America’s Got Talent 2016 – Live Blog and Recap – Auditions Part 5 (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for the America’s Got Talent 2016, “Auditions Part 5”! Judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell join host Nick Cannon on the biggest nationwide talent search of the summer!

The auditions continue, and previews suggest we’ll be getting some unique performers tonight! And not a moment too soon, since this season has been dominated by singers so far. Case in point, Calysta Bevier earning Simon’s Golden Buzzer last week now means that all four Golden Buzzer recipients from the audition phase were singers! Of course, this isn’t to overlook some of the other terrific talent we saw last week, like transgender comedian Julia Scotti and quick-change magicians Sos and Victoria Petroysan. But will any of tonight’s acts be able to top last week? Could the winner for Season 11 be in tonight’s lineup?

Keep it locked right here, as I’ll be updating with commentary, results, and videos as soon as they become available!

America's Got Talent - Season 11

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Let’s get this show on the road!


-We get an amusing opening segment in which the female judges and the male judges arrive in separate cars. Heidi and Mel B get a yellow Hummer, whereas Simon’s request for a small, European sports car is answered with what appears to be a BMW Isetta. Naturally, Howie and Simon get lost and end up being late. But hey, at least they go to the theater, I guess.

RYAN BEARD opens the show!

-Ryan is an 18-year-old, home-schooled kid who’s never had a girlfriend. Also, he’s here with his mom, and he plans on finding a way to reward her if he wins. Howie asks him about what the prom is like at home-school, and he says he ended up slow-dancing with his brother. He’s a pretty likable guy already, and the crowd is on his side.

-Ryan sits at the piano and sings a song about being home-schooled, and about how you shouldn’t go to prom with your mom. I’m kind of underselling it, but I really enjoyed this. Ryan may not have the best singing voice out of everyone in the competition, but he brings a genuinely unique musical act to the show, a Bo Burnham-like comedy singing act. I enjoyed the hell out of this.

-Howie thought Ryan scored really well with the audience, and thinks he could score again tonight. Mel B thinks Ryan is really sweet and super funny. Heidi loved this song and would love to sing the next one. Simon admits this isn’t an audition he’ll remember, but he’ll remember Ryan, calling it a really smart audition. The judges vote, and they’re unanimous.

RYAN BEARD advances to the next round!

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-Back from break with some silly acts, such as a card dealer whom Simon compares to a child learning his first magic trick. A magic comedy act features one guy magically levitating a lollipop into his mouth. Simon says no, and later tells his fellow judges that he doesn’t want small magic, he wants big magic. An escape artist named Lee doesn’t do much better, even though Lee is a funny, personable guy, and his assistant/wife seems like a lovely woman. Simon and Mel B buzz him, and it’s a no.


-Kadan and Brooklyn are a brother and sister duo. Brooklyn thinks her brother is bossy, but she tolerates it because she loves being onstage with him. However, she’s sure to note that the success of the act depends on him being nice to her. In a lovely moment, we see their dad wish them luck and let them know he’s proud of them, no matter what. Nick gives them one last bit of encouragement, and man, I really hope they’re good. I hate seeing child acts get cut.

-Kada removes Brooklyn’s shoes and then puts her in a box. He pulls down placards on the box to reveal what he’s going to do: cut his sister to pieces. He brings out a chainsaw and cuts the cardboard box in half. Unlike most “cut my assistant in half” tricks, we don’t see Brooklyn once she disappears into the box. However, when he opens the split box, Brooklyn’s upper body is on one end, and her bare feet or on the other. Kadan tickles her feet, and I can only imagine they got another kid to play Brooklyn’s lower half. Still, I liked this act.

-Heidi wants to know what they’ll do next, but Kadan says she’ll have to put them through to find out. Simon is impressed that Kadan cut his sister in half, while Mel B and Howie are impressed with the showmanship. Simon says yes due largely to wanting to see Brooklyn put back together again. Still, this is unanimous.

KADAN AND BROOKLYN ROCKETT advance to the next round!

-Kadan and his dad get genuinely emotional backstage, in a beautiful moment. I hope they aren’t one of those acts who make it through auditions but get cut offscreen before Judges Cuts.

PATO AND GINGER are up next!

-Pato refers to his dog, Ginger, as his best friend and sister. He found her and rescued her, noting how afraid she was when he first met her. But they saved each other, and now he can’t imagine life without her. In particular, O.C.D. was crushing Pato, but Ginger helped him by having patience with him in ways no human did. He cries when talking about how much Ginger means to him, and with the instrumental of Lily Allen’s cover of “Somewhere Only We Know,” I’m trying desperately not to cry myself.

-Pato and Finger perform a routine set to “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins. Not only do Pato and Ginger jump rope, Ginger also manages to push a scooter. Giinger also dances on her hind legs, does flips, and balances on a rubber beam. The crowd goes wild for this act, and Heidi and Mel B give them a standing ovation. I could see these two becoming VERY popular. Potentially a threat to win, if dogs prove as popular here as they do in the UK (and hey, we have the Olate Dogs precedent).

