America’s Got Talent 10 – Live Blog and Recap – AGT Extreme Audition 4 (VIDEO)

America’s Got Talent 10 is back with “AGT Extreme Audition 4”! Howard Stern, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel return, along with host Nick Cannon, for a night of the most extreme, insane acts of the season so far!

It’s going to be a seriously intense show as the prospective finalists audition with the hopes of making it to the performance rounds at Radio City Music Hall in New York City!

But which acts will advance to the next round, and which acts will get the dreaded four Xs? Will any act receive a Golden Buzzer, and advance straight to the live shows?

Keep it locked right here as I’ll be updating with commentary! Rickey will be by later with videos of tonight’s performances!

America's Got Talent 10 - Live Blog and Recap - AGT Extreme Audition 4 (VIDEO)

Credit: NBC

Let’s get this show on the road!


-We don’t waste any time getting right to the acts after judges’ introductions.


-This is a dance team that met because they’re all former rivals, having competed against each other in dance competitions. Their leader talks about how they almost hated each other, leading to a weird back-and-forth with his friend after Howard asks him to apologize to his buddy and make peace. But the two Squadmates go along with it in good fun, and it’s actually kind of endearing.

-They dance to a medley of tracks, and it’s something you’ve gotta see to appreciate. Granted, it’s not necessarily anything you haven’t already seen on America’s Best Dance Crew, nor is it necessarily any more innovative than previous dance groups we’ve had on this show. That said, there’s a fun vibe to this, particularly when we spot their choreographer grooving backstage with Nick.

-Howard said they took their chemistry and made something great, while Heidi says their performance was hot (“You’re hot,” the leader replies, leading to a conversation about the fake ponytail one of the group members has). Mel B loved it, and Howie is just as enthusiastic. All four judges say “yes,” in a total no-brainer of a result.



-We then meet a hula hoop artist whose name we never learn (she says it, but she only says it once, and Lord only knows, I can’t spell it). She’s a Bachelor of Circus Arts, having earned a degree in college centered around this act. It’s pretty impressive , as there are flaming hula hoops and more. We follow this up with a really cool band whose name we, once again, never learn. They perform “Bang Bang”, with the female lead singer performing the hell out of it, while her string-focused bandmates back her up, creating a rock symphony of sorts. I loved them. Lastly, we get interpretive dance team Chris and Princess, who perform an emotional, sexy routine to “Stay With Me”. All three acts get through, and they all deserved to, although I don’t expect they’re going to get that far, if they’re being montaged this early. But you never know.


-Up next is a woman named Daniella, who came to America from Colombia. She was born with a pulmonary valve defect, so she has lived a bit of a sheltered life. However, in her isolation, she started singing and discovered an ability she could do. She came to America for opportunity, and while searching for a job, she saw the banner for AGT auditions. She’s super nervous, but the scar from surgery as a kid reminds her she’s a warrior. I like her already (helps that she’s absolutely gorgeous).

-Daniella introduces herself to the judges, saying that she’s only been in America for a year, and that she works in a furniture store. They seem to like her, and I’m seriously hoping she has the talent to back it up. She sings the opera classic “Con te partirĂ²”, and while it’s good, I found myself less impressed than I expected I would. Her voice is kind of thin, and lacks power for what she’s trying to do. That said, I think part of it was that it was in too high a key. Drop it down an octave, and I think she knocks this out of the ballpark. Of course, my opinion is basically moot here, because she gets a standing ovation from both the judges and the audience. Heidi adds that gave her goosebumps.

-Howard praises her for the performance, while Heidi notes that’s one of her favorite songs, adding that Daniella did it justice. Mel B says she was absolutely floored by that performance, while Howie says that while it can be scary for Daniella to be away from her home back in Colombia, she just made America her home with that vocal. They all vote at the same time, and it’s a “yes”. Daniella breaks down in tears as she thanks everyone, then calls her mother on the phone. They share in the victory together, and it’s a really heartwarming moment.


-Back from break, as we check out a bunch of different magicians getting prepared to audition backstage, while explaining what they love about their craft.


