America’s Got Talent 2016 – Live Blog and Recap – Auditions, Part 3 (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for the America’s Got Talent 2016, “Auditions, Part 3”! Judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell join host Nick Cannon on the biggest nationwide talent search of the summer!

Tonight’s show has a tough act to follow after last week, when Grace VanderWaal essentially took the entire competition by storm with her Golden Buzzer-winning audition, becoming this season’s first viral breakout. That said, there were some other great acts last week worth remembering, including family band Edgar and Chicago youth choir Musicality! But will we get another Golden Buzzer tonight? Could the winner for Season 11 be in tonight’s lineup?

Keep it locked right here, as I’ll be updating with commentary, results, and videos as soon as they become available!

America's Got Talent 2016 - Live Blog and Recap - Auditions, Part 3 (VIDEO)


Let’s get this show on the road!


-After the usual judge introductions, we get to the first act of the night…

GOOD GIRL opens the show!

-This is a girl group from Philadelphia! Hey, PA represent! They’re singers between the ages of 21-23 who perform wherever they can, whether it’s at a bar or a train station. They certainly have the look, and I’ll be legit shocked if they’re not great. They just give off the first impression of people who know they’re talented. And yet, they seem humble too. I guess I’m rooting for them because they’re likable to me already.

-They sing “More Than Friends” by En Vogue, and I’d go as far as to say it’s actually as good, if not better, than the original. They get the audience clapping along on the sensational a cappella ending, and Mel B is understandably stunned by this. Seriously, every time they pan to her, she looks like a total fangirl. I love it. I get the feeling she’d use their Golden Buzzer on this act if she hadn’t used it already.

-Mel B says she hasn’t seen a girl band that was this tight in a long time. Heidi loves how they sing, she loves their look, and she loves the way they dance. But mainly, she loves their attitude. Howie is also impressed, although Simon feels the act is a little bit copycat. That said, he thinks there’s a gap in the market for a band like them (is there though? We have Fifth Harmony and Little Mix. Of course, more girl bands never hurt anyone. I’m all for it). The judges vote and they’re unanimous…

GOOD GIRL advances to the next round!

-I’m excited for them. I could see them being a big deal outside of the show. Not crazy about the name, but whatever. I like these girls.

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-Back from break with a montage of incredible dancing acts, with an army of ninja females (well, in Simon’s words), some badass Latin dancers, and a group of nerdy dancers whom Mel B LOVES because she identifies as the youngest person on the panel. Right on cue, in come the senior citizen dance troupe…


-Their leader is John Rothman, a 79-year-old man who is also their choreographer. He’s 79-years-old, and he looks incredible, honestly. The women in the troupe all love him, and it’s clear that he knows what he’s doing. After all, from the photos we’re shown, he’s been doing this for decades. The ladies are lovely in their red dresses, although I suppose the argument could be made for tackiness. But they remind me of the Andrews Sisters, so I can’t complain.

-John introduces himself and the dancers, and I’m STUNNED at the ages of the girls when they introduce themselves. My grandmother is 81, and could dance like a demon in her day, but she isn’t about to go on America’s Got Talent these days. They all (John included) dance to “In the Mood” by Glenn Miller Orchestra, and while it’s not a Million Dollar Act in the least, I’m all for giving them another shot. The judges have grins from ear-to-ear throughout the entire performance, so they’re clearly enjoying it. John even does a cartwheel! The crowd is on their feet, and I think they’re on track to the next round.

-John, out of breath, thanks the crowd for their generous reaction. Heidi loved the act and particularly loved the cartwheel. Simon says the act reminded him of the movie Cocoon, and says this act was just as fun as that movie. Mel B also enjoyed it, and told Howie he could be part of this group in ten years. “I could be part of this group in ten minutes,” Howie says. That said, he feels the group isn’t right for this stage, even though he did enjoy them. The judges vote, and Howie says no. However, Mel B and Heidi say yes. Simon admits he wasn’t imagining an act like this when he came to America to see the dance acts on display. But hey, he likes them, so…

THE JOHN ROTHMAN DANCERS advance to the next round!

