America’s Got Talent 10 – Live Blog and Recap – Auditions 7 (VIDEO)

America’s Got Talent 10 is back for “Auditions 7,” the FINAL NIGHT of auditions! Judges Howard Stern, Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and host Nick Cannon continue the search for the next great million dollar act, as this is the last chance for talents at the open call auditions to advance to the next round for Season 10!

All of the judges have used their Golden Buzzers, so there are no more direct tickets to Radio City Music Hall. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still have some incredible talent on tap. Will the winner be among tonight’s auditioners?

Which acts will advance to the next round, and which acts will get the dreaded four Xs?

Keep it locked right here as I’ll be updating with commentary! Rickey will be by later with videos of tonight’s performances!

America's Got Talent 10 - Live Blog and Recap - Auditions 7 (VIDEO)

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Let’s get this show on the road!


-So we open with a segment of Howie’s journey to the studio, since he’s disastrously late, and holding up the entire production. It’s a staged bit, but Howie does make a fine entrance. And I’ll never complain about hearing “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” by The Darkness.


-Ranging from ages 42-55, Daditude! (yes, with an exclamation point) is a dance group comprised of former professional dancers who’ve all left the dance life behind to start families. They talk about how they felt invincible when they were in their 20s. But now? An hour and 20 minutes of every 2-hour rehearsal is spent stretching and warming up.

-They dance to “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars while wearing typical dad outfits. And that contrast between suburban dad outfits and current dance moves adds to the fun. There’s a lot of appeal here. Maybe they aren’t as athletic as other dance groups, but they’ve got great choreography, and they’re pretty clever too. One of the give dancers lays on the floor for the last bit of the performance, and Mel thinks something has gone wrong. But it’s part of the act, as the guys circle their fallen comrade and stop the performance in time with the “Stop! Wait a minute!” part of the song. Cute.

-Howie loves how Daditude! faked out Mel B, and Mel thought this was a really fun act in a crazy way. Heidi thinks America will fall in love with these guys, but Howard feels this isn’t a million dollar act. He states they’re more suited as a party act, but I disagree. Considering some of the acts Howard has put through already, these guys are ready for the big stage NOW. But Howard’s “no” doesn’t matter against the other three yeses.


-Singing duo Nick and Eddie sing “Mack the Knife,” and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a duo crooner act. This felt like the Rat Pack getting together to just sing for the hell of it. I loved it, and so did the judges. And much like with Daditude!, there’s a contrast between their appearance and what they can do that adds to the delightfully surprising appeal of the act. The judges also love Xavier Mortimer, a magician who makes money and other objects appear from his cymbals. We also get a down-home rock ringer who performs a gorgeous, smoky rendition of “Drift Away” by Dobie Gray, one of my favorite songs. This is a great collection of acts, and I wish we could have seen them all in full. Hopefully, they stick around long enough for us to see a full performance from these guys.

-Back from break with an insanely elastic contortionist. Her movement looks downright PAINFUL! And the other contortionist/acrobat who follows her displays just as much elasticity.

-Interspersed between these two acts is a man who’s bragging about all the martial arts he’s studied, and how he’s learned krav maga. He’s anxious to show the judges what he can do…


-Scott is a hand-and-face contortionist. He used to sell insurance before this, but he wanted to do more with his life. Howie asks if this is a million dollar act, and he seems confident that it is.

-This act is utterly disastrous. He does some finger wiggles as the audience and the judges humor him, expecting something more. But then he starts wiggling his ears, and the audience realizes this is all the act is going to be. He then contorts his fingers in bone-breaking positions, drawing boos from the audience and Xs from Howard and Howie. I’m surprised he didn’t get an X from all four.

-Howard thought he should have started with the bone-breaking technique, but even if he had, Mel B wouldn’t have voted him through, calling it more something you see at a party. The judges all vote “no,” and that’s it for Scott Churchson. But he seems generally happy with his experience here. That makes one of us, I guess.

