America’s Got Talent 10 – Live Blog and Recap – Live Round 3 (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap of America’s Got Talent 10, as we continue the quarterfinals at Radio City Musical Hall for “Live Round 3”! Judges Howard Stern, Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and host Nick Cannon continue the search for that million dollar act! It’s the best of the best competing for the million dollars now, with America holding the deciding vote in the competition! So be sure to vote for your favorites to keep them alive in the competition!

The 12 acts performing on tonight’s show are:

Alicia Michilli, Singer
Benjamin Yonattan, Dancer
Chapkis Dance Family, Dance Group
DADitude!, Dance Group
Daniella Mass, Opera Singer
Freelusion Dance Company, Videomapping Dance Group
Gary Vider, Stand-up Comedian
Metal Mulisha Fitz’s Army, Motocross Team
Mountain Faith Band, Bluegrass Band
Oz Pearlman, Mentalist
Selected of God Choir, Gospel Choir
Stevie Starr, Regurgitator

Keep it locked right here as I’ll be updating with commentary and videos as the night rolls on!

America’s Got Talent 10 - Live Blog and Recap - Live Round 3 (VIDEO)

Credit: NBC

Let’s get this show on the road!


-We get the standard introductions from Nick, and honestly, all these opening video packages are sort of blending together for me. Luckily, we don’t really spend too much time setting things up, as we get right to the opening act of the evening….

CHAPKIS DANCE FAMILY opens the show!

-We get a recap of the group’s journey, and I’m kind of embarrassed to say I had completely forgotten about this act until I saw this video package. It’s doubly troubling, for me, because I really liked this act and I’m glad they’re here. I’m interested to see how they do, largely because America didn’t seem to react to “ensemble dance” last week (I really thought DM Nation would go through!).

-This is a solid performance, and shows off some really tight formations. Seriously, I’ve seen smaller groups that weren’t as in-sync with each other as this group. Granted, I wouldn’t call any of their moves game-changers or anything, but I thought this group did a really good job. I’m not sure if it’s enough for them to go through, particularly because it’s such a busy act (seriously, it feels like there’s a million people up there), but I wouldn’t be the least bit disappointed if they landed in the semifinals.

-Howard thinks there are a lot of great dancers up there, but feels there are too many people up there, saying they’re like “chaotic bumblebees”. Mel B doesn’t feel Howard saw the same thing she did, saying their formations were on-point. This leads to an argument that ultimately goes nowhere. Howie backs up Mel B, noting that they were the very definition of “synchronicity”. Heidi states she’s danced for 15 years, and so she knows when she says that this group is “a well-oiled machine”. She thinks the Chapkis Dance Family is fantastic, and hopes we don’t lose them like we lost DM Nation last week. Nick asks how they thought they did, and their frontman feels this was “a dream come true.”


-The guys talk about the dangers of what they do, and how having families have changed their approach to what they do. Yes, they’ve broken bones and been to the hospital countless times, but they’ve worked all their lives to get here. Naturally, safety is a huge concern for them, but they also want to achieve success. They also reference their bond with one another, which “can never be broken”, a sentiment I found quite endearing, considering the machismo of this act.

– It’s a taped segment, naturally, but I’m glad we’ve got a beautiful, sunny day to see these guys perform, because there were a lot of cool tricks here. The guys basically do some crazy jumps on their motorcycles, riding ramps and doing mid-air poses one after the other, topping their first audition. The judges are absolutely flipping out, particularly Heidi, who looks like she’s watching the coolest thing she’s ever seen. And hell, she just might be.

-Howie, who gave them a standing ovation, talks about how incredibly talented these guys are, and how dangerous and thrilling their act is. He hopes America puts them through. Howard says that while you can go to a movie and see Tom Cruise hang onto the side of a plane, these guys are actually out there doing it. Of course, little does Howard know that Tom Cruise actually did his own stunt on that plane as well. Heidi states that these guys are incredible athletes, while Mel B congratulates them all on surviving, and praises their performance. I didn’t think an act like this would have a real shot at the semifinals this year, but I think we may be looking at a surefire finalist.

DADITUDE! is up next!

-Daditude! is back as a wildcard act, just like Metal Mulisha before them. They talk about how they all used to dance professionally as individuals, but they eventually started families. However, they never gave up dancing. So they started Daditude! as a way to continue doing what they love. We get a funny segment of them stretching, as they joke about age catching up with them.

-So this may have been the most awkward performance in AGT history. They come out in a DeLorean, and start dancing, and I actually thought this was okay. Not their best, but okay. However, the judges disagreed. Howard and Howie buzzed them right away, and while Mel B and Heidi gave them a chance to recover, these guys just didn’t look into this performance at ALL after those first Xs. So Mel B and Heidi put them out of their misery with two more Xs. Nick is absolutely flummoxed, wondering if this has ever happened on the AGT live shows before. Good question.