-Mel B loved this act, and Heidi praises Pato and Ginger for fitting so much into 90 seconds. Howie thinks it was new, fresh and exciting, and says that while Ginger has helped Pato, Pato and Ginger have helped them all. Simon asks if Ginger is a real dog and not just a person in a costume, and he assures Simon that Ginger is real. Simon praises Pato, saying you can only teach a dog something if you really love animals. The judges vote, and it’s the easy vote of the night so far…

PATO AND GINGER advance to the next round!

-Pato and Ginger hop along the avenue outside, celebrating their victory.

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-Back from break with a gospel choir that sings “Oh Happy Day,” and Simon admits that there are few things on Earth as wonderful as an American gospel choir, since it just makes you feel good. They sail through to the next round unanimously, and from what little we heard, I think they deserve it. They could be the next Selected of God Choir.


-Raii and Whitney are background vocalists for several major artists. However, the big takeaway from this is just how in love Raii and Whitney are, as they detail their early relationship and how they came to be together. Of course, Simon is more interested in finding out if they secretly wish harm on the artists they back up. Naturally, they don’t, since Raii and Whitney are lovely people.

-Raii and Whitney sing “You’re All I Need to Get By” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, and they deliver one of the mot spirited vocals of the competition so far.

-Mel B calls them both amazing singers who have the vibe, the look, and everything. Heidi thinks Raii and Whitney are a fantastic duo, and she singles out Whitney in particular. Howie thinks this is a great throwback act, and says there isn’t anyone like them in the competition. Simon admits he thought it was a bit karaoke at first, he couldn’t help but be impress when they “let rip” midway through. He really liked this act, and the judges are all unanimous in their vote.

RAII AND WHITNEY SMITH advance to the next round!

-I hope they go far. They’re like a married people version of The CraigLewis Band from last season. Just soulful goodness.

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-Back from break with a series of utterly disastrous clown acts. This crap goes on WAY too long, culminating in a clown act that looks like a damn zombie. Simon is already annoyed…


-Simon is already over this, whereas Howie thinks it has something to do with Simon being afraid of clowns. However, as it turns out, Richie’s horrific makeup isn’t makeup at all — it’s a tattoo! It’s not coming off! Apparently, Richie was inspired to become a clown by his grandfather, who taught him to juggle and told him that he could do this whenever he’s feeling sad. When he grew up, Richie got a job as a barber, but wanted more from his life. He decided to tattoo his face to become a real clown 24/7, and he wants to show other people that you can achieve your dreams, no matter what.

-The pre-performance video package really makes you believe this is going to be a surprisingly great act, like Tape Face or Special Head. But all Richie does is walk around and say “Everyday I’m juggling'” to a beat. He gets Xs from everyone but Howie, even as the crowd is PLEADING with Howie to finish this guy.

-Heidi appreciates his enthusiasm whereas Mel B can appreciate his commitment. Howie thinks Richie deserves more credit, but the judges aren’t having any of it. It’s a big, fat no for Richie, with Simon going as far as to say it’s the worst thing he’s ever seen.

THROWINGS is up next!

-Annie (I think that was her name, and I am SO sorry if it’s not!) and Andre are a married couple, and acrobats who fell in love while practicing their craft. However, in recounting their story, Annie recalls how she had been working with another partner before she met Andre — and that partnership ended in tragedy when she suffered a big fall and broke her spine. But she’s back and better than ever, telling Simon she loves to be in the air.

-This involves Andre climbing a beam with his legs splayed, and then allowing Annie to climb him as well. He then swings her around, and…yeah, I don’t know that I could do justice to how insane this act is, or how dangerous, considering the amount of times he flips her into the air, swinging her to dangerous lengths and heights. This was truly impressive.

-Mel B asks Annie if she gets cramps in her tummy, and Simon says she probably doesn’t have time to think about that, which Annie confirms. Howie loved it, and Heidi thought it was elegant and beautiful. Simon adds that it was incredible, and goes as far as to say he loves them both. The judges vote, and it’s unanimous…

THROWINGS advances to the next round!

-My uneasiness with danger acts is at war with my love for a good love story. I can’t help but root for these two.

-Back from break with a competitive eater who gets buzzed out, and a man who uses his tongue to paint (he gets buzzed out too). This leads us into our next act…

DAN MEYER is up next!

-Dan is a sword-swallower who started training to swallow swords in 1997. Yet he never successfully got any swords down his throat until 2001. He had to suppress his gag reflex to make it happen, and the danger has only increased exponentially. In the studio, he admits he’s never done what he’s about to try, and says this is about accomplishing the impossible. Nick throws in a “Don’t try this at home” for good measure though.

-Dan not only swallows a sword, he swallows a car axle, in what just might be the most horrifying act I’ve seen so far. However, he’s not done. He calls Nick out to help him swallow AN ENTIRE CAR! So Dan swallows an axle and then uses it to PULL the car — with Nick INSIDE! This is madness, and I have no idea how this man is even alive after doing that, much less able to roar “YEAH!” in victory.

-The judges are understandably terrified, but they’re also immensely impressed, unanimously voting him through to the next round.

DAN MEYER advances to the next round!