-Aiden lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and when only one or two people cheer, he jokes that that’s the entire population in Wyoming. Aiden reveals that, to his shame, he first got into magic while in prison. He was a con artist and was into fooling people while living the high life. However, he met his wife and decided you can’t tell a woman you love them while lying about who you are, so he turned himself in and started to turn over a new leaf. He served five years, got into magic while in prison, and came to realize that magic isn’t about fooling people, it’s about taking them out of their reality.

-Aiden has Howard think of a person that he wants to call whom Aiden himself doesn’t know. He then shuffles a deck of cards, puts them back in the box, and then has Howie guard the deck. Aiden then has Howard call his mother and ask her to think of a playing card. It’s the Ten of Hearts. Aiden has Howie open the box of cards, revealing that one card in the deck has been turned facing down. That card? The Ten of Hearts! A really cool little trick.

-Howard jokes that the only downside to the trick was calling his mother. More seriously though, Howard calls it an amazing trick, and then asks Heidi if she loved it. Heidi says she absolutely wants to see more of Aiden. Mel B, meanwhile, says she thought it was cool, and notes that he made it fun to watch. Howie says we all make mistakes in life, and hopefully, we learn from our mistakes. He says Aiden is still tricking people, but this time, it’s for good (however, he hopes Howard’s mother isn’t one of those women who send love letters to inmates). He loved Aiden’s act, and votes to send him through. The other three judges concur!


-I like this guy. Maybe he can follow in the footsteps of Mat Franco and become the second magician to win America’s Got Talent.


-Uzeyer is a 39-year-old entertainer from Las Vegas. He says he does “a little bit of everything,” saying he started performing when he was 15-years-old. He looks like an Eastern European Charlie Chaplin, due in no small part to the fact that they’re playing the old ragtime track “The Entertainer” over his intro package, with a sepia filter. He admits he isn’t a great speaker, and once he comes out onstage, it becomes immediately apparent. He struggles to answer the judges’ questions, since he seems so bowled over by the huge crowd. He says his hero, Charlie Chaplin, received his Oscar here, and he apologizes for being so flustered. He has a strange charm about him that I really like.

-He performs a balancing act of sorts, climbing a standing ladder and keeping it balanced like a pair of stilts the entire time. The way he climbs the ladder and flips over the different sides of the ladder is awesome, and his climb while spinning is terrific. He finishes with a handstand on the top rung of the ladder, and earns a standing ovation from the judges and the audience.

-Heidi says it was an unbelievable act even before the headstand, and called it amazing. Howard said Uzeyer was channeling Charlie Chaplin, and he loved it. Mel B was super impressed by his legwork, and praises the act. Howie rounds out the praise, adding a “Yes” to send him through to the next round.


-No rejections yet, and I like it.

-Back from break with some patriotic acts getting ready backstage, before Nick comes out onstage with a dancer in what looks like a wedding dress repurposed for dance purposes.


-Hanako has been in this country for two years, and Howard says this is a country where anyone could make it. Hanako says she will dance and sing. He welcomes her to the stage and wishes her luck. And that’s basically it for introductions, which has me thinking this could be our first buzzer act of the night.

-She dances to “God Bless America”, and her ballet is quite pretty, although it takes a while before she chooses to sing. And once she does…she actually doesn’t sound that bad, at least from a weird, pseudo-operatic standpoint. But we do get our first two buzzers of the night, with Heidi and Mel B giving her a big red X. Still, Howard and Howie give her a standing O, while the crowd chants “U-S-A!”

-Howard indicates that his opinion carries extra weight as the only natural born American on the panel, adding that he’s the only one who can run for president in this country. He thinks Hanako represents what’s great about America, and Hanako states she loves America and wants to show how much. Heidi doesn’t agree, and Mel B isn’t a fan either, saying it just didn’t come together. Both women get booed. Howie comes to the rescue by saying that while he was born in Canada, he loves America, and thought Hanako did a good job. Howie says yes, Mel B says no, and Heidi says no. Howard gives her a yes, but it’s not enough. Hanako does not advance.

-Backstage, Hanako is sad, but she’s still on pointe. “You can’t be sad and still on point!” Nick declares. Eh, Heidi and Mel made the right decision.

-And now, we head outside for the next hour for some extreme acts!


