America’s Got Talent 2016 – Live Blog and Recap – Auditions Part 6 (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for the America’s Got Talent 2016, “Auditions Part 6”! Judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell join host Nick Cannon on the biggest nationwide talent search of the summer!

The auditions come to an end, with the final hopefuls getting a shot at advancing to the Judges Cuts. This week has a lot to live up to after some of last week’s impressive acts, such as a real-life Catwoman by the name of Sofie Dossi, adorable dog act Pato and Ginger, or extraordinary vocalist Brian Justin Crum. But will any of tonight’s acts be able to top last week? Could the winner for Season 11 be in tonight’s lineup?

Keep it locked right here, as I’ll be updating with commentary, results, and videos as soon as they become available!

America's Got Talent 2016 - Live Blog and Recap - Auditions Part 6 (VIDEO)

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Let’s get this show on the road!


-We open with a montage showing some contestants awaiting the judges’ arrival, along with the judges and Nick arriving, all set to “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus.

A CRAZY MONTAGE opens the show!

-In a surprise, we open with a montage of contestants, including an 83-year-old contortionist who balances on her head while singing along to the National Anthem. The judges find it amusing, but they buzz her off the stage. She’s followed by a British woman who is a self-described “bottom-reader”, who reads people by their behinds. “This bottom tells me this person has made a lot of decisions about their lives over the past two years. … This person doesn’t sleep very well.” The bottom on the other side of the wall is Nick Cannon, so she was at least right about the personal decisions. Mel B isn’t sure her butt would fit through the whole, but Simon says if it could, it’d be “a bloody long reading.” The judges thank her, but send her on her way. A lady named Emily is up next, and she does some guttural moaning to the “Star-Spangled Banner”. She gets buzzed off the stage. Here’s hoping the next act is good…


-Cody is 14-years-old, and when Mel B asks him what he plans to do with his life, he tells the judges he wants to twirl for a major university, on the way to performing for Cirque du Soleiel someday. No background video on him, as we just get straight to the act. Thankfully, it’s looking like this might be our first goo9d act of the night.

-Cody is really good at twirling with his batons, as evidenced by the insane amount of concentration something like this takes. He not only twirls the batons, he bounces them against the ground, tosses them into the air, and catches them after spinning himself around. This was far more compelling and exciting than you’d probably think it would be.

-Mel B was impressed that Cody never dropped the batons once, while Heidi agrees that Cody is super talented. Howie loved the act, but didn’t love the Glenn Miller Orchestra song choice, wishing Cody’s act were more current. Simon, however, really likes Cody, and thinks he could end up in Cirque du Soleil someday. All four judges vote, and they’re actually unanimous.

CODY CARTER advances to the next round!

-Simon later admits that the song choice was dated, but says you could change that. Cody has a lot of potential.

-Back from break with a vocal group known as Just Us. Immediately, this group has me on their side, for reasons that have nothing to do with them: their introductory package is set to a cover of “Thank You For Being a Friend” by Andrew Gold, i.e., The Golden Girls Theme song. Unfortunately, their act isn’t that great. They’re a jazz vocal quartet comprised of two men and two women. They sing “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor and get buzzed out in record time. This makes the next vocal group nervous…

ILAN AND JOSH are up next!

-I can see why Ilan are nervous, since their song is also “All About That Bass”. Apparently, these two met while in Israel, and formed a group. They don’t say what their act is though, although we can probably figure it out…

-Ilan and Josh start out singing an okay version of “All About That Bass”, but all that does is draw boos from the audience. However, they transition into beatboxing, turning it into an EDM song with just their mouths. Howie gives them a standing ovation.

-Mel B really enjoyed the act, as did Heidi. Simon likes these guys, and finds them to be a likable duo, while Howie calls them amazing and a surprise. The judges are unanimous in their vote.

ILAN AND JOSH advance to the next round!

-As we head to break, Ilan and Josh beatbox with Nick Cannon. Good times.