-We then advance to some acts I wish we’d seen more of, including an awesome tap dancing troupe (with one dancer who positively ADORES Howie, and nearly melts down after receiving a hug from him); a Wisconsin duo named Bob and Trish, who juggle knives, fireworks, and flaming batons, all while balancing off each other, or tricycles, or whatever is near by. It’s an awesome act, really. We then meet a singer named Brennley Brown who sings “Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones, and it’s one of the better singing auditions we’ve gotten this season, in my opinion. She just looks like a total star, and sounds like one too. All the acts advance to the next round,a nd I can’t wait to see more from each of them, provided they don’t get randomly cut between now and Judges Cuts like Heavenly Joy Jerkins (still mad about that, actually).

SOFIE DOSSI is up next!

-Sofie is a 14-year-old gymnast who does hand balance and contortion, and she learned this after watching videos of this craft, which she quickly fell in love with over time. Her family has been extremely supportive, and while she’s nervous as hell, she’s definitely got her game face on.

-This is MADNESS! Not only does she contort her body on series of balance grips, she is able to feed herself an apple (using only her feet!), spin herself around on the grips solely using upper body strength, and even manage to fire a bow using her feet. ONLY HER FEET! What the hell, man?! This is incredible! Howie gives Sofie a standing ovation.

-Heidi is impresed, while Howie asks if Sofie is boneless. Sofie admits she was an active child, which added to her flexibility. Simon can only ask what planet Sofie is from, before congratulating her dad on raising such a talented girl. Mel B is similarly thrilled with Sofie’s performance, and the judges all vote her through with four yeses.

SOFIE DOSSI advances to the next round!

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-Back from break with an impressive array of dance acts, including a boy band-looking group who are as close as brothers, and a group of colorful jump ropers. I wish we’d have seen more of each act, because I love the dance acts, and they’ve gotten short-shrift tonight.

CHRISTOPHER is up next!

-Christopher has been working on this act for years, and he hopes that people love it. He’s dressed like the Native American from The Village People, so I’m not entirely sure what he’s going for, but I kind of like not knowing what, exactly, he’s going to do. Heidi doesn’t want to know either, although she’s utterly confused when Christopher walks offstage. Turns out, he was preparing his act…

-Christopher comes out attached to a series of three bars, from which the puppet versions of the other four members of The Village People are suspended. This is kind of hilarious. Cheesy, but hilarious. During the performance of “YMCA”, he even gets the judges and the crowd going with it! It’s a cute act, and Howie even gives it a standing ovation. But I have no idea where he goes from here.

-Heidi was impressed at how in-sync Christopher was with the other “guys” in the group, while Howie loved the act but wonders where it can go from here. Christopher promises his next performance will definitely top this one. Mel B says this is the kind of act she would love to watch every week, doing the exact same thing. Somehow I doubt that, but she’s thrilled anyway. Simon absolutely loved it, and I’m honestly kind of shocked by how enthusiastic the yeses are.

CHRISTOPHER advances to the next round!

-Heidi hopes Christopher does The Spice Girls next, and honestly, that might not be a bad approach. Might as well do all sorts of five-person groups. Hell, make Simon uncomfortable and do One Direction while you’re at it.

BRIAN JUSTIN CRUM closes the show!

-Brian is a 28-year-old singer who’s brought his mom with him. He had a lot of hard times as a kid, but she was a huge supporter for him. He goes as far as to call his mother his rock. In school, he was bullied for being overweight, he was bullied for being gay, and he was bullied for wanting to be a singer, so he begged his mother to let him move in with his aunt and uncle in Oregon so he could have a fresh start. Surprisingly, despite how hard it was on her, she let Brian go. And he loves her for giving him that chance, since he might not be here if she hadn’t. He works for a driving service, and striving to make his dream come true. In his confessional, he tells his mother he loves her, and yeah, there’s no way this guy isn’t amazing after a video package like that.

-Brian sings “Somebody To Love” by Queen, and it’s a version that nearly rivals Jordan Smith’s version from The Voice Season 9. Seriously, Brian has such a full-bodied rock voice. His range is outstanding, and his tone is the kind I could listen to all day. I absolutely loved this performance, and I think he’s someone who could go seriously far in this competition. Had the judges not used all their Golden Buzzers already, I think we’d be seeing another one used right now. In fact, I’d guarantee it, considering Brian gets a standing ovation from all four judges.

-Howie thinks Brian didn’t just find somebody to love, he found EVERYBODY to love him! Mel B says he took them all to church, and if she weren’t married and Brian were straight, he’d be in trouble. Simon tells Mel B not to ruin the mood, prompting her to snap back at him. Heidi thinks Brian just showed every single person who bullied him why they were wrong. Simon thinks Brian is a fantastic singer, and says he’s the reason why this show exists, to give people who like him an opportunity to be discovered. The judges give Brian four BIG yeses.

BRIAN JUSTIN CRUM advances to the next round!

-Brian celebrates backstage with his mother, and as a fellow mama’s boy, I’m rooting for him.

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-And that’s a wrap! But what did you think of tonight’s show? Did the right acts go through? Sound off in the comments!

Until next week, thanks for reading!


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