America’s Got Talent 10 – Live Blog and Recap – Auditions 5 (VIDEO)

America’s Got Talent 10 is back for “Auditions 5,” as judges Howard Stern, Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, along with host Nick Cannon, head to New Jersey to check out some more of the best (and worst?) acts America has to offer! It ought to be an exciting night, as we near the end of auditions!

But which acts will advance to the next round, and which acts will get the dreaded four Xs?

Keep it locked right here as I’ll be updating with commentary! Rickey will be by later with videos of tonight’s performances!

America's Got Talent 10 - Live Blog and Recap - Auditions 5 (VIDEO)

Credit: NBC

Let’s get this show on the road!


-The judges arrive while we see some of the weirder contestants of the competition show up for the auditions. As Nick Cannon introduces the show, he notes that Heidi Klum is the only judge so far who’s yet to use her Golden Buzzer, with Howie going as far as to call her a “Golden Buzzer virgin,” while Howard pokes fun about how upset Heidi is getting about not getting to press the button. Heidi jokingly complains that it’s all Howard’s fault for talking so damn much.


-Brothers Zack and Cameron are 12 and 9, respectively, and they have gone by The Gentlemen for ages, since they help out around the house. They’re dancers and put a lot of work into it. They have a sister, but they’re the only dancers. Zack says when you put their talents together, you get a “talent bomb,” and…yeah, I hope these kids are good, because they’re super adorable.

-Hot damn, this is cool as hell! These guys got moves, and if they choreographed this themselves, they deserve even more credit. I mean, the moves they were doing were a bit mature for their age, considering all the hip grinding and “come over here and get it” hand gestures. Still, I really dug this. These kids are mad smooth, in their suits and ties, and have great showmanship to go with their style. I’m not sure how far a two-man dance troupe can go, but they absolutely deserve to advance to the next round. Mel B, in particular, is loving this, giving the boys a standing ovation at the end of the performance. The audience quickly follows suit.

-Mel B can’t believe they’re moving like that at such a young age, but she loved it, and notes they have loads of personality as well. Howie thought they had a lot of smooth moves, and then asks if they have ladies. Zack implies he does, but asks Howie not to tell his mom. Cameron says some girls like him, which causes Howie to say that they’ll have their pick of the ladies if they make it here. Heidi says they’re better than most idols we get on the stage today, while Howard thanks them for being good, so he wouldn’t have to say no to any more kids. All four judges say yes to the boys.


-This night is off to a great start, with that.

-Back from break with a mentalist and mind-reader…


-He first saw mind-reading and mentalism on a cruise ship, and began pursuing it once he grew weary of his boring Wall Street career. He wants to play Radio City Music Hall, and the biggest stages in the world. He wants to get inside the judges’ minds by showing them his unique talent, and “freaking them out.” More than anything, he wants a show in Las Vegas.

-He tells Heidi to pick a number, then asks Howie how long he’s known Heidi. “Eight years,” he says. He can’t guess what number Heidi is thinking of, so Oz writes down the number…and gets it right. He then tells Mel B to think of a trip or vacation she’s been on that the other judges wouldn’t know about. He then tells her to think of someone who was on the trip, and where the trip was. Mel B is then instructed to write it down and show the judges (“Geri, Fiji”. So fellow Spice Girl Geri Halliwell in Fiji) , then fold it. Oz then rips the paper into pieces. He pulls out a stapled envelope with his prediction, and then instructs Howard to open it. The note reads, “I am seeing a trip to Fiji in 1998 with someone named Geri.” Mel B is FREAKED the F out. Howard gives him a standing ovation.

-Howard is really impressed, and Mel B said she would pay to see him live. Heidi says “I want more, I want more, I want more of Oz!” Howie, meanwhile, tells Oz he’s exactly what America’s Got Talent needs for Season 10. Howard, Heidi and Mel B say yes, and Howie adds his yes by revealing a paper he placed in Mel B’s top, with the word “YES” written on it. Cute.


-These types of tricks don’t always play well on TV, but I thought Oz had a great sense of showmanship, enough to keep the act from ever getting boring. I dug it.

-Back from break with a woman who looks to be in the midst of a panic attack. And I don’t blame her, having to hang out backstage and hear all those Xs go off.


-Brittany is from the super small town of Smith Station, Alabama. She’s 24-years-old, and she has looked up to her dad since she was a baby, as he’s been in a band for over 20 years. She’s always wanted to be a singer, but she’s always been too scared to go for it. This is in contrast with her fiance, a Marine stationed overseas who isn’t afraid of anything. His support gives her strength, but she’s still nervous regardless, since she’s only ever sang in her bedroom. The judges support her when they discover how nervous she is, telling her to relax and to do her best, that they’re all rooting for her, basically.