-I don’t see them getting past the next round, but I like this act nonetheless. It’s an inspiration to see people doing this in their 70s and 80s.

-Back from break with a bunch of people in the waiting room commiserating over having auditioned before and having been rejected. This leads into our next act…

DIANE BERNARD is up next!

-Diane auditioned for the show two years ago, but experienced stage fright and ended up bombing onstage. However, she’s back for redemption. I don’t remember her at all, so I have no idea what she does.

-Diane does a hula hoop dance routine, and while it starts out well enough, it devolves into a fairly repetitive act. Simon and Mel B both hit their buzzers. At the end, Diane tries to argue that she’s unique because it’s a hula hoop dance, but Simon didn’t enjoy it at all. Nick Cannon comes out onstage and sticks up for Diane, doing the hula hoop with her. This inspires Heidi to get in on the action. It’s a fun segment, but it’s still a “no” from the judges.

RUSSIAN BAR TRIO is up next!

-This is another act looking for redemption, but from way farther back. This trio, consisting of two men and one woman, made it in Season 3, but one of their members was injured, forcing them to drop out of the competition. Here’s hoping they deliver, and don’t end up on the bad side of a horrific injury.

-So the act involves two men balancing a woman on a flexible bar. But that description really doesn’t do justice at all to their immense talent, as they launch the woman up into the air — only for her to land back on the narrow bar each time, with perfect balance. The judges are losing their minds, and Heidi Klum is on her feet for a standing ovation at the end.

-Heidi thought it was a tremendous performance, and gives them her thumbs up. Mel B was terrified, and worried that the woman would fall like she did eight years ago. But she loved the act, and called it beautiful and graceful. Simon was impressed at how they navigated the inherent danger of the act. The judges vote, and they’re unanimous…

RUSSIAN BAR TRIO advances to the next round!

-I had an inkling they’d get a Golden Buzzer, but no such luck. Still, I think they’ll do well in the next round without it.


-Kadie Lynn is a singer/songwriter who was adopted when she was a baby. Her mother breaks down when talking about the adoption, saying that when she first held Kadie Lynn, she was instantly a part of the family. Kadie Lynn breaks down when talking about how much her parents have done for her. The big takeaway from this for me, however, is that she’s only 12. Seriously, she looks like she’s 17!

-Kadie Lynn sings a song I don’t recognize, and maybe it was an original. I don’t know. The sound on my TV cut out for some stupid-ass reason. But here’s the thing: I legitimately don’t care if this was a cover or not, this was OUTSTANDING. Seriously, this is my favorite audition of the season. She has an incredible voice, and one of the most fully-formed country artists any talent show has ever delivered. God, I’m rooting for her so much.

-Mel B thought it was terrific, while Howie is stunned that she has that level of connection with that song at age 12. Heidi is similarly impressed, but none more so than Simon, who says she’s a diamond. “I have a feeling, and I’m rarely wrong, that we’re going to look back on this moment and say ‘This is when we discovered Kadie Lynn’.” It sounds like a potential Golden Buzzer endorsement, but he doesn’t hit it. Instead, the judges vote, and it’s four “big fat yeses.”

KADIE LYNN ROBERSON advances to the next round!

-Kadie’s parents come onstage and embrace her. Simon later compares her to a young Patsy Cline, and I can’t say I disagree.

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DUO GUERRERO is up next!

-Duo Guerrero is a husband and wife daredevil team, although I’m not entirely sure what type of risk-taking their act entails. All I know is that, ever since Uzeyer Novruzov’s accident last year, I’m probably going to be clenching my butt SUPER hard every time a danger act performs this season. In a hilarious moment, the husband accidentally steps on the train of his wife’s dress, and causes a wardrobe malfunction.