-Back from break with a montage of dance contestants. I have NO IDEA why we’re montaging all the dance groups. This is deeply absurd. The first group is all girls, and Simon doesn’t feel the personality from them, while Heidi disagrees. The next dance group is co-ed, and Simon likes the personality but Heidi doesn’t get the sense of their individuality. The third group is all-male, and Simon isn’t feeling them as individuals, whereas Heidi likes them. She ends up kissing Simon all over his face for whatever reason, as we head on to our next act…

OUTLAWZ are up next!

-The outlaws are a five-man dance group who talk about how much this competition means to them. They were good friends who decided to form a dance troupe, and their dream is to become the first dance troupe to win America’s Got Talent. When Simon asks why they think a dance group hasn’t won the show, one of their members says that dance groups tend to play it safe. But they want to impress.

-They perform to “Lean On”, starting out in a period formation and launching into a complicated routine that features popping, locking, and surprisingly strong synchronous formations. Seriously, I’ve seen dance crews on ABDC who weren’t this in-sync. The judges are incredibly impressed. Or, at least, Simon is. Dude is grinning from ear-to-ear.

-Heidi wants to know why she doesn’t feel the same as the crowd and the judges, because she didn’t love it. Howie did, however, and he adored the look, which he compares to an Amish Hip-Hop dance troupe. Mel B is split down the middle. She liked them a lot, but feels they didn’t do anything new. Simon says he’s seen a lot of groups before, but he felt this group showed five different personalities. He loved it. The judges vote, and Howie is a yes, Heidi is a no, and Simon pleads with Mel to give them a shot. Mel B asks the audience what they think, so she decides to say yes to them, which — with Simon’s yes — gives them enough to votes to get through.

OUTLAWZ advance to the next round!

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-Back from break with one of the most likable contestants of the competition so far…

DANIEL JOYNER is up next!

-Daniel is a singer from a small Southern town, and he grew up with Christian values. He was at an age where he should have been looking into colleges, but he wanted to pursue music. He’s extremely polite, but he’s also kind of shy. Needless to say, he hasn’t sung in front of a crowd of this size before. He really wants to advance in order to pursue singing full-time, but he’s understandably nervous.

-Daniel sings “Try A Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding, and he sounds like a cross between Michael Buble and a lesser pop singer. I like the tone of his voice, but I’m just not sure it’s good enough for this competition, particularly considering some of the other singing talents in this competition. The judges go crazy for him, as does the crowd, and I’m not sure I get it.

-Heidi loved it, and admits she was worried because of how nervous and stiff Daniel seemed at first. Mel B praises Daniel for having a really good voice, but wishes he’d have let loose more. Howie thinks Daniel is a talent, and says that America’s Got Talent, and America’s Got Daniel. Simon thinks Daniel’s voice is fantastic, but thinks he needs to open up more. He just feels it’s all a little too “perfect”. That said, once Simon finds out Daniel is only 17, he’s all the more impressed. The judges vote, and it’s unanimous…

DANIEL JOYNER advances to the next round!

-Back from break with a statistician…

JOHN BERNHARDT is up next!

-John feels his act is unique, and believes his chances are better than they might seem. He has a little boy, so he wants to succeed for him. Out onstage, he tells the judges he’s an actuary, which are the guys who don’t have the personality to be an accountant.

-He performs “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash on a series of household instruments. Mel B and Heidi are quick to buzz him, but Simon and Howie give him a chance. And, sure enough, the crowd gets into it about midway through. By the end, the audience is crazy for the guy.

-Simon thinks John stands for every nerd who wants to be a rock star, while Howie found it tremendously entertaining. Heidi loves that song, but felt John butchered it. Meanwhile, Mel says she found it awful at first, but grew to love it. So much so that she wishes she could take back her X. Heidi gives him a no, but it’s a yes from the other three judges.

JOHN BERNHARDT advances to the next round!

-Afterwards, John and Nick groove together onstage, and it’s kind of awesome, honestly.

-Back from break with our next act…

SILA SVETA is up next!

-Alex is the lead choreographer, but he isn’t a performer, as that goes to the other two dancers in the group. In Russian, the group name means “Power of Flight”, and together, they’ve created a digital version of Sleeping Beauty. They came up with the concept when Alex was fixing his chandelier (who owns a chandelier?!) and saw his daughter on the carpet below.