-She sings “Wherever You Will Go” by The Calling. She plays the piano, which seems like a bad idea for someone so nervous, who’s also never done this before in public. But she sounds amazing! At least until she messes up on the piano part, and brings her performance to a halt. She’s embarrassed and stops completely, prompting Howie to ask if that’s all. “I messed up,” she says, but the judges are willing to let it slide, encouraging her to start over. Her reaction (“I can?!?!”) is adorable, and her restarted performance saves the whole thing. I loved this audition. Hell, I even liked the first one, with the mistakes and everything. She sounded great. The entire audience gives her a standing ovation, and she starts crying, prompting Mel B to go onstage and give her a hug.

-Howie thinks Brittney is amazingly talented, and can learn a lesson from what’s happening here tonight: never give up. Mel B says Brittney is “so sweet” and “immediately likable,” noting that she’s rooting for her and wants Brittney to succeed. She only wishes Brittney could be more perfected. Heidi admits there were a few hiccups, but she loves her. Howard, however, notes that she might not be ready for this. She has talent, but he feels there’s only room on this stage for people who are ready and can stay in key. So Howard says no, but Howie, Heidi and Mel B say yes. Brittney is awash with tears, and it’s a lovely moment, both from the pure emotion and from the fact that they’re playing “Falling Slowly,” making this goosebump city. Backstage, Brittney calls her fiance and gives him the good news.


-I like Brittney. No idea how she’s going to do from here on out, but I hope this positive reception helps her to believe in herself, so that the nerves don’t interfere with her performance next time. I really do believe in her.

-Back from break with some quirky auditions, such as Einstein the Talking Parrot, who mimics the sound effects of the objects her master lists. We then get a doggy strip show from a doppelganger of The World’s Ugliest Dog (that one gets four Xs). Lastly, we have a “hyper-active tortoise” who completely bombs onstage, as the master can’t get her to move through the obstacle course she’s set up (another four-buzzer rejection).

-This all builds to a bird-whistler…


-Byrdie Sue does bird whistles, and was encouraged to audition for AGT after vacationers overheard her doing bird whistles on a cruise ship. We see her tricking some people at Dunkin’ Donuts, making them believe a bird is in the store, in a cute little moment. Onstage, she explains she quit her corporate job to start her own pool-cleaning business, and she’s been doing the bird-whistling while she works. So yes, she literally whistles while she works.

-Byrdie Sue whistles along to “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” and while she does have talent, I don’t know if this act is sustainable. That said, she keeps things lively with a little dance routine. The judges seem to enjoy it, or at least seem amused by it. I think she might benefit from having a ventriloquist puppet onstage with her.

-Howie thought it was neat, and so did Mel B. But Heidi and Howard don’t feel it’s right for America’s Got Talent. That said, they do note that she has talent, and did entertain them. Unfortunately for Byrdie Sue, it’s four Nos.

-Back from break with a guy shoving a balloon up his partner’s nose, and pulling it out through his mouth, and then inflating it. He then twists it into a puppy dog on both ends, at which point the partner flosses himself with it. Heidi says she was so grossed by it, she forgot to buzz. Howard, however, is so interested by the possibility that they have more messed-up tricks up their sleeve, that he can’t help but say yes. And Howard and Mel B follow suit, sending the duo through to the next round, beyond all reason.


-Their name is basically Spanish for “move” (well, “it moves”). The four-person dance group is from a mix of different places, from South Texas to Colombia, and they seem a bit nervous about potentially messing up. How often does that actually happen on this show though? In dance, I mean. I’ve seen it on the live shows, but rarely during auditions. That said, I love this style of dance, and I’m excited to see what they can do.

-It starts out wonderfully, full of vibrancy and passion. However, no sooner do I finish typing that paragraph up top than one of the dancers popped out his knee after catching one of the girls in mid-air. It’s a gruesome injury that derails the entire performance, as the dancer limps offstage with his partner while the other two try to salvage the audition. The entire act is brought to a halt, as medics are brought in and announce his knee needs to be splinted. He breaks down in tears as he’s put into an ambulance.

-There’s still one more day of auditions, so the judges offer Semenaya the opportunity to come back the next day as a three-person group, or come back next year once their friend is healed (so I guess that confirms Season 11 for AGT!). They decide that the remaining full pair will complete the routine as a duo. And you know what? I think they’re actually a stronger act as a duo. They do some insane stunts that I can’t describe, although one particularly cool move involves the guy practically playing air guitar with the girl’s head. Sensational stuff.

