America’s Got Talent 10 – Live Blog and Recap – Auditions 6 (VIDEO)

America’s Got Talent 10 is back for “Auditions 6,” as judges Howard Stern, Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and host Nick Cannon continue the search for the next great million dollar act! We’re nearing the end of auditions, and there’s more pressure than ever!

All of the judges have used their Golden Buzzers, so there are no more direct tickets to Radio City Music Hall. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still have some incredible talent on tap. Will the winner be among tonight’s auditioners?

Which acts will advance to the next round, and which acts will get the dreaded four Xs?

Keep it locked right here as I’ll be updating with commentary! Rickey will be by later with videos of tonight’s performances!

America's Got Talent 10 - Live Blog and Recap - Auditions 6 (VIDEO)

Credit: NBC

Let’s get this show on the road!


-We open with Nick’s arrival, as we get a pseudo-reenactment of the movie Whiplash, at least from the jazz track accompanying this. And I don’t mind one single bit. Any shoutout to Whiplash is fine by me. That movie is extraordinary. Also, this sketch has a little bit of Birdman thrown in for good measure, as it’s all one continuous take. Very impressive. We get right into our first act.


-It’s a pair of performance artists who dance against a white backdrop with visual effects that sync up with their movements, as if their motions are creating the rings of light and stars that accompany them. It’s a visually arresting performance, although I feel we’ve seen plenty of acts like this done better. However, they DO have talent, so I think they deserve to go through. After the performance, the creative director and producer come onstage. The creative director is responsible for the visuals, and the producer puts it all together, in addition to translating for the girls, who are apanese and hardly speak any English at all.

-Howard is impressed with what the women did, while Mel B thought it was a stunning performance. Howie compliments the girls in Japanese, and then votes them through in Japanese as well. Heidi, Howie and Mel B quickly follow suit to make this opening performance of the night a successful one.


-I don’t know why, but I get the feeling this is going to be a dancers’ season, in much the same way last season belonged to a magician.

-However, we’re going from a dancer to a singer now…


-Samantha started singing at her elementary school talent show, and has been in love with the stage ever since. She admits she’s self-taught, and doesn’t have a whole lot of live experience since her regular job involves waiting tables. But she’s confident she can do this, and is hoping she won’t get buzzed.

-Samantha sings “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin, and for someone who’s never performed in a crowd of this size before, there’s tremendous clarity in her voice. You can’t hear nerves or pitch problems or anything. I was genuinely impressed, particularly since she does hardly any vocal gymnastics until the final run at the end. It’s just a clear, pure vocal. Beautiful. Heidi, Howie and Mel B give her a standing ovation.

-Heidi thought it was a beautiful performance, and Mel B thought she had a hell of a voice. Howie says she sang like a natural woman, while Howard thought Samantha thought she sounded exceptional. The critiques seem to be a bit rushed tonight, not that I mind. Howard, for his part, thinks Samantha is in her prime, and Howie believes she has tremendous stage presence. Heidi, meanwhile, wonders who someone keeps such a smile on her face while singing.


-Okay, maybe it’ll be a singers’ season. But honestly, I’m sticking by my prediction that it’ll be the dancers that come out on top this year.


-Paul Ponce is a hat juggler whose mother will be auditioning immediately after his act. His relationship with his mother and father is downright adorable, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how stunningly gorgeous his mother’s hair is, for a lady of her years. But I digress…

-Basically, Paul juggles hats. That’s pretty much it. Some of his tricks are impressive, but I’m not entirely sure this is a million dollar act. Seriously, where do you go from here? How much bigger can you really make an act like this? I thought this was good, sure, but not million dollar good. But hey, I don’t begrudge him getting through, if for no other reason than it offers greater variety of contestants, going forward.

-The judges seem split, as Mel B didn’t like it all that much, whereas Heidi and Howard want to put Paul through. Naturally, it comes down to Howie, who is pressured by the audience to send Paul to the next round. The enthusiasm the audience has for Paul is kind of perplexing, honestly, but their cheers are enough to sway Howie.


-And we keep things moving…


-Silvia met her husband when she was 11 years old, and is a third generation performer. She’s been married for over 40 years. Her son, Paul Ponce, is proud of her, and recalls how seeing his mother perform was just normal to him. However, as he got older, he came to recognize the skill she has, and how good she is at what she does. Once out onstage, she introduces herself and her husband. Howard asks who she’d want to win if it came down to herself and her son in the finals, and she says — without a question — she’d want her son to win, noting she’s a mother first and a performer second.

-Silvia is really quite talented, piling on crossbow on top of another, and shooting at a variety of targets, a variation on the old circus trick of throwing knives at balloons around human targets. Her husband gets in a box with balloons on it, and Silvia fires her multiple crossbows simultaneously, managing to hit the difficult pattern in which the balloons are arrayed, without hitting her husband at all!

