‘America’s Got Talent 10’ Live Results #3: Final Seven Acts Advance to Semifinals (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap of America’s Got Talent 10, “Live Results 3”! Judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howard Stern are back alongside host Nick Cannon as we continue the search for America’s million dollar act!

Last night’s live show was probably the most consistent so far, although that likely means this is going to be a really close result, since I don’t know that there are any really obvious frontrunners from this group of 12 other than Freelusion, Oz Pearlman, and probably The Professional Regurgitator.

But what do readers think?

Well, according to our official poll, the seven acts advancing to the semifinals are predicted to be (from most votes to least): Freelusion, Oz Pearlman, The Professional Regurgitator, Daniella Mass, Alicia Michilli, Mountain Faith Band and Benjamin Yonattan. But it isn’t too late to vote, so head on over and add your prediction to the poll!

Keep it locked right here as I’ll be updating with commentary and videos as the night rolls on!

'America's Got Talent 10' Live Results #3 Final Seven Acts Advance to Semifinals (VIDEO)

Credit: NBC

Let’s get this show on the road!


-After introductions, we get a recap of last night’s show with behind-the-scenes bits, such as Howie trying to regurgitate Heidi’s ring, Howard and Mel B worrying that Selected of God have become just like any other gospel choir, and Daditude! explaining away their four X elimination by saying you can’t please everyone all the time. We then return live to the studio, where we get our first result of the event…


-Nick reveals the three acts who will be competing for the Dunkin’ Save. Those three acts are…

Benjamin Yonattan
Daniella Mass
Gary Vider

I’m a bit surprised that Daniella Mass is so low, but the real surprise here is that, out of these three, Gary freaking Vider is the one leading the damn vote! He’s got 37% vs. Daniella’s 32% and Benjamin’s 31%. Out of just about every act last night, he’s the one I LEAST wanted to see advance. But now it seems like he’s a sure bet for the save, unless something major happens in the next half hour. Anyway, I’ve got some voting to do.

-Back from break, we check-in with the Dunkin’ Lounge, and honestly, I’m just starting to tune these damn vignettes out. Lord knows, they don’t last long enough to really make an impression anyway.


-Nick asks Mountain Faith Band and Selected of God Choir to come forward. One of the acts will move forward, while the other will go home tonight. He reads the result…

MOUNTAIN FAITH BAND advances to the semifinals!


-Nick interviews lead singer Summer, and she talks about how happy they are to all be there. Heidi, meanwhile, tells the band to “keep surprising us,” and then congratulates them on making it through.


-Nick calls Chapkis Dance Family and Alicia Michilli to the front of the stage. One act will go through, and the other will go home…

ALICIA MICHILLI advances to the semifinals!


-Alicia is overcome with emotion, shedding tears and struggling to get out anything more than “Thank you!” when Nick interviews her. Mel B tells Alicia that she proved last night that she’s a real contender. I really do love Alicia’s smile. So much, you guys. So very much.

-We check in with the Dunkin’ Save vote, and it turns out Daniella Mass is now leading! Granted, it’s 35% to Gary’s 33%, but I’ll take it.

-Back from break, with Daniella still in the lead with 36% to Gary’s 34%, while Benjamin trails with 30%. Daniella says she’d love to show America more and keep going. Benjamin says it’s a huge blessing to be here, and he wouldn’t want it to end now. Nick then skips over Gary altogether, which has me a little bit worried that it’s going to cause a lot of sympathy voting, since he never got to plead his case (instead, he mouths “vote, please” to the camera). This is going to be super close.


-So Nick hosts a pre-taped segment titled “Buzzer Buddies,” which is sort of like The Newlywed Game, where you’re asked questions about your partner and have to guess what their answer is. Howard and Heidi are a team while Howie and Mel B are another team, although Howard says he’d rather see Nick and Mariah Carey up here. Nick cracks up while the audience boos Howard like crazy, with Howard telling them all to shut up. I’m sorry, but I loved that.

Mel B and Howie take an early lead, as Howie is able to guess Mel B’s eye color, among other correct answers. Howard, however, guessed Heidi’s eyes were brown, when it’s more or less obvious that they’re hazel. Not because I can see them, but because it’s some sort of rule that a beautiful woman whose eyes appear to be light brown are really hazel. Howard finally gets on the scoreboard, however, when Heidi predicts that Howard wishes she would stop singing in his ear. Howie outs Mel B as drawing dirty pictures on his paper, in a funny little moment. Howie and Mel B win when Howie correctly predicts that Mel B will say his best physical feature is his smile (Heidi answered incorrectly for Howard, saying his blue eyes, when Howard predicted she’d say his hair). This was a lot of fun, actually. I wouldn’t mind seeing them do this every season, but with different questions/partners, obviously.

LA REVE – THE DREAM performs live!

-La Reve – The Dream is here, and they’re pretty exciting. They’re a lot like Cirque du Soleil, but with more stuff on solid ground, such as a Freckled Sky-type dance routine in a shallow body of water, with shirtless, bald guys tossing around two beautiful women. It’s really cool, although I personally preferred the segment with the metallic globe overhead, as it had all the qualities and danger of a high-risk trapeze act, but with all the grace and beauty of an acrobatic act. Still, this water portion is pretty badass just the same, as the bald guys end their act with a simultaneous backflip, with thunder on the video screen in the background. They deserved the standing ovation they got.