-Howard said the guys got a second shot, but they didn’t look that into it. He says this was like something for a wedding, and that they didn’t become competitive enough. Heidi said they weren’t in sync, which isn’t excusable when we’ve just seen a group of thirty-some people onstage who were. Mel B says it’s a shame, since she likes these guys, but she feels they were really under-rehearsed. Howie looks for the silver lining, saying that the DeLorean onstage shows how difficult it is to find a parking spot in New York City.

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-Alicia talks about how she’s known since she was little that she wanted to be a singer. She moved to Nashville, and she’s working as a hostess while trying to make it in the music industry. She says that when she’s onstage, she feels like the woman she’s always wanted to be. She just wants this one shot to make it. I really like Alicia, and I hope she delivers this week.

-After a commercial break, Alicia’s performance begins. She sings “I Put A Spell On You”, and it’s one of my favorite vocals of the season. More so than anything 3 Shades of Blue have done, at least, and they’re in the semifinals. Part of me worries that Alicia might not be flashy enough for audiences remember her by the end of the night. But I think she’s more than just a great singer. She’s got a real command of the stage, and her facial expressions and attitude really sell the song. It’s a raw, fierce performance, and I dug it. So did Heidi, who gives her a standing ovation.

-Heidi compares Alicia to Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone, saying her voice is great but also haunting. Mel B admits she wasn’t entirely convinced on Alicia’s last performance, but she saw a complete turnaround with this performance, as Alicia showed a lot of confidence. Howie feels like Alicia has put a spell on them, noting that Alicia belongs here. Howard says Alicia was retro tonight, that she looked cool, sounded cool, and won the love of the audience. Nick interviews her, and Alicia adorably notes how she feels like her heart is about to explode out of her body. Her laugh is just PRECIOUS.

GARY VIDER is up next!

-I feel like the only comedians they ever put through are nerdy white guys. That said, Gary Vider IS a funny guy, and this pre-performance video is pretty amusing, although the guy playing his sloppy, slovenly roommate is actually funnier than Gary, who mostly goes on about how badly he wants to get away from his roommate and quit walking dogs professionally.

-Gary asks the audience how their love life is going, then segues into a bit about how he doesn’t understand women, noting how they know if they’re going to sleep with a guy within one minute of meeting him. He states that he was once rejected at the bar by a woman, saying that he yelled after her, “I still have 57 seconds!” Howie really enjoyed that one. He then talks about stealing his roommate’s flatscreen TV, and then having an unfortunate run-in at the deli. It’s kind of a dry, deadpan act, given to the weird delivery. That’s part of my issue with these types of comedians, because it seems to mostly be about how lame their lives are. It borders on anti-comedy, really. This just didn’t do it, for me.

-Howie loved it, noting that Gary is “hysterical” and “every joke landed”. Howard is glad that Gary knocked it out of the ballpark, since the comedians have been dropping left and right this season. Mel B was uncertain at first about the slowness of his delivery, but when she realized that was his shtick, she actually ended up enjoying it. However, Heidi disagrees completely, saying that his slow delivery detracted from the act, since he takes too long to get to the point. Heidi gets booed, but she’s not exactly wrong. Nick interviews Gary after the performance, noting that he could become the first comedian to win AGT. Wait, isn’t Terry Fator a comedian? Anyway, Gary wants to be the first comedian to win, as well as the first Gary.


-Mountain Faith Band is a girl named Summer, her two brothers, her father, and two close family friends. They all work at Summer’s dad’s tire shop, and her dad compares the business to the old gas station on Andy Griffith. Summer says they spend every day together, and they NEVER argue. Man alive, they’re so wholesome! But because I love The Waltons, I feel like I’m predisposed to liking this act.

-They sing a bluegrass cover of “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon, and while Summer has a really nice voice, it’s not coming through so much here. I don’t know if it’s the audio mix, the sound engineering, or what. But there’s this hollow, tinny sound throughout the whole performance. Hell, maybe it’s just my TV, I don’t know. But this wasn’t my favorite performance of theirs. The audience seemed to really love it though, so they might have a real shot at going through.

-Howie says the only way he can describe how their music makes him feel is “YEE-HAW!” Howard feels this isn’t the most contemporary act, but they’re talented musicians, and they sound great. Heidi agrees, noting Summer has a sweet voice, and the band sounded great. Mel B, however, didn’t think Summer’s vocals were that strong. But she thought the group was really likable and fun. Obnoxiously, Howie keeps butting in and yelling “YEE-HAW!” while Mel is trying to talk, causing her to scream back at him in frustration. Nick talks to Summer, and the group is just happy to be here.

OZ PEARLMAN is up next!