-Back from break with a soul singer who delivers a passionate rendition of “Yesterday” by The Beatles. Again, I wish we’d have gotten the whole thing. Howard tells the man he had goosebumps the entire time.


-Larry and his wife were high school best friends who grew to love one another. They note that their hometown of Detroit has been ravaged by economical hardships, and their choir has suffered as well, with members losing jobs and even their homes. But they’re ready to bounce back. They’ve been a choir for fifteen years, delivering contemporary gospel with a dash of the traditional. Larry and his wife have a lot of personality, and that counts for a lot in helping to distinguish them, since choir acts occasionally are a bit devoid of personality.

-They perform “The Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion, and THIS gave me goosebumps. Partially because my sister sang it at my cousin’s funeral (R.I.P. J.R., we miss ya), but mostly because it’s absolutely GORGEOUS. The audience is on its feet before they’re even halfway done, and the judges soon follow once the performance comes to an end. This was one of the most stirring performances I’ve seen from any choir on this show. Just stunning.

-Mel B thanks them for the performance, saying she thought it was outstanding. Howard says he was waiting for something extraordinary, superior, and affected, and he says they’re all of those things and more. He notices the tears being shed by the choir, and he asks Larry what this means to him. Larry affirms that this means everything. Heidi congratulates them on a beautiful performance, and Howie applauds them on their technique and control, adding that their performance moved everyone in this room. It’s a no-brainer, as all four judges say yes.


-And back from break, as it feels like we’re montaging all of the interesting, cool acts. In this case, it’s acrobats and gymnasts. In particular, duos who may or may not be couples. The best of the three we see is the last, a married couple that make it look like they’re walking in mid-air. Outstanding stuff, and I’m excited to see what this division of acts produces as the competition rolls on.


-Oliver and Adrienne explains they started dating four months after they began performing trapeze together, and they discuss the trust involved in building this performance relationship, as she needs to trust that his hands will catch her. Of course, when they get out onstage, they drop a bombshell: they actually broke up two months ago. Oliver dumped Adrienne after it became too difficult to balance performing together, living together, and dating. I imagine this is going to be super awkward then.

-It’s not really awkward at all, though the sensuality of the trapeze routine loses some of its potency by knowing their full backstory. Still, this is a really cool act. It’s dangerous (will he catch her?!) and sexy (he caught her! And…she’s wrapping her legs around him). I like it a whole lot, and I hope they make it through. If nothing else, the crowd loves them, giving them a standing O.

-Howie loves the act, but is disappointed that they aren’t a couple, calling Oliver stupid for letting Adrienne go. This devolves into everyone getting on Oliver’s case for breaking up with Adrienne, in-between compliments for how cool, sexy, and exciting their act is. It’s actually pretty funny how everyone is giving Oliver a hard time about this, although Howie seems optimistic about the show’s ability to bring the lovers back together. Me? Not so much. But it’d make a hell of a story. All four judges say yes, obviously.


-I like these two, and I can’t wait to see what they do to top this. They could be an act to watch out for in this competition.

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-Up next with a competitive eater…


-Patrick trained for over a decade to strengthen his esophagus and dilate his stomach, and over the course of his career, he notably ate five pounds of pizza in one sitting. He considers himself an “extreme eater,” and declares that what he’s going to do has never been done before on the AGT stage, and there’s a very real chance he could throw up all over the stage. For his regular job, he’s a chef and restaurateur in Chicago, but this is something he’s always wanted to do. Onstage, he notes that when God was giving out talents, he ran out and left him with competitive eating. He has the judges come onstage to help him crack eggs, as he’s going to be swallowing 140 eggs in one sitting.

-Yeah, this is one of the most disgusting acts I’ve seen on AGT. Just watching this man drink container after container of eggs, and getting it all over his beard and mustahce is utterly repulsing. He competed the act though, and manages not to throw up, through some sort of miracle. The judges seem like they’re on the verge of upchucking though.

