Sal Valentinetti, Jazz Singer
Sofie Dossi, Contortionist/Aerialist
Sos and Victoria Petrosyan, Quick Change Duo
Steven Brundage, Magician
The Clairvoyants, Mentalist Duo
ThroWings, Acrobat Duo
Viktor Kee, Juggler

Keep it locked right here, as I’ll be updating with commentary, results, and videos as soon as they become available!

Let’s get this show on the road!

America's Got Talent 2016 - Live Blog and Recap - Live Show 2 (VIDEO)



-After introductions to the contestants and the judges, we open with a dance act! And I’m eager to see them, because I feel like this show has had far too few dance acts in the last two seasons. Hopefully, these girls are special enough to bring dance back to AGT in a big way, after no dance acts make the finals last year.

FLIP opens the show!

-For those who don’t remember, FLIP is an all-girl dance troupe, and they’re pretty damn great. That said, it feels like a lot of dance troupes on AGT these days are either all-girls or all-guys. Where the co-ed dance troupes at?! Either way, I’m stoked for this group, because I think they have loads of potential to be a surprise pick for the next round.

-In gold one-piece swimsuits (or leotards, for lack of a better term), the girls perform a routine set to “Sax” by Fleur East, a criminally underrated song that really ought to have made her a household name over here. This routine is solid but not as impressive as I was hoping for it to be. It’s clear that these girls are talented, but some are more talented than others, so there’s a sense that there’s this lack of synchronicity, even though they’re all technically good.

-Howie likes this act, but feels like he was waiting for the lead singer to come out, since it seemed so much like a backup dancer troupe. Mel B somewhat agrees, but states that she did love these girls regardless. Heidi, who gave them a standing ovation, was far more enthusiastic about how much she loved this act, while Simon compared it to a dinner with Mel B — it’s good, but it doesn’t go anywhere. This leads to Mel B nearly dousing Simon with her drink, in an awkward moment.

MOYA ANGELA is up next!

-Moya talks about her parents: her mother worked at the church, but her father couldn’t sing to save his life. So she feels she gets her singing talent from her mother. She talks about moving to Las Vegas, and calls her life a work in progress. She works in a church teaching singing to kids, a job she loves. Her dream is to have her own show in Las Vegas, and I hope it happens for her. Something about Moya makes me want to root for her.

-Moya sings “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” by Whitney Houston, and I was kind of disappointed by this, sadly. In the start, it sounds like she was thrown by singing in front of such a large crowd. There were weirdly tuneless moments and big notes that just didn’t land for me. I also feel like she gets drowned out by the band and the choir towards the end, which is the real shame of this, because I felt like she was really starting to turn the performance around. It all comes down to song choice, and this just didn’t feel like the right one, to me.

-Mel B thinks it’s a beautiful song, but she’s heard it done so much better. She’s disappointed because she knows what an amazing singer Moya is, but she hopes America votes her through because she IS a great singer. Heidi enjoyed it because she felt the story coming from Moya. Simon knows how difficult it is to get a break in this business, which is why they’ve designed shows like this, but he loved the song and says it made him feel fantastic. And, as a person, he absolutely loves Moya. Howie, meanwhile, feels like the full package of artistry can’t live and die on one song, so he states that the only thing he was left wondering after that performance is, “Why is she not a star?” In her interview with Nick, Moya promises Mel B she has more to offer, and Mel B seems totally on-board with that.

VIKTOR KEE is up next!

-Viktor talks about how his mother had to quit her career as a dancer after his father left their family. She worked two jobs to support the family, and it was his older brother who got him into juggling. Sadly, his brother passed away, but this is his chance to vindicate all the sacrifices that were made on his behalf.

-Viktor is birthed from an egg in an awesome opening, and he launches into a really cool juggling routine, although it’s not anything I haven’t seen before. Unfortunately, he drops a ball midway through. But he quickly recovers, and it’s as if the slip-up inspired him to bring his A-game, because he does this awesome bit where he lands all the balls on his back to mimic a spine, before getting back into a standing position and finishing strong by tossing confetti at the judges. All judges but Simon give him a standing ovation.

-Heidi praises Viktor for what he can do with his “balls”, while Simon says Viktor has changed his mind completely about jugglers. He thinks Viktor is one of the best jugglers in the world, and salutes him for pulling out a performance they’ve never seen in the quarterfinals. Howie calls Viktor his favorite variety act in the entire competition, and thanks him for recreating his own birth. “It’s like my parents waiting for their son’s balls to drop!” Howie declared. Mel B praises Viktor for taking something so simple and making it seem extraordinary.


