‘America’s Got Talent 10’ Semi-Final Results 1: Five Acts Advance to Finals (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap of America’s Got Talent 10, “Semi-Final Results 1”! Judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howard Stern are back alongside host Nick Cannon as we continue the search for America’s million dollar act!

Last night’s semi-final show was a lot of fun, since no acts really bombed, and quite a few actually over-delivered. We could be looking at a strong crop of finalists this year for the grand finale, no matter which five acts make it through.

But what do readers think?

Well, according to our official poll, the five acts advancing to the AGT Season 10 finals are predicted to be (from most votes to least): Siro-A, Drew Lynch, Oz Pearlman, Arielle Baril, and The CraigLewis Band. But it isn’t too late to vote, so head on over and add your prediction to the poll!

Keep it locked right here as I’ll be updating with commentary and videos as the night rolls on!

'America's Got Talent 10' Semi-Final Results 1 Five Acts Advance to Finals (VIDEO)

Credit: NBC

Let’s get this show on the road!


-We waste no time with video packages. Hell, we don’t even get introductions, beyond Nick introducing our first act of the night. Yes, it’s right into the guest act for this week’s results show!

THE ILLUSIONISTS perform live!

-The act starts off with one man making shadow puppets to the tune of “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. Some of the things this guy is capable of creating with his hands are incredible (such as Louis Armstrong singing the song himself, or an adult shaking a newborn’s hand). Then the screen falls away, leaving us with acrobats who storm the stage and perform some awesome lifts and poses. It’s not exactly reinventing the wheel or anything, and it doesn’t particularly match up with the groups name, since there’s nothing particularly reality-defying about this. But it’s still really cool to watch. Also, Nick announces that this isn’t the only performance they’ll have on this show, as The Illusionists will be back later for more tricks and cool stuff.

-And now we get the recap of last night’s show, complete with behind-the-scenes bits, such as Howard blaming Mel B’s issues with The CraigLewis Band on her eye infection, and Howie rejecting Howard’s critique of Drew Lynch by saying he’s made a career out of laughing at his own jokes. No big revelations, but still a nice little recap of last night’s big events. And it ends on a cute segment in which Heidi brings Mel B a dirty vodka martini. Their friendship is an underrated delight.


-And now it’s time to reveal the acts who came in fourth, fifth and sixth. The three acts in danger are…

Benton Blount
Samantha Johnson
The CraigLewis Band (WHAT?!?!)

A bit of a shocker to find The CraigLewis Band here, although it’s not as shocking when you consider that the singers probably all split votes. Makes me interested in who the top three vote-getters were. I would think Drew Lynch and Siro-A are two of them, but I’m less certain about the third. Maybe Oz Pearlman? But then that would mean no Arielle Baril, which I can’t imagine either. It’s all very befuddling. But then, I’ve always been terrible at predictions anyway.

-We then get video fo the party at the Dunkin’ Donuts Lounge, with Nick asking one of the Metal Mulisha Fitz Army guys how he got his black eye, and catching up with Drew Lynch. Throughout all of this, Ira and Siro-A can basically be seen flailing hilariously in the background. Adorable. Less adorable is the skit we get when we return to the studio, as Taylor Williamson is here, pretending to be Nick Cannon. He then revives his relationship with Heidi from last season, telling her he’s pregnant and that it’s hers. I think the reason I liked Drew Lynch so much last night is because he’s not the same old, dry, awkward, nerdy white guy comedian that this season seems to draw every year like flies.

-Anyway, we throw to a video segment in which one of the Illusionists predicts Mel B’s phobia by having her right it down on a card, and then making that phobia appear in a box. Mel B reveals that rats are her phobia, and, sure enough, she opens the box to find a rat. My response is pretty much the same as Mel B’s once she calms down: “Who carries a rat around with them?”


-Nick calls Metal Mulisha Fitz Army, Derek Hughes, and Mountain Faith Band forward. If I had to guess, I’d predict none of these acts are going through.

DEREK HUGHES advances to the finals!


This is legitimately shocking. I mean, I’m happy for Derek, but this means a presumed frontrunner is not advancing. I wonder which frontrunner it will be. Probably Oz, since I imagine the magicians split votes with each other. But again, I’m terrible at predicting, as I just showed.

-Anyway, Howard congratulates Derek and tells him to play to his strengths as the competition rolls on, since he’s been on the road a lot longer than some of these other acts. We keep the show moving with the next result…


-Nick calls Arielle Baril, Ira Fennelbloom and Oz Pearlman forward. Nick reveals the result…

OZ PEARLMAN advances to the finals!


WOW! I actually found this pretty surprising, since I figured Arielle was a lock. But I guess Arielle was yet another victim of the singer vote split. For his part, Oz is surprised to go through, insisting that, despite being a mentalist, he didn’t know he’d go through. Mel B congratulates Oz, and praises him for knowing she likes it “dirty” (referencing his act last night, in which he correctly predicted that her favorite drink would be an extra dirty martini).