-A group of childhood friends, they got into riding dirt bikes after seeing a VHS tape series as kids, Crusty: Demons of Dirt. They have families, and they worry about dying, since this is what they love, but it’s also very dangerous. A ton of things could go wrong with the motor, the engine, the launch ramp, the weather, etc., and they’re worried about potential injury. The four guys introduce themselves to the judges, noting that they’ve not only broken bones, they’ve actually lost four friends to stunts just like this. The risk factor is high, but they’re just trying to make it, and Howard applauds them for their perseverance and determination.

-The act involves riding their dirt bikes across a ramp and making an 85-foot jump to the ramp on the other side. They do a lot of poses and stunts in mid-air, including letting go of the bike altogether in mid-air. “The Kiss of Death” is the coup de grace, as one of the guys virtually goes completely upside down while in mid-air. Awesome, awesome stuff that had my stomach in knots the entire time.

-Howard says this was the most exciting act he’s seen on the show in his four years. He says he’s never seen anything more dangerous, and tells the guys they’re spectacular. Heidi says she was sick to her stomach with worry for these guys, but adds she’s never seen anything like this. Mel B says it was brilliant, and yet they left her wanting more, “in a sickly way”. Howie can’t hold back his enthusiasm, saying “yes” to the guys before ever offering his critique. The four judges quickly following suit.


-Back from break with a guy on a jetpack that sputters out over the water. Cool concept, but poor execution.


-The girls are screaming already, because Damone is a handsome sixteen-year-old guy who is about to fo “flyboarding”. It involves a jetpack strapped to your feet that allows you to fly forty feet above the air. He discovered the sport online, and he quickly fell in love with it. He says he feels like a superhero when he goes flying, and since not a whole lot of people know what flyboarding is, he can make up his own tricks. They don’t always work out, but experimenting is part of the fun. Damone notes that his mother is his biggest supporter, and that means the world to him. He wants to do this for the rest of his life, and sees this as his opportunity.

-This is freaking incredible! Even without the tricks, this is seriously badass, with the water fushing out of his boots as he does these flips in mid-air, dipping into the water and coming back up for more, and the suspending himself in the air and getting his dance on. This is the most awesome thing I’ve seen tonight. It’s rare that I’ve seen an act and said, “I WANT TO DO THAT!” And Howie has the exact same reaction. Nick praises Damone for his act, but notes he needs to work on his dance moves. Eh, he’s got more rhythm than me, at least.

-Howard says Damone looks like a superhero, and Damone says he feels like one. Howard had never heard of this before, but states he loves it. Heidi compares Damone to a kite on a string, saying she’d never seen anything like it before. Mel B loved it and wants to try it, before noting that Damone is really cute as well, so it’s an added bonus. Howie calls it exciting, and says he loves that Damone brought this to us. Howie then asks Damone if he has a six-pack from doing this, and Damone reveals that he does, to the screams of the crowd. Howard jokes that he had the exact same physique at 16. Each judge gives Damone an enthusiastic yes.


-Damone is my favorite act of the night so far, and it’s been a pretty damn good night (in my opinion), so that’s saying a lot.


-Cliff is a base-jumper, and it was a love that developed in his youth when he’d go to the tops of buildings with his dad, and realized all he wanted to do was jump off. He decided to join guys for a base jump several years ago, and it took off from there. He says that being hundred/thousands of feet in the air seems scary, but it’s really only a few 19 seconds from the ground. Cliff introduces himself to the judges and, much like Metal Mulisha, reveals that he’s lost friends doing this. It’s dangerous as all hell, and Howard thinks he’s nuts. But the good kind of nuts. (Pistachios?)

-Cliff is jumping out of a helicopter from a thousand feet. The wind picks up when he’s up there, jumping from 18 knots to 23 knots. But Cliff is doing it anyway. I know they wouldn’t show this if anything went wrong, but my stomach is still churning regardless. His rocket shoes are spouting smoke all over the place, and the judges are looking up with concern as Cliff hangs off the edge of the chopper. Cliff lets go, and we head to commercial on the cliffhanger of whether or not a man is killed. You and I both know he isn’t dead, but hot damn, this was some crazy stuff. Damn near gave me vertigo just watching it.