-We hear about Kadie’s upbringing, from singing in the church to performing in front of Reba McEntire on America’s Got Talent. Kadie Lynn credits her parents with adopting her and supporting her in the pursuit of her dream. She would go on to receive the key to her city, in an adorable moment. I love her parents who, in a touching moment, wonder if they’re even going to be there to get her through the next couple years. I hope Kadie Lynn has her loving parents for years to come.

-Kadie Lynn sings “My Church” by Maren Morris, AND HOW IS THIS GIRL ONLY TWELVE?! Seriously, she a richer and more full-bodied voice than some singers twice her age. I’m genuinely impressed by the tone and quality of her voice, and while the arrangement doesn’t really give her a chance to show off her guitar skills, Kadie Lynn gives off the quality of a real musician.

-Simon does a Southern accent, in the weirdest moment of the season, telling Kadie Lynn he feels they’ve found a superstar. He refers to “not if, but when you make the finals” he wants to strip her back to basics and hear just her vocals. Howie admits he doesn’t love this genre of music, but he loves hearing this tone and power coming from a twelve-year-old. “You’re an amazing twelve-year-old, vote for that!” he says. Mel B loves Kadie Lynn’s voice and wishes we’d have gotten to hear more of her voice. Heidi thinks the kids are really ruling the season this year, and feels Kadie Lynn is one of them, with her memorable voice.


-We’re reminded of the type of danger act Ryan Stock and AmberLynn are, as Ryan swallows any number of dangerous things while AmberLynn is his lovely assistant. Amberlynn asks if Ryan will be mad if she kills him, and he promises he’ll be totally cool with it, in a funny little moment.

-The act sees Ryan and AmberLynn dressed like a husband and wife on a 50s sitcom, complete with a set straight out of The Honeymooners. Ryan starts out by swallowing a curved sword, and then other terrifyingly sharp things. But then the grand finale comes, as Ryan swallows some sort of lamp post, while AmberLynn aims a crossbow with a flaming arrow at it. Unfortunately, AmberLynn misses, and Ryan begins choking. It’s an absolute disaster, and even scarier than the close call with Uzeyer last year. The act comes to an immediate end as a technician puts out the flaming arrow onstage.

-Howie isn’t convinced Ryan is okay at all, even though he tries to insist he is. He just can’t be convinced that anything about what Ryan went through was okay, and while he appreciates the act and feels like they deserve votes, he thinks Ryan needs medical attention right now. Mel B doesn’t disagree, nor does Heidi, who says this reminds her why she’s so terrified of danger acts. Simon, smartly, wonders why we’re even judging this act instead of letting Ryan go back for medical attention. After the break, Nick updates us and says Ryan has been checked on by medical personnel, and he’s okay. Still, I hope America doesn’t vote them through. Uzeyer was one thing, because you can install crash pads for a fall. But how do you protect against someone going wrong again in the future with these two? I appreciate what they do, but I just can’t get with it, unfortunately.

WATCH AND DISCUSS: Husband and Wife Danger Act Suffers Disaster on America’s Got Talent 2016 (VIDEO)

CALYSTA BEVIER is up next!

-Calysta talks about having ovarian cancer, and the battle for her recovery. She notes her father — a firefighter — is her hero. Her father, meanwhile, has never been more scared than when Calysta was sick. When they heard she was in remission, no one cried more than he and his wife, because they felt they could breathe again. They support Calysta 100% in everything she does, and I may or may not be crying already.

-Calysta sings a piano version of “Brave” by Sara Bareilles, and it completely changes the song in a brilliant way. It really does feel like an anthem for bravery now, due in large part to what an amazing job Calysta does singing it. This is easily my favorite performance of the night so far, and the judges appear to agree, as all four give her a standing ovation.

-Simon has never been more nervous for a contestant, because he wanted this for Calysta. She wants to know if she made him proud, and Simon assures Calysta that she made him so proud, and that he hopes America backs her up. Howie agrees, saying Calysta should be every bit as proud of what she just did. Mel B loves the tone and texture of Calysta’s voice, while Heidi calls her “one brave girl”.

SOFIE DOSSI is up next!