-AGT is tracking the Dunkin’ Save, and just like during the live show, Samantha looks like she’s hating life and dreading the inevitable, since she’s in last place with 28%, whereas Benton leads with 38%, while The CraigLewis Band is in the middle with 34%. I just don’t get the popularity with Benton, since last night really wasn’t his greatest performance. I think a lot of it has to do with his likability, but even then, it has me worrying he’ll get carried all the way to the title, over far more talented acts. I feel bad for Samantha because, realistically, the only way she advances is if The CraigLewis Band overtakes Benton and leaves it down to the judges to decide between she and Benton. But if the judges have to pick between Samantha and The CraigLewis Band, I just don’t see how she survives. But then, I’m 0/2 on predictions tonight. Nick interviews the three, and Samantha states that these are her best friends in the competition. Poor Samantha, she looks miserable. And yet, she somehow manages to stay outrageously beautiful through it all.

THE ILLUSIONISTS perform again!

-We get a video of Howie being put in a straitjacket as a demonstration, to prove that it’s not a gimmicked straitjacket. It’s a real, snug, inescapable jacket. Back in the studio, one of the Illusionists wears the straitjacket, and then is hoisted up by his legs. Once upside down a woman enters with a torch AND SETS HIM ON FREAKING FIRE! The crowd just GASPS when they see this happen. The Illusionist manages to escape the straitjacket and reach a fire extinguisher hanging nearby, putting out the blaze and releasing his leg restraints. The judges give him a well-deserved standing ovation, and the crowd along with them. This was madness, and reminded me of an old school Houdini-type act. I certainly dug it.


-Nick calls Drew Lynch and Siro-A forward. Oh crap, this one is going to hurt no matter who goes home. Nick reads the result…

DREW LYNCH advances to the finals!

SIRO-A is eliminated from AMERICA’S GOT TALENT 10!

Drew thanks America, and then wishes Siro-A the best, saying he’s grown close with the acts in this competition. Howie congratulates Drew, and says a friend of his, named Cooper, is pretty sick. However, Drew made him feel better with his routine last night. He believes laughter is the best medicine, and America just made Drew their pharmacist — and they’re going to pay him a million dollars for the prescription. That was kind of an adorable analogy.


-We get a video in which one of The Illusionists teaches Howie how to escape from regulation handcuffs. We then return live to the studio, to see if Howie can perform a live escape. However, there’s one HUGE twist, as Howie will now have to face his biggest fear. Hanging overhead is garbage, and as a germaphobe, Howie wants to back out right this minute. But it’s too late. He’s locked in, and it’s do or dump. Howie is mortified, because he’s been completely ambushed by this. But, too his credit, he gives the escape a shot. He’s given only 20 seconds, but when it becomes apparent that he’s not going to make it, he starts shouting “Cut!”, with the hopes that he’ll be shown mercy. Unfortunately for Howie, once the clock hits zero, all the trash falls on him. That said, it doesn’t look like real trash. Just crumpled up pieces of clean paper. It makes no sense for it to be real trash, since the effect of terrifying Howie is already accomplished by making him believe it’s real trash. And if it is real trash, and they ambushed him with this onstage? I can’t imagine he’s going to exactly be thrilled about coming to work next week. And an angry judge does nobody any favors.


-Nick reveals the recipient of the Dunkin’ Live Save, which was apparently the highest vote they’ve had all season. Nick reads the result…

BENTON BLOUNT advances to the finals!

I confidently typed that out long before Nick even started teasing the results. His advancement just felt obvious, although I still don’t really get his popularity. Take away his story, and I don’t think he even comes close to making it to the finals. But he’s such an immensely likable guy, and I can only imagine people want to help him and his family out. Because last night’s performance didn’t really cut it. At least not relative to some of the acts that went home, like Arielle and Siro-A. Still, I wish him all the best in the finals.


Heidi loves both acts, but feels she has to go with her gut…

Heidi Klum votes to save SAMANTHA JOHNSON!

Mel B wishes she could send both acts through, but she’s listening to her gut like she always does, so…

Mel B votes to save SAMANTHA JOHNSON!

Howard loves Samantha, but he has to hold true to the prediction he made last night when he welcomed The CraigLewis Band to the finals…

Howard Stern votes to save THE CRAIGLEWIS BAND!

Howie says The CraigLewis Band are his favorite vocalists, while Samantha is a star from the moment she comes onstage. He keeps with the theme of the night and says he needs to stick with his gut…

Howie Mandel votes to save THE CRAIGLEWIS BAND!

And with that, we have a deadlock! Nick reads the result of America’s vote…

THE CRAIGLEWIS BAND advances to the finals!


There was no right or wrong answer here, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss Samantha.

-Aaaand that’s a wrap on tonight’s show! To recap, the five acts advancing to the finals are…

Derek Hughes
Oz Pearlman
Drew Lynch
Benton Blount (America’s save!)
The CraigLewis Band (Judges’ save!)

Strange, no women advanced. All dudes tonight.

-As for next week’s show, the 11 acts performing for your votes will be…

3 Shades of Blue, Pop Rock Band
Alicia Michilli, Singer
Alondra Santos, Mariachi Singer
Daniella Mass, Opera Singer
Freelusion, Videomapping Dance Group
Gary Vider, Stand-up Comedian
Paul Zerdin, Ventriloquist
Piff the Magic Dragon, Magician/Comedian
Sharon Irving, Singer
The Professional Regurgitator, Regurgitator
Uzeyer Novruzov, Ladder Acrobat

That’s an even MORE daunting crop of talent than we had this week! We’re likely to lose a frontrunner or three next week.

-What did you think of tonight’s results? Did the right acts go through? Sound off in the comments!

Until next week, thanks for reading!


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