-Oz talks about how happy he is that he took a leap and left his Wall Street career to pursue his future as a mentalist. He talks about how body language tells you everything you need to know. It’s those subtle tells that give away what a person is thinking. However, he states he needs to step up his game, because if he can’t win over the judges, he’s going home. I mean, he really only needs to win over America though, no?

-It’s a funny little act, as he gets Heidi to give us a twirl, having read the minds of all the men in America. He then gets the judges to try and read his mind, writing down a number on a scorecard to try and guess how many gumballs he put into a jar on the table next to him. Howard and Mel B both pick 325, so Oz forces one of them to change. Howard opts to pick 375. Heidi picked 343 while Howie picked 146. Nick hands Oz the envelope to reveal…the AGT Instagram page, where we can go to see a video posted just before this act, in which Oz makes a prediction. In the video, Oz congratulates Mel B for coming the closest, having predicted that she would come within two gumballs of the right answer. But that’s not all, as Oz has Nick reach into the jar of gumballs to produce a receipt that has ALL THE JUDGES’ NUMBERS ON IT! How he didn’t get a standing ovation for this, I’ll never know. I have no idea how he pulled this off.

@ozthementalist gives you a prediction about his performance tonight! #AGT

A video posted by America's Got Talent – AGT (@nbcagt) on

-Mel B is stunned, saying Oz was AMAZING. Howard likes the entire package Oz is presenting. Howie, meanwhile, is practically speechless, calling him “The Wizard of Oz”. Oz is more than happy to take that nickname. I’m guessing the show is running long, since we rushed right past Heidi’s critique. But I can’t imagine which act would have gone long. Seriously, Daditude! didn’t even finish their act. If anything, we should be ahead of schedule.


-Choir director Larry Callahan talks about the inspiration to start this choir, and adds an anecdote about how many times his wife has quit and rejoined the choir. She says that if you’re in the choir business to make money, you’ve chosen the wrong profession. However, she feels this entire experience has been incredible, comparing it to a dream from which she never wants to awake.

-They perform “Impossible” by Shontelle, and the video screen behind them has the One Ring, which I guess means Sauron is displeased with this performance or something? I don’t know, but I’m certainly not displeased. Granted, “Impossible” is a song I’m always glad to hear, so there’s that advantage. But it also helps that the harmonies were so on-point. I get the feeling that any of the individual singers could have nailed this entire song, but the two they chose for the solos were particularly solid. My only issue was the minimalist arrangement of the backing track. But I still liked this.

-Mel B really liked this, although she warns them to be wary of who they pick for solos in the future, since she didn’t think those were their best choices. Ouch. Howie agrees with Mel B’s statement about the power of the choir, saying that their music goes “right through you” in a good way. Howard loves that Selected of God fights for Detroit, but warns them against losing their contemporary approach, indicating that this felt dated in a way their last performance didn’t. Heidi congratulates the choir on delivering another good performance.

-Back from break, and Nick warns us against trying any of this at home. For some reason, Stevie Starr has gotten a new name…


-Stevie talks about how much he loves entertaining people and freaking them out, saying that no matter what country he performs in, the reaction is always the same. People are amazed by him. Stevie says he’s been blessed with a gift, and he can’t wait to show everyone at home what he can do. I like Stevie, so I hope he’s good tonight.

-Stevie thanks America for having him back on the show. He then walks over to Heidi and asks to borrow her ring. Heidi hands it over, but warns Stevie that it’s a half-a-million dollar ring she borrowed for the show. Stevie promises to return it to Heidi, dry and shiny. So she forks over the ring, and Stevie promptly swallows it. He then hands Howie a tiny lock. Stevie asks Howie if he can put the lock in his mouth for him, but Howie is a germaphobe, so he has Mel B put the lock in Stevie’s mouth. Then he promptly swallows a key to go with it. What follows is amazing, as Stevie mixes the contents of his stomach. He puts the key in the lock, opens the lock, puts the ring inside the lock, and recloses the lock before removing the key, and bringing up the lock and ring. He then somehow uses a pool ball to retrieve the key from his stomach, bringing up all the contents perfectly dry. This act is incredible. I have no freaking idea how he does this. All the judges but Mel give him a standing ovation.

-Heidi says she’s been all over the world, but hasn’t seen an act like this before. Mel B says she feels violated, saying it’s a traumatizing act but just SO entertaining that she can’t look away. Howie declares that, on every level, this was the best act of the night. “This is probably going to come out wrong, but you, sir, make bulimia entertaining!” Yeah, that definitely came out wrong, Howie. Howard praises Stevie for being so original and unique, saying we’re looking at a Top 5 act, and possibly even the winner. I don’t know about THAT, but then again, stranger things have happened.