-Howie thinks there’s a circus sideshow quality to Patrick’s skill, even if he wishes it were a talent he didn’t have. Heidi is far less convinced. Howard falls somewhere in the middle, saying it’s certainly a talent, but he isn’t sure if it’s entertaining. However, Howard ultimately joins Howie in saying yes to Patrick. And, surprisingly, so does Mel B, who admits she kind of likes gross stuff.


-We then get a pair of bizarre backstage segments, as Nick follows Patrick to see if he’ll throw up, while Howie tapes an egg to the bottom of Heidi’s foot, and then breaks it, causing Heidi to break an egg over his head in retaliation. So strange.


-These brothers (and one best friend) are the oldest of nine kids, and they’ve been playing music together all their lives. They play shows wherever and whenever they can, at festivals, bars, anywhere. Onstage, Howard hopes the group is good, since he’s wanted to find the perfect rock band for this show ever since he started as a judge here.

-They play the Muse version of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good,” and the judges are absolutely loving this. Their playing is a lot better than the vocal, honestly, as the lead singer can hit the notes, but his tone is just unpleasant. It sounds like he’s yawning. Still, the band has a lot of appeal, as the girls are going crazy for them, and the judges just have big, dopey grins on their faces.

-Howard thanks the guys for taking the risk and coming out on this show, noting that they’re tremendous musicians. Mel B thinks the band is incredible, but states she has heard that song sung a thousand times better. Howie sticks up for the group, saying that Mick Jagger didn’t have the best singing voice, but he’s still the most entertaining show in rock. Heidi actually likes the lead singer’s voice, noting its raspy quality. Howard warns her against going home with the band, and we get straight to the vote. And it’s unanimous.


-Back from break with a terrible rapper in a chicken supervillain costume. Evil Chicken gets four buzzers, the first of the night. We follow this up with a montage of other delusional novelty acts, including Septemius the Great, who performs a song that basically involves him declaring “I am fashion” over and over again while two dancers circle him. He gets buzzed out. We finish with a Latin dance duo that isn’t as bad as the first two acts, but they aren’t much better. Worse, they’re super-deluded about the worth of their act, calling it a $2 million act, but noting they’ll settle for $1 million, before bumping the price down to $20,000 after they get buzzed off the stage.


-Going by the stage names Ruby and Diamond, these best friends are hairdressers who claim that men want to date them and women want to hate them. They declare they’re going to be the next Destiny’s Child, but you’d never know it from the abysmal outfits they’re wearing. Howard feels this could be the act he’s been waiting for, but Ruby and Diamond seem more interested in the money, and splitting it 50/50 once they win.

-I have no idea what they’re singing, and I don’t care to know. This is absolutely awful, and the only thing worse than their vocals is the tired, faux-sexy dance choreography. This did nothing for me whatsoever. I suppose it gave me a laugh when they get buzzed off but keep singing anyway. But that’s not enough to salvage this. So many good acts got montaged, but we get this?!

-Howard says Mel B was last to hit her buzzer because they probably reminded her of the Spice Girls. Mel B quickly changes the subject by noting how Nick appeared to be enjoying himself from the side of the stage. He comes out in his blue suit and says he WAS enjoying himself, and feels that Ruby and Diamond need a Sapphire. So they cue up the music, and Nick grinds with them…while also ushering them off the stage, in a funny moment. Funnier still, Ruby and Diamond keep singing once they’re backstage. So yeah, that’s a no.


-Pretty Big is a full-figured dance group who’s “all about girl power.” They want to show the world that it doesn’t matter what size you are, you can do anything you want to do. They’ve been dancing together for three years, but I’m more curious how long they’ve been wearing those multi-colored afro wigs. And if they aren’t wigs…well, more power to them. If nothing else, they have a striking look.

-They dance a high energy routine set to James Brown’s “Get Up Offa That Thing,” and it’s a routine that Brown himself likely would have appreciated. I can’t really describe it other than to say it was James Brown-esque…well, except for the twerking. But it’s really quite a good performance.