-From Simon’s Golden Buzzer to Reba’s, we check in again with Sofie Dossi. In a cute video, we see some clips of Soffie from when she used to contort as a little kid, before seeing how she prepares for her contortions now, with her dad comparing it to Alfred and Batman entering the Batcave. Hopefully, this goes better than the last danger act did.

-Sofie unspools from a cloth from the ceiling, landing on pegs and contorting herself in positively INSANE positions. Her legs run froward while her body is upside down, and I still feel like I’m doing a terrible job explaining just what she’s doing. Needless to say, she makes it look like she’s walking on the ceiling despite there being no ceiling. Then, for the finale, she does the usual and fires a bow with her feet. However, she does it BLINDFOLDED, with a FLAMING arrow. She nails the target, which is a giant heart, and sparks shoot all around. The judges give Sofie a standing ovation, as she deserves.

-Heidi says that while this is similar to what they’ve seen before from her, she finds it bigger and better. Simon was nervous but doesn’t think he should be blamed after what happened tonight. “AmberLynn is going to get fired, and Ryan is going to hire you!” he says. He praises her for being homegrown, and for her outstanding music choice. Howie, meanwhile, admits THIS was the most scared he was tonight. He has no idea how she comes up with any of this, but he loves her. Mel B doesn’t think people understand how much body strength is required to do what Sofie does, and declares Sofie to be extraordinary.


-Thommy talks about how meeting Amelie changed his life, and how in-sync they are, mentally. They really do seem to be in love. Thommy declares their act will challenge everything you thought you knew about the human mind.

-Amelie says fans have said it must be great to always know what your boyfriend is thinking, but Thommy insists it’s not that great. They then launch into a routine about jelly beans. Amelie turns her back while Thommy has Simon pick a jelly bean. He eats Simon’s jelly bean, and Amelie can tell it was the berry flavor. Thommy has Heidi pick and eat a jelly bean, and Amelie correctly guesses the flavor. Thommy has Howie compare Mel B to a flavor, and he calls her “Spicy Chocolate”. Thommy then has Mel B pick as many jelly beans as she wants and place them in a wine glass. He then has her cover the cover and hide it from Amelie. Amelie has Mel B look in her eyes, and Amelie is able to guess that there are 22 jelly beans in the glass. Mel B empties the glass onto a tray and counts, and Amelie is correct. Amelie apologizes for not being completely honest, as Thommy states they weren’t reading their mind, they were controlling their thoughts. They reveal a chalkboard that lists each of the predictions, right down to Howie comparing Mel B to spicy chocolate!

-Simon thinks this is the creepiest act he’s ever seen, in a good way, comparing them to aliens. Howie thinks The Clairvoyants should compel America to vote for them. Mel B echoes Simon by saying this act terrifies her in a good way. Quite simply, she wants to watch them again and again. Simon feels the only explanation is that they have superpowers.


-In Long Island, Sal is known as Sal The Voice because he’s a singer. He talks about seeing his cousin, Tommie, run onto the stage after he received Heidi’s Golden Buzzer, and he’s never seen Tommie run in his life. He recalls going to his grandmother’s as a kid and listening to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, guys who’ve become his heroes. He has lost forty pounds since his first audition, and he hasn’t had a cannoli, a bowl of pasta or a slice of pizza since his first audition, which should illustrate how badly he wants this, since nobody wants this more than him.

-Sal sings a swingin’ version of “Story of My Life” by One Direction, and Simon is loving it. And you know? So am I! He looks slick as hell in his white suit with a backing band in all-white suits. It’s really charming, and this is without even getting into the mock MGM opening he does to kick off the performance. By the end of the performance, the entire crowd AND the judges are all on their feet, and Tommie is applauding in the audience with the world’s biggest cigar in his mouth.

-Heidi blows Sal kisses and praises him. Simon says this feels like a final tonight, and compares Sal to a singing pizza, saying he’s a real showman. “I’m just being me!” Sal declares, and Simon praises him for it. Howie says Sal is everything people say he is, and he loves that, but he feels Sal should have stuck to the standards. Simon BUZZES Howie for this, and Howie laughs it off saying Simon would want Sal to do songs he’s produced since he makes money off of it. But Sal states that his thought process was about bringing the two generations together, and I love that answer. Sal is a standup guy, and I hope he goes all the way. I’m not kidding either. I’m not sure he WILL be the guy to break the singers’ drought on this show, but I would kind of love it if he were.