-Mel B calls it the epitome of professionalism, saying they worked through the hardship and still delivered a great performance. Heidi says the show must go on, and they delivered a real show. Howard says something beautiful was born out of this tragedy with their friend, noting they performed perfectly. Mel B and Howie kick off the yeses, and Howard and Heidi follow. What’s crazy about all of this is that the dude wasn’t even dancing with his original partner! Incredible.


-We follow with a 12-person tap dance troupe, and it’s really impressive. Reminds me of a more modern, American version of Riverdance. They advance to the next round as well. This is followed by Animation Crew, a dance troupe that wears costumes that basically make them look like paintings come to life. Mel B calls them a piece of art come to life, and they are given a yes from all four judges. Next is a Mariachi Metal band that performs a Mariachi version of Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. It’s more amusing than good, but I like them more than I disliked them. It was entertaining, and that’s all I really ask. They also advance to the next round. Lots of acts I wished we’d seen a bit more of tonight.

-Back from break with a look at child auditioners. In one instance, Nick gets into a dance-off with one of them, in a moment I wish we’d seen in full. We then get a montage of other awesome child dancers, including a dude that rides a unicycle while lifting his partner in a variety of poses, and an interpretive dancer who doesn’t look like she could be any older than ten, tops. Such cool acts! I hope they post full auditions online.


-She’s from Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, and she’s 11 years old (looks like a teenager though. And I don’t mean that as a slight either. She’s a lovely kid). She’s always loved to sing, and her mother has always supported her. Ariel is super nervous, but she’s also really excited to perform. She notes that her brother taught her and trained her to sing, and it all just blossomed from there. He’s hoping she pulls this off.

-Aaaaand in one of the biggest surprises of the audition rounds, she launches into an operatic tune! I say surprising because she came across as a total pop singer in the making, but she delivers this absolutely GORGEOUS, soaring operatic vocal. It was otherworldly, to such an extent that it almost looks like she’s lip-syncing, because it’s so hard to believe the voice matches the appearance. But you can see the technique in what she’s doing, and there are subtleties in her vocal that pretty much rule out lip-syncing for me. Opera isn’t my cup of tea, but this was the audition of the night, in my opinion. Heidi gives her a standing ovation and the audience follows suit, bringing Arielle to tears.

-Heidi notes how grown-up Arielle sounds, and notes her performance was very mature and moving. Mel B says she wasn’t expecting anything like that, and doesn’t know how her voice is even possible on someone so young. She called it a powerful audition. Howard is moved by Arielle’s voice, and calls her skill “freaky”. But he notes that the overall effect was outstanding. Howie, meanwhile, says Arielle obviously has an amazing talent, and is adorable, so he obviously wants to see more of her. Heidi then announces that she loved Arielle so much that she’s sending her straight to Radio City Music Hall. Arielle breaks down in tears as the golden confetti rains down, and her mother is crying backstage. Heidi comes up onstage, hugs Arielle, and tells her that the girl made her hair stand on end. Backstage, Arielle’s mother breaks the good news to their family, and the person on the other end goes crazy. An awesome moment to cap off an awesome audition.


-Couldn’t be happier with this choice. She absolutely deserved this.

WATCH: Arielle Baril Earns Golden Buzzer With Opera Audition on America’s Got Talent 10 (VIDEO)

-Back from break with an older gentleman named Crazy George, who’s a professional cheerleader. He gets buzzed out, but not before he successfully gets the crowd to do The Wave. We see some other weird acts, including a dance troupe comprised of older ladies who wear suits that attach and make it appear there are more dancerss than there are. They also get buzzed out, but Mel B at least liked the idea. Lastly, we get the Power-Lifting Granny, and she does a deadlift that’s incredibly impressive.


-Shel is a former real estate professional who decided he’d rather pursue a career in showbiz. He does stunts with a chainsaw, although once he comes out onstage, he admits — to the absolute horror of the judges, Howie in particular — that he’s never actually done any of this before.

-Shel does handstands over the chainsaw, and then cuts an apple in his mouth while blindfolded. And…well, that’s it. The crowd seems to like it, and my nephew thought it was cool, but I just don’t get it. Dude came way too close to chopping off his own nose, and while I know some people find the danger exhilarating, this does absolutely nothing for me. Hell, I liked Byrdie Sue more than this.

-Heidi and Mel B don’t get it either, but Howie and Howard love the danger of it. Howie says yes, Mel B says no, Howard says yes, and Heidi says yes, despite openly stating how hard this is for her, since she gets the feeling that something could go wrong. However, she’s goaded into it by the crowd and by Howard, which seems pointless since Heidi clearly didn’t want to put him through, and showed no joy in saying yes. Such a strange moment.


