America’s Got Talent 10: ‘Live Round 2’ Performers Revealed

The America’s Got Talent Season 10 quarterfinals are heating up! The first seven acts to advance to the semifinals were announced tonight, as America (and the judges) picked from the group of 12 outstanding acts who performed on “Live Round 1”. However, this was just the first week of the quarterfinals, as the quarterfinals continue next week with “Live Round 2”.

Which 12 acts can we expect to perform for “Live Round 2”? It’s an exciting, eclectic mix. Check out the performers for next week’s show below:

3 Shades of Blue (Rock Band)

Animation Crew (Dance Crew)

Arielle Baril (Opera Singer)

Damone Rippy (Flyboarder)

Derek Hughes (Magician/Comedian)

DM Nation (Hip-Hop Dance Crew)

Ira Fennelbloom (Singing Puppet)

Freckled Sky (Video Projection Dance Group)

Myq Kaplan (Stand-up Comedian)

Sharon Irving (Singer)

The CraigLewis Band (R&B Vocal Duo)

Uzeyer Novruzov (Ladder Acrobat)

That’s a LOT of Golden Buzzer acts. You have Arielle Baril (Heidi’s Golden Buzzer), Sharon Irvin (Mel B’s Golden Buzzer), Craig Lewis Band (Michael BublĂ©’s Golden Buzzer) and Freckled Sky (Howard Stern’s Golden Buzzer). That puts them in the driver’s seat as the frontrunners to advance to the semifinals, although just about anything could happen next week. Still, I don’t necessarily expect it to, considering that every Golden Buzzer act that performed on “Live Round 1” ended up advancing to the semifinals on tonight’s results. But I’ll still be interested to see who soars, and who stumbles next week, if anybody. Should be a really interesting show.

In particular, I’m stoked to see how Damone Rippy does. He had been cut off-screen by producers after his initial audition (which happens every year, otherwise this show would last even longer than it does). But after Judge Cuts, they only had 32 acts instead of 36, so I’m guessing they decided to bring him back as one of the wildcards of the season. I’m hoping his act translates well to a live setting, although I’m admittedly unconvinced that it will. Still, I’m excited nonetheless.

What do you think of the lineup for next week? Who are you most looking forward to seeing? Sound off in the comments!

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