THROWINGS is up next!

-Anny fights back tears when Andre talks about how much he loves her and how safe she feels in his hands. Anny recalls that she broke her spine in three places in an accident that occurred with a different partner. Tonight. they’ll be trying the trick that injured her…but with strobe lights this time?! WHAT THE HELL, GUYS?! Please, don’t let this go badly. Even Anny seems terrified.

-It starts out simply enough, following their usual throwing routine. The strobe lights come in, and I’m holding my breath the entire time because it’s hard to see Anny. Luckily, Andre does, and keeps her from falling. They finish it up with a few thrilling flips, and honestly, some people will complain about the presence of a crash pad beneath them, but I have absolutely ZERO problem with that. Because I’d rather acts like these be safe. Anny is in tears from joy and relief, and I don’t blame her.

-Mel B thinks this act is extraordinary, and Heidi agrees, admitting she split her dress open in excitement. Simon thinks the production on this show has been extraordinary, but admits that he’s seen them do the exact same act for three rounds now. “I don’t think that is enough to get you into the semifinals.” Heidi hits Simon’s own buzzer in response. Howie disagrees with Simon and says it wasn’t just dangerous, it was more dangerous than anything they’ve done before, and America has got to vote for them.


-Steven says he’s been obsessed with Rubik’s Cubes since he was a little kid, and his act has simply expanded from there. He was crushed when he didn’t make it through on Judge Cuts, but there was a massive social media outpouring to get him back on the show. He was brought back as a wildcard, and he couldn’t be more thrilled. He knows what it feels like to be eliminated, and he’s going to do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

-After thanking the judges for inviting him back, Steven whips out a giant Rubik’s Cube, which he asks Simon to guard with his life. Steven then has Heidi mix up some colored pieces on the table, and then has Heidi show the colors to Mel. He tells Mel to name a color she saw, any color, off the top of her head. Mel B picks red. Steven pulls a Rubik’s Cube out of a bag and reveals that all the reds have been moved to one side. He then pulls another cube out of the bag with all the blues moved to one side. Heidi reveals the color she picked was blue. Steven has Howie mix the cube while he himself mixes the cube behind his back. Believe it or not, their cubes end up matching perfectly. But that’s not all, as the two cubes match Simon’s giant cube PERFECTLY! Minds are blown, and the judges give him a standing ovation. Seriously, every time I wonder what else he could possibly do with Rubik’s Cubes, he changes the game.

-Heidi really likes Steven, but Simon says the girls didn’t want Steven to come back, which the girls vehemently refute. Either way, Simon is happy to have Steven back. Howie admits he made a mistake the first time when he said Steven has no showmanship, and praises him for what he just did. Mel B praises Steven for being astonishing…and also really cute.

-After break, Nick reiterates that Ryan Stock is a little bruised but okay. Also, he plugs that former AGT finalists iluminate will return for the results show tomorrow night alongside Fitz and the Tantrums. Should be a good show.


-Sos and Victoria recount their love story, with Victoria cutely declaring that she fell in love with all the dresses before she fell in love with Sos. Sos feels if they win this show, they will get their American dream. I’m rooting for them, because their act really is incredible.

-Sos and Victoria perform to “Me Too” by Meghan Trainor, and their act is exactly as cool as it’s always been, albeit with an awesome backdrop in the form of an enormous grandfather clock behind them. Seriously, how does she change into so many different outfits?! This is one of those acts where I have no clue how they do it unless the explanation is actual magic. Even Sos changes into a different suit! THIS IS BLOWING MY MIND! The judges don’t seem as impressed though.

-Simon says it’s clever, but feels Sos is annoying with his dancing. He admits he should have liked it but, for some reason, he didn’t tonight. Heidi likes this act, and even counted in her head. She says she might have seen how they did it with one of the changes, but she still wants to see them go through. Mel B points out the mistake, and then asks why Victoria never smiles. But Victoria says this is just her style, and Mel B admits she does like this act. Howie, strangely, feels like he’s on Heidi’s show (Project Runway) because he didn’t love the dresses as much this time.

-And that’s a wrap on tonight’s show! Videos are still to come whenever the AGT YouTube page gets around to posting them! Until then, let us know what you thought of tonight’s show in the comments!

Until tomorrow, thanks for reading!


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