-Back from break with Howard implying he can change Heidi’s mind with a single look. It’s a super creepy look, actually. I can see why he keeps his shades on all the time.


-The 34-year-old is from Ukraine but resides in Las Vegas, and says he wanted to get into showbiz, but needed a partner…one that wouldn’t complain or give him trouble. So he found a headless mannequin, and dressed the doll in his wife’s wedding dress. “I think we’re a perfect team,” Oleksiy says, referring not to himself and his wife, but himself and his mannequin. Onstage, he introduces himself and notes that his wife is jealous because he spends more time in the garage with the mannequin than with her or their kids. I have no idea what his act is going to be.

-Turns out he’s an acrobat. He performs a series of stunts and handstands on the mannequin, but not before thrilling the crowd by taking his shirt off. I really should have known what his act was going to be once he disrobed, but I kind of suck at predicting these things. Still, this was an incredibly impressive act, as he showed remarkable strength and balance in how he posed himself and used the mannequin for leverage in interesting ways. This was a strange but engaging act.

-Howard says it was strange but good, and notes that while we’ve seen a lot of hand balancing before, he feels Oleksiy brought something new to the medium. Heidi says it was weird looking when he was climbing all over the mannequin, but notes that she understands he just wanted to show different positions (drawing laughs from the audience). Mel B loved Oleksiy’s displays of strength, but states she worried the mannequin would touch him inappropriately. Howie jokes that this act must confuse Oleksiy’s neighbors, to say the least. Ultimately, all four judges give him a “yes”.


-Back with our next act…


-Alex is from Nigeria originally, and he’s been singing with his band for a long time, singing wherever people would accept them, whether on the streets or at old folks homes. He started putting his music up online, but notes that it’s hard to put yourself out there like that. However, he calls America the land of opportunity, and says this is about making dreams come true. He adds he’s always wanted to have a show in Las Vegas, and realizing that dream would mean the world to him. I love Alex’s fashion, a slick black suit, white shoes, and some tribal-looking feathers on his shoulders. Badass.

-Alex sings “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift, and this is fantastic. His voice is great, his dance moves are on-point, and his band is amazing. Seriously, they can all dance too, and their arrangement is really interesting. Alex dives off the stage and does a split on the ground, channeling James Brown. I absolutely loved this, and so did the audience. Hell, so did Howie and Heidi, who give Alex a standing ovation.

-Howie says that, in his six years here, this was his favorite music act here. Mel B thanks them for auditioning today, calling it brilliant and saying she didn’t want it to stop. Heidi loved their sound, their attitude, their facial expressions, and basically everything about them. Howard says he’s never seen anything like that split at the end, and calls him an incredible dancer. Howie says Alex has reached millions tonight, causing Alex to break down with emotion. He thanks the judges for giving him a chance. “No, thank YOU!” Howie declares. He kicks things off with a yes, and the other three judges quickly follow suit.


-Alex is overcome with emotion, but it’s a triumphant moment. I really liked this act. And now, our final act of the night…

WATCH: Alex Boye and His Band ‘Shake It Off’ on America’s Got Talent 10 (VIDEO)


-It’s an old white guy named Daniel and a young Ethiopian dude named Syum who are considered the Odd Couple. They’re taxi drivers who met a year and a half ago in a shopping mall. They discovered they both juggle, and hit it off instantly. For his part, Syum looks like he can’t stand Daniel. Onstage, Howard notes that it looks like Daniel took Syum hostage, and I can’t say I disagree. Dude just does not seem into this at all. Their act? Dancing and juggling, of course. This will either be brilliant or an absolute mess beyond all salvaging.

-They barely get into the first few seconds before three of the judges have buzzed them, surprisingly leaving only Mel B as the lone holdout. The buzzes cause them to drop the things they’re juggling and lose all control over their act. Daniel tries to save things by dancing like crazy, while Syum continues juggling like nothing has happened. This is a disaster. But they’re allowed to finish, as Mel B doesn’t buzz them.

-Howard thought it was a mess, and notes that it seemed like neither man knew what the other was doing. Mel B admits she only liked it because of the song choice (“Hot Hot Hot” by Buster Poindexter). Heidi thought Syum was quite a good juggler, actually, but says the act just didn’t work at all. Mel B is the only person to say yes, but at least Howie gives them a “no, with love.” The show closes as Nick Cannon and the judges dance with Daniel and Syum.

-And that’s a wrap! What did you think of the show? Sound off in the comments! Until next week, thanks for reading!

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