-We check in with the Dunkin’ Save, and Daniella and Gary are now TIED at 35% apiece, while Benjamin remains stuck at 30%. I’m rooting for Daniella to win the Dunkin’ Save, because I’m pretty sure it’s the only way she sticks around, since I could see the judges either putting Benjamin through, or being indecisive and sending it to deadlock. And I’m not sure if Daniella would have earned more votes than Benjamin, although I guess her being this far ahead of him for the Dunkin’ Save implies she would be. But I hesitate to get too optimistic.

RESULTS #3 and #4

-Nick calls The Professional Regurgitator and Oz Pearlman forward. Nick doesn’t say that only one will go through, so I’m feeling certain they’ll both move forward.


I think this is the first time this season where both men were announced to go through at the same time. Oz says he didn’t see that result coming, while Stevie says he damn near had a hard attack. Howard congratulates both men for advancing, saying it’s like watching two prize fighters going at it. He thinks Stevie could be in the final two, battling it out with Paul Zerdin for the title. Meanwhile, he thinks Oz’s act could be tightened up a bit more with a shorter delivery. That said, he thinks Oz has grown exponentially each week. Heidi, for her part, is stoked to see Stevie advance, saying she can’t wait to see what he’s going to regurgitate next.


-Daditude!, Freelusion and Metal Mulisha Fitz’s Army are called forward. I figured four Xs had instantly eliminated Daditude!, but I guess not. The result…

FREELUSION advances to the semifinals!


-Mel B slips up by saying she would have been “pissed” if Freelusion hadn’t gotten through, and then apologizes for the semi-curse. She’s happy to have seen the group advance, and I’m right there with her. This act was the highlight of last night’s show.


-So it’s time to reveal the recipient of the Dunkin’ Live Save. Nick reveals the result…

America has saved GARY VIDER! GARY VIDER advances to the semifinals!


-Anyway, I can’t pretend Gary isn’t a likable guy. I don’t find him funny, but I think he’s a nice dude, and very humble in expressing how honored he is to be here. Howie congratulates Gary, but warns him that next week’s lineup, which includes Siro-A and Drew Lynch, is the best two hours of TV he’s ever been a part of, so Gary will have to bring his A-game.

-We get a recap of Daniella and Benjamin’s performances last night, with Benjamin saying that if America wants him to go through, it’s in their hands. Daniella, meanwhile, says in her backstage video that she really hopes America allows her to advance. It’s strange that they both mention America when it’s all up to the judges now.

-We return from break with Nick announcing that the judges will pick a wildcard act to send through to next week’s show. We just won’t find out tonight, unfortunately.


-We go to Heidi first. She tells Daniella that she gave it her all, and that she sings with so much passion. Heidi then tells Benjamin that he’s an inspiration and a courageous person. She makes her choice…

Heidi Klum votes to save BENJAMIN YONATTAN!

-Mel B is up next, as she congratulates Daniella on her theatrical performance, while also saying that Benjamin delivered his best last night. Mel B makes her choice…

Mel B votes to save DANIELLA MASS!

-Howie gets tongue-tied, calling Benjamin “Jonathan” by mistake. But once he corrects himself, he talks about how talented Benjamin is, and how great his story is. He says the same of Daniella, but ultimately says he needs to pick the person who has the best chance of winning.

Howie Mandel votes to save DANIELLA MASS!

Howard tells Benjamin he’s spectacular, and notes that both acts were outstanding last night. However, he needs to pick the stronger act.

Howard Stern votes to save DANIELLA MASS!

-And with 3 votes to 1…

DANIELLA MASS advances to the semifinals!


-Daniella seems genuinely stunned to have been saved. Frankly, I’m surprised it ended up being a landslide. But I’m glad for her, just the same. She’s crazy talented, which is not to say that Benjamin isn’t. But I think she has a slightly better chance at winning this thing than he does.

-To recap, the last seven acts advancing to the semifinals are…

Mountain Faith Band
Alicia Michilli
The Professional Regurgitator
Oz Pearlman
Gary Vider (America’s save!)
Daniella Mass (Judges’ save!)

As for next week’s show, the 12 acts performing for your votes will be…

Arielle Baril, Opera Singer
Benton Blount, Country Singer/Guitarist
Derek Hughes, Magician/Comedian
Drew Lynch, Stand-up Comedian
Ira, Singing Puppet
Mountain Faith Band, Bluegrass Band
Oz Pearlman, Mentalist
Samantha Johnson, Singer
Siro-A, Video Projection Dance Group
The CraigLewis Band, R&B Vocal Duo
Judges’ Wild Card Act

That’s a lot of singers, so it’s going to be wicked close in the voting, most likely. But I’m interested to see how this all plays out. Bring on week one of the semifinals next Tuesday!

-And that’s a wrap! What did you think of tonight’s results? Did the right acts go through? Sound off in the comments!

Until next week, thanks for reading!


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