-So the judges have to go outside to witness this act, which involves tight-rope walking. And yeah, this is butt-clenching material, because I was terrified that one or both of them would fall, particularly after the wife briefly stumbles. They set up a chair, and the wife stands on the chair with a bar in her arms, while the husband balances ON TOP of his wife. We cut to commercial because we need to create suspense about whether or not they’re killed, despite the fact that NBC would never show this is something bad happened. That said, I worry if they make it to the live shows, since there’s no editing that out. Still, this is impressive, from a pure danger standpoint. Anyway, the wife walks ACROSS the rope with her husband on her shoulders, before the husband LEAPS off her shoulders and onto the tight-rope, nearly losing his balance and falling! Mel B declares, “This is crazy,” and I can’t disagree. I respect the hell out of what they accomplished, but I have no desire to see these people die on live TV. Still, they’re talented, so it’d make sense if they made it through.

-Howie explains why he was so worried, saying the husband couldn’t even walk behind his wife without causing an accident. They joke with Mel B a bit before the judges finally put it to a vote. And, big surprise, it’s unanimous!

DUO GUERRERO advances to the next round!

-We then get Nick Cannon in a Dunkin’ Donuts segment, because it’s never too early in the season to start paying the bills.

ONEVOICE is up next!

-OneVoice is a high school choir with kids from all different groups, from jocks to nerds. However, there are no romantic relationships within the group, since they all view one another as siblings, so it’d be weird for anything more to happen. Still, that doesn’t prevent Simon from asking if anything more is happening among the members of the group. One of the singers, Jeremy, admits that he has a crush on someone, but he keeps it a secret. Heidi wants to know who it is, and Simon assures her, “We’ll find out.”

-I swear, the lead singer is a total star in the making. She’s SO good, you guys. So good. I literally have no idea what they’re singing, and I don’t care, because they’re terrific. For a twelve-person ensemble, it’s amazing how you can basically hear every singer.

-Simon didn’t like it…(booooooooo!!!!)….HE LOVED IT (yaaaaaayyyy!!!). Heidi loved the lead vocalist, and says they definitely left her wanting more. Mel B says she could actually hear all twelve points, which is very hard to do. However, Mel B can’t advance without knowing who Jeremy has a crush on. Jeremy says he has a surprise, so he goes out onstage and grabs a teapot, saying he wants to recreate a scene from the office. He hands the teapot to the lead singer of the group, and inside it says, “You make me happier than Pretzel Day. Prom?” She says yes! Mel B is overjoyed for them, and it inspires Howie to try the same line on Mel B. But no dice. However, it’s all good news for OneVoice…

ONEVOICE advances to the next round!

-I don’t know how far they’ll go, but I loved this segment.

-Back from break with a montage of comedians, leading into our next act…


-Lori is a girl who’s been doing standup for a while, mostly as a way to cheer up her dad, who suffers from Bell’s Palsy. Her personality is infectious, and I think she’s positively adorable. And her backstory makes her easy to root for, so she could be a really big success on this show. Lori also writes her own material!

-Lori delivers some jokes that do no justice to just how good she was, talking about how the only thing that qualifies her to be a babysitter is that she was once a baby. “That’d be like saying, ‘Hey, you’re sick all the time! Wanna be my doctor?'” Her delivery is impeccable, and she’s legitimately funny, to say nothing of how she’s miles above the nebbish comedians they usually put through.

-The judges love the act, particularly Howie, who talks about his shyness in front of a crowd at that age. Heidi really enjoys Lori, and Mel B thinks she’s just “got it”. For his part, Simon feels she could be the next Tina Fey. That’s a major stretch, but I appreciate the sentiment. The judges vote, and we’ve got another unanimous decision on our hands…

LORI MAE HERNANDEZ advances to the next round!

-She’s legitimately funny in ways stand-up comics rarely are on this show, given the time constraints of network TV, so I’m hoping Lori goes really far.