-This is a visual marvel that’s difficult to do justice towards, as the male and female dancer start out dancing against a background of explosive light, before the woman starts floating somehow. I didn’t see strings when they came out, but I can only imagine the strings are there. Still, it’s downright amazing how these two move, floating in the air like they’re in water. As soon as the act ends, Heidi is the first judge on her feet, followed by Howie.

-Mel B found it to be visually stunning and magical. Howie says he couldn’t stand up high enough to tell them how outstanding that act was, and states that they’re part of the reason he considers this the best year ever for AGT. Heidi has never seen anything like this before. Simon, meanwhile, loves this act because it could go anywhere in future weeks. The judges vote, and they’re not only unanimous, but enthusiastically so.

SILA SVETA advances to the next round!

-Their celebration backstage with Nick is adorable, as the female dancer seems downright relieved that it’s over, for now.

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MOYA ANGELA is up next!

-Moya is a teacher who has been singing since she was a little girl, when she was asked to perform “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston. She was nervous, but she powered through, and further nurtured her love of singing. The biggest hurdle for her, in pursuing singing, has been continuing to believe in herself. She admits that she sometimes wonders if her voice is good enough. But now that she’s 32, she thinks now is her time to show the world what she can do.

-Moya sings “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” by Celine Dion, and I LOVE Moya’s vocal, although I hate the cheap sound of the backing track. Still, Mel B is rocking out to this, and Simon goes bug-eyed on the big note at the end. The crowd is on its feet for Moya, and I can’t blame them. Moya is overcome with emotion to see and hear this response, fighting back tears. The judges give her a standing ovation, and this puts Moya over-the-top.

-Howie feels Moya has been put on this Earth to do nothing but what she’s doing right now. Mel B says that’s one of her favorite Celine Dion songs ever, and Moya made it her own. Heidi says Moya sold it, and she bought it. Simon declares, “That’s what we call a singer. That final note, you nailed it.” He praises her for making the most of her two minutes, and says he’s going to remember this for a long time to come. He tells her he loves her, and the judges then vote. It’s unanimous, and enthusiastic, at that.

MOYA ANGELA advances to the next round!

-Moya embraces her family backstage. They let her know how proud they are of her, and it’s all pretty adorable.

THE PASSING ZONE is up next!

-Owen and John are friends that met at a juggling convention. They admit they don’t have accidents very often, although anything could happen on the stage. But they’re here to “go for the gold,” and go all the way. They admit to the judges that the hardest juggling trick they do is making a living off of it.

-Owen and John call Howie onstage to help them. They have him lie down on a yoga mat, while Owen straddles his body and starts juggling several objects (one of which is a flaming plunger!) over his face — while John jumps over both of them. This is pretty funny, as Howie’s reactions to everything they ask him to do get more and more ridiculous, from spreading his legs to wearing safety goggles. That said, the act goes off without a hitch. John comes out on the other side and immediately picks up Owen’s juggling act, giving Owen the freedom to pull Howie out to safety. The crowd adores this.

-Howie says Owen and John lied, since they said they’d be doing something dangerous, but really HE was doing something dangerous. Mel B loves any act that makes Howie uncomfortable. Simon is shocked by how much could have gone wrong. In the process, he accidentally hits his X. The judges vote, and it’s an easy one…

THE PASSING ZONE advances to the next round!

-Heidi and Mel B admit that Howie looked cute while looking scared onstage.


-Steven is a guy who was introduced to Rubik’s Cubes by his cousin, and he was voted least likely to succeed in high school. Naturally, he’d pretty stoked to be here on AGT, if only to prove his classmates from all those ago wrong. Onstage, he tells the judges he’s the only person in the world who does Rubik’s Cube magic, so it looks like we’re in for something unique.

-Steven puts a Rubik’s Cube in a brown paper bag, and pulls it out completed. He then puts it back and crushes the bag in front of Howie. He then has Simon mix up and then cover up a Rubik’s Cube on all sides, and then uses another Rubik’s Cube to completely recreate Simon’s cube, without ever having seen Simon’s cube. The judges’ minds are blown, particularly Simon, who feels Steven is a wizard.