-Howard thought she was every bit as phenomenal as her son, while Mel B thought it was shocking and great. Heidi thinks Silvia will go far in this competition, and Howie adds that he was thoroughly entertained. All four judges vote “yes,” and that’s that!


-I liked Silvia VASTLY more than Paul. That lady has talent.


-Heavenly Joy Jerkins is five years old, and this little girl loves singing and LOVES tap dancing. She also loves swimming, which makes it a bit hard to pin down what her act is going to be (well, not really. But I do find the little girl’s enthusiasm about everything adorable). Nick walks her out onstage, and she explains to the judges that she’ll be singing and tap dancing for her act. She started singing at age 1, to which Howard says it’s good to start young in the business. He then asks what she’ll do with the million dollars if she wins. In a heart-melting moment, she says she’d give away a lot of it so kids without clothes can have clothing. D’awwww.

-Heavenly sings “In Summer” from Frozen. And hot damn, this is a fantastic performance that’s worthy of the standing ovation she gets from the audience. FIVE YEARS OLD and she can do all this?! She’s got a great little voice, and a lot of dance skill.

-Howard compares her to Shirley Temple, and says a little Shirley Temple is living inside her. “Not Shirley Temple. Jesus!” Heavenly says (oh just put her through right now. This girl is PRECIOUS). Heidi feels America is going to fall in love with her, and Mel B piles on the well-deserved compliments. Howard feels Heavenly would have made a great Spice Girl with Mel B, to which Heavenly notes she has no idea what a Spice Girl is. “I wasn’t born yet!” she says, and yeah, this kid has way more personality than most people five-times her age. My favorite audition of the night so far, but I’m a sucker for an adorable kid performance.


-I really don’t know if Heavenly will go that far, but for now, this was a terrific little audition.

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-The Grand Master is back again this year. Apparently, he left his family years ago to go to a Shaolin Temple to learn how to channel energy from Heaven to ascend to a higher level of physical ability. He’s essentially indestructible, as we see clips of his audition last year in which Nick Cannon kicked him in the groin multiple times, with no apparent effect. His interpreter claims the energy wasn’t right last year, which is why he got buzzed and rejected. But he’s back for another He’s a Grand Master in “kung fu energy healing”. His interpreter basically does all the talking for him, even when he hasn’t actually said anything that needs interpreting. I don’t see this going well.

-Qi Feilong starts off breaking some things with his stomach, then freaks out the audience by bending a spoon with his eye. Howie’s reaction literally says it all. That was downright horrifying. Lastly, he lifts a bicycle off the ground and over his head just using his teeth. Okay, that’s kind of amazing. Heidi doesn’t love it though, hitting her buzzer.

-Howie thought this was amazing, but Heidi thought it was a silly mess. Mel B didn’t think it was perfect, but she still feels there’s something intriguing about him that should be seen by America. Howie and Mel B say “yes” while Heidi says “no”. It all comes down to Howard, and Howie immediately starts campaigning on Qi Feilong’s behalf. The interpreter promises that if Qi Feilong is put through, he will set a newspaper on fire with his energy. Okay, I’ve GOT to see that. And Howard does too, apparently, saying he’ll “humor” Qi Feilong by giving him his third yes.


-Should be an interesting body-horror act. But beyond that, Qi Feilong has a peculiar charisma about him that makes his performances compelling, even when you want to look away in horror. I liked his act far more than I thought I would.

-We get a montage of acts, including acrobat Daniel Sullivan, a contortionist/gymnast who uses Mel B as his assistant (twisting his body in front of her, and then jumping over both she and Nick Cannon). We then get a powerlifter who lifts a set of bleachers with a section of the audience on it, numbering 3,000lbs. in total. Ultimately, while the powerlifter was impressive, I don’t see it as any sort of winning act. Ditto the contortionist/gymnast. Daniel Sullivan is the only person I see making any kind of progress in this competition. Regardless, all three acts get through to the next round.


-This is a band from North Carolina that started years ago when the lead singer’s brother started out on the fiddle, hated it, and traded it in for a banjo. They all work together in the tire shop of the lead singer’s father. Her hero is Alison Krauss, and the idea of performing on the same stage as her idol — at Radio City Music Hall — is mind-blowing to her. The band is comprised of people from ages 19-31, and that mixture of youth and experience should help them.

-They perform a bluegrass version of “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic, and it’s terrific, like a more upbeat version of The Civil Wars. Their harmonies are lovely, they have an interesting sound that is both contemporary and old fashioned, with the fiddle, banjo, and upright bass. It’s surprising, in a good way.