-Back from break with Pat and Dolly, a woman and dog act that involves Pat making high-pitched squeals and Dolly matching her. Needless to say, this act gets buzzed. We follow this up with a man in a chicken outfit straight out of Bizarro Universe Angry Birds, performing a strange version of “I Will Survive”. Honestly, I didn’t hate it, but he gets four Xs anyway. We then meet an old man and a young woman who dance using household objects. The only thing memorable about them, other than how awful they are, is that they’re husband and wife rather than father and daughter, like Simon had assumed. We next get a duo of opera singers who, while not getting buzzed, get rejected by Simon.

-We then get a woman named Miranda, who has a crush on Simon. She asks for him to help with her act by sitting in a chair onstage. She delivers an exotic dance, shaking her boobs in his face. She then starts singing a song, as Simon pleads with the judges to hit the button. Honestly, she doesn’t sound bad at all. Still, the judges have no interest in putting Simon out of his misery. And it’s just as well, as Miranda then kisses Simon on the lips! The judges vote her through!

-Back from break with an incredible young singer doing a version of “Creep” by Radiohead, and hot damn, I want to hear more! Seriously, she’s outstanding. We don’t even get a name for this girl! She’s only used as setup for our next weirdo. Travesty!

VIKTOR KEE is up next!

-Viktor comes out in a leotard that has the human anatomy airbrushed on it. He’s 45, but doesn’t look a day over thirty. He’s a juggler who has been practicing his craft ever since his brother took him to a show in his youth. If nothing else, this ought to be interesting…

-I really can’t do justice to this act with words. He starts out juggling on his knees, but moves to a standing position, moving the balls across the stage like he has The Force or something, eventually making the balls rain from the ceiling. How he doesn’t drop a single one is beyond me. What’s great about this act is that there is tons of room to advance the act, unlike the danger acts, where you wonder where the hell they go from their audition. Howie and Heidi give Viktor a standing ovation.

-Heidi thought it was fantastic how the balls were coming down, and declares she loved it. Mel B said it was like watching an alien figure come to life. She thought it was “flawless. Absolutely flawless.” Simon usually hates jugglers, but says he felt like he was watching The Terminator or an Olympic sport. Howie thought everything Viktor did was fantastic. The judges are unanimous…

VIKTOR KEE advances to the next round!

-Viktor seriously impressed me, and I’m excited to see what he does in the next round.

SAL VALENTINETTI closes the show!

-Sal was on American Idol two seasons ago! And I loved him when he was on it, and I was super disappointed when he got cut! We get to meet Sal’s family, and we learn about how he delivers pizzas for his cousin’s business. He’s only 20, so he doesn’t have a wife, but he gives Sal a good ol’ “How you doin’?”. He explains that he wants to bring back the old Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin sound, and started singing because it was his only way to remember his grandmother. He shouts out his mother in the audience, and says she means everything to him, before stating he didn’t come here to perform, he came here to win. I LOVE his attitude.

-Sal sings “My Way” by Frank Sinatra, and it’s exactly as good as you’d expect it to be, for a guy who’s idolized the big band/swing singers of the 40s/50s/60s. And the success of Landau Eugene Murphy proves that there’s market for this type of act on this show. Needless to say, I feel like Sal knocked this out of the ballpark, and I’d have thought so even without the audience standing up halfway through, or all four judges standing up at the end.

-The judges gush over him, with Simon causing Sal to fight back tears when he says that Sal’s grandmother would be looking down on him with pride. Mel B thinks Sal was flawless, while Heidi loves both the way he talks and the way he sings. But her love for him goes beyond mere admiration…


-Sal has the most AMAZING, bug-eyed reaction I’ve ever seen for a Golden Buzzer moment. This has to be even better than that hug he got from Heidi. He proudly declares that this is the first day of the rest of his life, as his family celebrates onstage with him. So awesome. I seriously could not possibly be happier for Sal. The Idol judges truly got it wrong with Sal, so I’m glad the judges got it right here.

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-And that’s a wrap on tonight’s show! But what did you think? Did the right acts go through? Sound off in the comments!

Until next week, thanks for reading!


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