-Benjamin talks about how his vision has deteriorated even more since his last audition. His mother wishes she could take him all over the world and give him all the visual experiences life has to offer, but it’s only a matter of “when”, not “if” he’ll lose his vision completely. Benjamin states that his vision is so far gone, that he’s ditching the glasses this week, since they no longer help him.

-Benjamin performs in a setting that looks like a dance studio, with trees outside the window. His movement is what I’d call “freeing”. There’s such a beauty and liberation to what he does, and it borders on physical poetry. Granted, he doesn’t really do anything all that new, but he looks like a star out there, and he gets into the performance and the emotion of this. I feel like Benjamin has really grown as a performer. All the judges but Howard give this a standing ovation.

-Heidi praises him for his performance, while Mel B calls this Benjamin’s best yet, saying his technique is perfect. Howie reminds everyone that Benjamin is only 14-years-old. He says most 14-year-olds would be happy to be on THIS side of the stage (i.e., watching from the audience), but Benjamin just went up there and owned the stage. He quotes Charlie Sheen by saying that, in the contest of life, Benjamin is winning. Howard, however, says that if Benjamin doesn’t go through, he wants him to know why. He notes that Benjamin is an exceptional young man, and an inspiration. But from a talent show perspective, Benjamin’s act can’t really progress, because he’s blind, so he can’t incorporate props or any of the other things that other dance acts have incorporated. I think Howard has a point, although I think if you team Benjamin up with a talented visual artist, the act could expand to include visual media in the background. If nothing else, it would make a poignant contrast between visuals, and the physical expression represented by Benjamin, who can’t see at all. I’m not sure if Benjamin will advance, but he should be proud to have made it this far. Benjamin even says as much after the performance, thanking God for bringing him here.

DANIELLA MASS is up next!

-Daniella talks about how she broke down crying when the judges announced her name at the Judge Cuts. She notes how hard it’s been coming to America, and trying to make it. She says she’s changed since the first audition, and has gained strength from this experience, as she feels she’s finally doing what she’s supposed to be doing. “I’m going to give my all on that stage,” Daniella says. “This is my chance to achieve the American Dream.” Well, she certainly looks like a star. Seriously, this woman is GORGEOUS.

-Daniella sings “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables, one of my absolute favorite songs in the known universe. I wasn’t sold on this at first, but she exudes passion in her performance. She literally acts the song out on the stage, and it’s really impressive, because you can hear the emotion in her voice as the song builds. Even though it isn’t my favorite vocal of hers, I think this was her best overall performance, if that makes any sense.

-Howie opens by apologizing for his bulimia crack earlier in the show, stating that he said something stupid, and he didn’t mean to offend anyone. Howie then praises Daniella for her perfect, “penetrating” voice. Mel B and Heidi agree, stating that Daniella was great. Howard, however, thought it was too theatrical, saying that while Daniella delivered a great vocal, it felt too Broadway. Nick doesn’t see how that’s a problem at all, since Broadway is right down the street. Daniella thanks America, and I’m having a hard time concentrating. Daniella is DISTRACTINGLY beautiful.

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FREELUSION DANCE closes the show!

-DJ, Laura and Josh talk about their backgrounds, as DJ is a dancer from Detroit, Josh is from a fishing community in Alaska, and Laura is from Sydney, Australia. We see a behind-the-scenes video as they plan their new act, which will feature Josh on a harness. However, the stunt just isn’t working out, since Josh has never been on a harness before. Ultimately, Josh decides to take one for the team by taking himself out of the act, leaving DJ and Laura to perform alone. They’re understandably nervous about losing their teammate, but they plan on giving their all.

-This was OUTSTANDING. An EDM remix of “Over the Rainbow” plays as DJ and Laura act out a story in which they descend into what looks like Hell. Well, Hell or Mordor. An earthquake comes, and DJ and Laura are separated on different cliff tops. Laura is then swallowed by some malevolent force, prompting DJ to rescue her by swallowing the evil…or something. Laura comes back, dressed in white, and this is an act you’ll really need to see. This is just amazing, and all four judges enthusiastically give them a standing ovation, although it’s a bit of a struggle for Mel B to get up in that dress.

-Howie hates making the comparison, but says Freelusion had everything that Freckled Sky was missing last week. Mel B absolutely loved it, saying she didn’t want it to stop. Both Howard and Heidi were similarly amazed by what they saw, as we rush to wrap up the show before Hollywood Game Night. Laura thanks the judges for the comments as Nick signs off. Howard blocks Nick’s teleprompter, but he finishes signing off on his own, proving himself to be really good at what he does. I would argue he’s up there with Ryan Seacrest, as far as really good, professional, experience talent show hosts go.

-That’s a wrap! What did you think of tonight’s show? Which seven acts will advance to the semifinals on tomorrow night’s results show? Sound off in the comments!

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