-Simon feels it has to be magic and admits it’s unbelievable, while Heidi says she couldn’t see any of the tricks of the trade in Steven’s act, despite being a “hawkeye” herself. Mel B is similarly impressed, while Howie declares it “fantastic”. The judges vote, and it’s unanimous!

STEVEN BRUNDAGE advances to the next round!

-We follow this up with a montage of acts, including a stand-up comic who talks about Disney movies, a roller skate dance act, and an eleven-year-old rapper named Sky who I wish we’d seen more from than just the thirty seconds we got.

R.L. BELL is up next!

-R.L. is 50-years-old, and he looks amazing. He’s a singer who is also an ex-bodybuilder. He admits he had women wanting to touch his muscles all the time, and also his long, luxurious hair. I’m at my mother’s house watching this, and she declares these are extensions. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if she were right. I’d be shocked if he were any good, since the pre-performance package is setting him up to be a joke act. But you never know.

-R.L. sings “Me and Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul, and he’s actually really good! I’m genuinely impressed! Seriously, this is the most pleasant surprise of the evening. The audience absolutely loves him, although the men aren’t exactly pleased when he strips his jacket off to show off his biceps, with one particular bearded man showing his disdain. Still, this act goes over like gangbusters with both the audience and the judges, and I can see why. This is a legitimately awesome vocal. That falsetto, man.

-Heidi really enjoyed the performance, although Simon says he only likes one spoonful of sugar in his tea, whereas that was like a whole bag of sugar. He thinks they need to “de-corny” R.L. and make it all about his voice. R.L. defends his performance by saying he wanted Mrs. Jones to know what he was all about. Mel B thinks R.L. actually has a really good voice, while Howie says it’s like Rick James, Sammy Davis Jr., and Hulk Hogan had a love child. The women think the men are just jealous. And they might have a point, when Howie says no because he doesn’t think R.L. is listening to what Simon has been saying. The women say yes. Simon, meanwhile, says that if he was just going on the audition, it’d be a no. But based on where R.L. could go, he’s giving him a shot.

R.L. BELL advances to the next round!

-Back from break with our final act of the night…

DOROTHY WILLIAMS closes the show!

-Dorothy was born in 1946, and has been dancing virtually all her life. Honestly, she looks great for being 90-years-old. She tells her story, talking about how she hadn’t become a star by 23, so she didn’t know what to do with her life. So she worked at a supermarket for 25 years until she and her husband moved to Hawaii. But she never forgot her passion for dancing, so she’s back to give it another shot.

-Dorothy starts out by singing “Let Me Entertain You”…and then does a strip tease! The crowd is going crazy for this, and it’s just so immensely endearing that I can’t blame them. She shakes her hips and thrusts her crotch like a woman a third of her age, and has the twirling tassels on her boobs for added flair. Simon and Heidi give Dorothy a standing ovation. Considering how hard it can be for some senior citizens to move, this was actually really impressive.

-Mel applauds Dorothy and says “Good for you!” Heidi absolutely loves Dorothy, and says she put her in a really good mood. Simon finds Dorothy fascinating, and says he does think there’s an audience for her. He does feel there needs to be some work on the tassels, but he found himself wishing for a longer song. Howie loves Dorothy and loves her message, and he feels she should become a star. Nick then enters and tells the audience that he and Dorothy had a talk backstage about how her only dream was to be a star in a moment like this. He says that the judges get to use a Golden Buzzer once every season, but every judge has already used their Golden Buzzers. But Nick doesn’t care, he’s breaking the rules…


-Finally, the twist for the UK finally makes its way over here, as the host finally gets a Golden Buzzer. I couldn’t be more happy that Nick finally gets a say, and the judges are quick to get on their feet for Dorothy’s big moment, as the confetti rains down. Is Dorothy the oldest person to ever advance to the live shows? Best of luck to her!

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-And that’s a wrap! What did you think of tonight’s show? Sound off in the comments!

Until next week, thanks for reading!


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