-Howard isn’t big on bluegrass, but he really thought the group was great. Heidi was impressed by the voice on the lead singer. After teasing that she didn’t love it, Mel B reveals that she thought it was surprisingly great, and that it came together in impressive fashion. Howie makes a corny joke that draws boos from the audience and ribbing from his fellow judges, but the long and short of it is that this band is unanimously put through to the next round.


-I like this act, as this was one of the more natural auditions of the night. I would totally love to get another listen to these guys.

-We get a montage of comedians, with one comedian delivering a solid joke about a woman breastfeeding at a movie theater and getting warned about bring in “outside food”. Another comedian chats about his girlfriend with a joke I missed due to the annoying thunderstorm/flash flood warning from my local news. Another act is a pair of comedians who both look like Lou Ferrigno. I wish we could have heard more from them, honestly. I assume they all got through, although we aren’t told one way or another.


-Leo notes that his entire comedy routine comes from his relative lack of life experience, since it all centers around being 15-years-old. The largest group he’s ever performed in front of has been forty people, so this is pretty intimidating for him. Howard asks if he’s been allowed to perform at clubs, and he notes that he has, but only if his mother accompanies him and learns the restrictions.

-Leo notes he’s been single all his life, because he’s unemployed, lives at home with his parents, and has no car, drawing big laughs from the audience. He then cracks a joke about how you need to have free wifi to lure kids into a creepy van these days, speaking from personal experience. He thanks his mother for helping him get so far along in the entertainment industry, since she’s provided him with two things that have helped him immensely: a Jewish writer, and a manager he used to sleep with. Howie loved it, and gives Leo a standing ovation. And honestly? I thought this was tremendous. He’s awkward, but he wears it like armor.

-Mel B thought it was awkward and uncomfortable, but notes that this is why it was so damn funny. She loved it. Howie agrees, as do the other two judges. The judges seemed far more enthusiastic about this than the cameras showed, but I’m sure we’ll hear more from Leo as the night rolls on.


-Up next, we get a montage of attempted world records. One guy is the North American record holder for solving the most Rubik’s Cubes. One viking-looking dude gets buzzed out for failing to break the beard-lifting record, as he was unable to lift his girlfriend with his beard. Another guy gets buzzed out for bouncing a giant ball with his head, while another pair of guys get four Xs before they can even really get that far into their act.

-Meanwhile, a guy claims he’s going to break the world record for watermelon-smashing…


-Trizzie is a professional wrestler who wants to break the world record for smashing watermelons with your head, claiming he wants to bring the title back to America after it was claimed by a guy from New Zealand. So he’ll be smashing 45 watermelons with his head in under a minute.

-This is sheer madness. Not only is he smashing them with just his head, he actually appears to be splitting them clean in half. I’m getting a headache just watching this. I have no idea if he’s actually going to break the record or not, but I’m almost too dizzy to care. He starts to falter towards the end, as some of the watermelons prove stronger to break due to his diminished strength. But he manages to accomplish it with just seconds left. The crowd chants USA as the judges give him a standing ovation (well, except for Howard).

-Howard asks how Trizzie feels, and he says he feels amazing. Howard notes he dedicated his life to nonsense, but adds that he can identify with that since he himself has dedicated his life to nonsense. Both Heidi and Mel B congratulate him on claiming the record. Howie makes a cute joke about how he’s going to get in bed with his girlfriend tonight, and someone is going to say “Not tonight, I have a headache,” and it’s not going to be her. They all vote him through, as this night gets crazier.


-They play him out to Hulk Hogan’s old WWE entrance theme, “Real American” by Rick Derringer, and you know, while pro wrestling has a bad rep for causing a lot of damaging head trauma, I’m not sure this is much better.

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-And now, we head outside!


-This group is comprised of the Griffith siblings (well, four brothers and an unrelated neighbor girl), who are fourth generation trick-riders, as they perform on horses that they consider part of the family. They’ve always wanted to be on America’s Got Talent, watching it every week after chores for years. They’re excited to finally get the chance to perform on the AGT stage, although the youngest is super nervous to meet the judges. The eldest son assures him the judges are nice people. Onstage, they give their background. The eldest son is 16, the second oldest is 13, the third son is 12, the youngest is 6, and the girl is 12. So a lot of young talent here.

-They do some impressive tricks on the horses, flipping over each side of the saddle, hanging off the ends, and flipping back on. They even do handstands and poses while blowing kisses and waving to the audience. It’s not an act that can really be described adequately without seeing it. Hopefully, once the video goes live, we can have it up here for you guys, because I thoroughly enjoyed this. It felt like Americana manifest.