-Back from break, and Cliff lets go, flipping down and doing some really awesome spins and other moves. Heidi screaming for Cliff to pull the parachute, shouting “Pull it! Pull it!” the closer her gets to the ground, adds to the inherent drama of the act. When he hits it just in the nick of time, I let out a huge sigh of relief. It speaks volumes for how exciting this was that I was still thrilled despite knowing he’d be okay.

-The judges loved it. Howard says his neck hurts from looking up, but he thought it was exciting. Heidi and Mel B agree, with Howie adding that it was simply thrilling, comparing Cliff to Evel Knievel. All four judges say yes, and send him straight through to the next round.


-We get a montage of other extreme contestants, including a dude who does some pretty sick moves on a jet ski, a pickup truck stunt performer (with Nick riding shotgun), and a team of dudes who do sweet basketball stunts using trampolines and obstacles to jump over.


-Wally has a bit of an alter ego. He works a regular 9-5, but he secretly performs death-defying stunts as Pyro Boy. He’ll be covering his body with fireworks and setting them all off, and there’s a lot of prep involved in figuring out how/where to place these fireworks on the body of the suit. He notes that it’s scary to do because it gets hot and very intense, but he loves it. He knows someone from his work will Google him and find out he’s Pyro Boy, but as long as his parents don’t find out, he’s good. (In an amusing moment, he jokes with the safety technician about how his job is to keep the audience safe rather than him. The technician is not amused. Like, at all)

-Honestly, there isn’t much to describe here. He sets the fireworks off, and they explode all over his body as he does poses and basks in the praise of the audience. It’d be cooler if I could actually see some of the poses, but he’s so completely engulfed in smoke and fireworks, that it’s hard to actually see Wally at the center of it all. But the crowd is thrilled, and Heidi is so unnerved by it that she actually hides behind Howard’s chair. Howie is hitting his buzzer, but no one can hear it because of all the noise. So yeah, tough crowd.

-Howard says Wally is legally insane, and kicks off the voting, saying that his decision is likely going to shock the audience. He says he actually really likes Wally, and gives him a “yes” for making him laugh and making him feel good. Howie says “no,” adding that “You should watch fireworks. You should never wear fireworks.” Mel B is reluctant and is leaning towards no, but Howard gets the crowd chanting “Pyro Boy,” until Mel B changes her mind. He leads the charge to get Heidi to say “yes” by getting onstage with Pyro Boy and getting the crowd to chant. Heidi surprises everyone by actually giving a somewhat enthusiastic “yes” and nothing that she’s a little bit nuts herself. Mel B blames Howard for all of this.


-I don’t really see how many different versions of this act he can pull off, but I’m interested to see what, if anything, he’ll do to mix things up in the next round.


-It’s a group of guys who do all sorts of crazy stunts. One of the guys apparently lost a hand after getting run over by a train, but the guy says it’s the best thing that ever happened to him, since no one asks him to help them move anymore. I like the ramshackle, “freak show” look to all of this. I don’t think these guys are actually “freaks,” I just think they’re building into that identity in the more classic, old school circus way. And I think it’s pretty cool, all things considered.

-The act involves the guys driving a school bus off a ramp straight into two other school buses standing upright. It’s kind of amazing that nothing explodes, and that no one was killed.

-Howie loves “stupid,” and he doesn’t even know why. Mel B loves it because it’s these guys being themselves. Heidi calls the act “larger than life,” while Howard calls the guys “dope”…six of the biggest dopes he’s ever seen. But he means it with all due respect. He loves them, and kicks off the voting by saying yes. The other three judges concur.


-I’m not sure what they can do to top this, but I thought they deserved to go through just for sheer guts. Heidi notes that tonight was one of the craziest audition days of her life, noting it was “bananas!” Howie, meanwhile, gets extreme by jumping on the hood of a car…and injuring himself. Funny stuff.

And that’s a wrap! But what did you think of tonight’s acts? Who were your favorites? Were there any acts that should have gone through but didn’t? Any acts that did go through that shouldn’t have? Sound off in the comments! Until next week, thank you for reading!

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