-Mel B thought it was “bloody brilliant,” and says she can’t stop smiling. She adds that the girls are inspirations for curvy women everywhere. Heidi couldn’t take her eyes off of the leader in the pink wig, and loved the twerking in the back. Howard is impressed, and so is Howie, calling it “an anti-Spanx campaign.” The judges vote, and they get a yes from all four.


-We follow this up with a montage of dancers, including a tremendous Australian dancer, a duo that performs “exhibition show dance,” and an acrobatic dance troupe called The Move. All three acts are absolutely terrific, and deserving of the four yeses they get. I maintain my early prediction that this is a dancer’s year.

-Back from break with a montage of different singers warming up backstage. We follow this up by seeing those singers perform. The drag queen who sings “Your Man” by Josh Turner is really impressive. In fact, I’m looking forward to see this act in the next round.


-The group has been singing separately for years, and they’ve been friends for just as long. But they’ve only been singing as a group for about a month. They don’t consider themselves a boy band, although they’ve tried to adopt a certain look that pegs them as one. But make no mistake, these are grown men, no matter how much they play New Kids On the Block over their introduction. Onstage, they all met in college, but admit they started Vox (which is Latin for “voice”) specifically for AGT.

-They sing “Nessun Dorma” and…yeah, this is amazing. They remind me of Forte, but with a more contemporary look. This is downright stunning, and I swear that has nothing to do with this being one of my favorite opera pieces. It’s probably the best-known aria of all-time, or at least one of the best known, so this was a bit of a safe choice. But it worked out beautifully.

-Howie hopes the audience at home felt the power they felt in this room. He thinks America will come to think of Vox as “the classiest boy band there is.” Mel B says they all have great voices individually, and they’re even better together. She thought it was a homerun, and Heidi agrees, saying they did a great job. Howard didn’t expect them to sing opera, but states they won him over with their performance and their excellent song choice. All four judges say yes.


-This was just outstanding, and I think they could be another act with a real shot at the million dollars. Singing acts are popular on this show, and doubly so when they’re this damn good.

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-And we’re back from break with a woman who somehow manages to be stranger than the professional cuddler…


-Joanna is going to be teaching kissing, from how to use your tongue to how to use your teeth. So this will either be really hot or extraordinarily awkward. Once onstage, Howard volunteers Nick as Joanna’s lovely assistant, seeing as how he’s newly single. However, when Joanna brings out a blow-up doll, Nick refuses to kiss the doll. So Howard volunteers to find someone from the audience for Nick to kiss. And, to his credit, he chooses a really beautiful woman, after teasing that he’s going to pick an old lady (whom Nick states he’d be more than willing to kiss).

-So we start out with the two staring into one another’s eyes, and then Nick putting his arms around her, including one hand behind her heart, at which point Howard buzzes the act, annoying Nick in a funny moment. Howie and Mel B hit their buzzers too, further irritating Nick, who’s never going to kiss this gorgeous woman if the act gets halted by four buzzers. Of course, my immediate question here is, what’s the next phase of this act? I mean, if she gets through, is anything about this act going to be different in subsequent rounds? Is she here for any other reason than to promote her business? Come to think about it, that’s actually a pretty clever stunt.

-Anyway, back from break, and Nick finally gets to the kiss, at which point Heidi hits her buzzer to stop the hotness from progressing. And Nick is FURIOUS. Howie asks if there’s any chance for a second date, and the woman asks if Nick feels anything, at which point he says that he does. “I do too!” the woman says, and they head offstage. A cute act, but one that receives a no from each judge.

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-And that’s a wrap! The judges’ cuts begin next week with guest judges Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Buble, Marlon Wayans, and Piers Morgan. And each of them has a Golden Buzzer to use! I CAN’T WAIT!

But what did you think of tonight’s show? Sound off in the comments! Until next week, thanks for reading!

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