-Howie praises the eldest son for his discipline and his acrobatics, calling it “acrobatics in motion.” Mel B says they might be accused of being an old fashioned act, but says their youth and vibrancy made it feel current. She notes her children in the audience were thrilled by it. Heidi compares them to tornadoes going around the neck of the horse, adding that the performance was “pretty spectacular.” Howard states they’re looking for something new and fresh, and feels they’ve found it, calling them an “inspirational” act. The judges put them through unanimously.


-I feel like they might have blown through most of their tricks tonight, so they’ll have to come up with something new and even grander in the next round. Hopefully, they can pull it off. I have no doubts that they could though.

-Back from break with the judges pranking Howie by attempting to tickle him. He hides behind security, and says, “To get to me, you got to go through Mary.” Good times.


-Another family of stunt performers, this group from Salt Lake City, Utah. They claim they aren’t even sure if they have a talent, as their act just involves them doing crazy things. We see home videos of some of their stunts, which include crashing on dirt bikes, falling down snow-covered mountains, and doing flips into giant vats of sponge bricks.

-Their act is a crowd-pleaser, as they each ride down a giant slip-and-slide and leap through a ring of fire, doing flips as they get airborn. Heidi says exactly what’s on my mind: “It feels like we could almost do it.” Granted, I would imagine these kids have far more skill, but it seems more fun than impressive.

-Howie says it looks like the most fun a person can have, but states they’re looking for things they can enjoy watching, not things they can enjoy doing. Heidi agrees, with Howard adding that while it’s a fun act, there wasn’t enough danger. The Godfrey Clan is going home, and it’s probably the right call, honestly.


-Greg was put into an orphanage in Moscow when he was little, but was eventually adopted. His parents put him in gymnastics to satisfy his crazy amounts of energy. From there, he went on to become a daredevil who basically jumps off cranes. His family doesn’t support what he does, wanting him to get a regular job. Greg notes how dangerous his act is, stating that the wind could blow him off-course and cause him to miss the crash pad completely. We see the pre-performance safety meeting in which Greg prepares and seems genuinely nervous (as do all the safety techs). But once it’s showtime, Greg is all smiles.

-The act takes forever, largely because of how long he waits to actually go, since he’s waiting for ideal, safe conditions before jumping. So I can’t blame him there. But the editing is somewhat obnoxious, as we build with the “isn’t the dangerous?! OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS!” music for what feels like eternity. But once he dives, it’s fittingly thrilling, as he does a ton of awesome flips on the way down. And there WAS a lot of danger involved in this, and skill as well, since he needed to be precise in his descent. So I approve.

-Heidi says Greg has huge balls to do that, while Howard notes that not a lot of people could do what Greg just did. Howie and Mel B applaud him for his skill and precision. All four judges vote him through, and Greg couldn’t be happier.


-Nick can’t wait to see what Greg does next. And, frankly, neither can I. How he tops this, I have no idea.

-Back from break with Heidi noting that the most extreme thing she’s done is swim with forty or so sharks, causing Howie to lament that he and Howard haven’t done anything extreme at all, whereas Heidi and Mel B (who rides a motorcycle) have done all the extreme stuff.


-Nikki has always been a thrillseeker, and she wants to show America that you can be a daredevil and be a girl as well. She’s 41 but already a grandmother, and she’s doing this for grandkid, to show that girls rock. Onstage, Howie is in disbelief that she’s a grandmother, claiming that, much like himself, she doesn’t look like a grandparent. Heidi, however, insists Howie definitely looks like a grandfather. Howie’s reaction to that is pretty great. Nikki will be getting blown up inside a limousine, although she notes her biggest fear is getting trapped inside the car, since the fire could melt the doors into place.

-Nikki seems more excited than scared, and the crowd seems pretty stoked with her. However, that enthusiasm wanes a bit once Nikki actually gets in the car, as you can tell the audience — and especially the judges — are starting to get nervous for her. Nick starts the countdown, and the car is just OBLITERATED by the explosion. The crowd is in stunned silence, but Nikki quickly comes out of the car, covered in flames. She falls to the ground and is quickly put out by the firemen on-set, and she’s all smiles afterwards. It’s certainly an act with enough danger to keep audiences thrilled, even if it’s not my cup of tea, personally.

-Howie says the act was spectacular, noting how hot it was (both in temperature and in sexiness). Mel B enjoyed it as well, although Heidi felt it was almost too much. Howard, however, says that’s the point. Howie and Mel B say yes, Heidi goes with her gut and says no, and Howard delivers the deciding vote for Nikki…


-Nikki is overjoyed to be advancing, and even Heidi admits that although she said no, the act was awesome.

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-And that’s a wrap! What did you think of tonight’s show? Sound off in the comments!

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