‘America’s Got Talent 10’ Finalist Rankings: It’s Anyone’s Game Now

Following last night’s positively INSANE results show, we’re down to our final 10 acts on America’s Got Talent 10! With the grand finale taking place next week at Radio City Music Hall, it seems like we’re in for one of the tightest races in AGT history. It’s a finale that’s already changing historic, albeit for probably the wrong reasons: it’s an all-male list of finalists!

Of course, whether all-male or not, this is still one of the more varied lineups in some time. We have three magicians, two music acts (only two!), two stand-up comedians, a ladder acrobat, a regurgitator, and a ventriloquist! And, shockingly, no dance acts whatsoever! Ultimately, I think it’s a fairly even playing field, to where I could honestly see any one of these acts taking it. Sure, some of these acts would be a MAJOR upset if they were to win, but I don’t think any outcome is necessarily impossible here. In short, it’s anyone’s game now.

Below are my personal rankings of each finalist, relative to how I think they’ll do in next week’s finale. Of course, my predictions have been absolutely AWFUL this year, but that’s never stopped me before, nor is it going to stop me in the future. So let’s have at it! And be sure to add your thoughts and predictions in the comments!

America's Got Talent - Season 10

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AMERICA’S GOT TALENT 10: Finalist rankings

10. Gary Vider: Gary is a nice guy, but I really didn’t like his most recent performance, and I’m struggling to understand why the judges (save Heidi) are so enthusiastic about him. Again, great guy, but I just don’t find him funny.

9. Benton Blount: It’s basically insane for me to have him this low, considering he’s one of the most suspiciously popular contestants this season. But I just don’t get it. He’s got a good voice, but no better than any of the countless other great singers who’ve gone home instead. Seriously, Sharon Irving, Samantha Johnson, Arielle Baril, and Daniella Mass were all stronger singers, in my opinion. So I can only imagine he’s here due to his story, and how likable he is. And I suppose that’s a valid enough criteria when you’re trying to find an act people would pay to see, but I think he’s neck-and-neck with Gary for the least interesting act in the finals this year.

8. Uzeyer Novruzov: I want so badly for him to knock it out of the ballpark in the finals, and make a huge comeback. But even if his act is on-point, I think that, ultimately, his victory will be in having made it to the finals at all. This isn’t an act that would have connected that big with the audience without the emotional story of his heartbreaking fall in the semi-finals this week. Uzeyer is the type of contestant people want to root for, and while I think he’ll do well in the finals, I don’t think he’ll do enough to win.

7. Oz Pearlman: I think how well Oz finishes will depend largely on how good his act is. There are some acts where it just doesn’t matter how well they do, they’re not going to win. Whereas, there are others who can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with one blowaway performance. So I’m rolling the dice and saying Oz is likely to fall somewhere in the middle.

6. Derek Hughes: Derek is an immensely likable guy, but I’m not sure if his magic is flashy enough to carry him to the title. But magic is definitely in this year, so he could go far, provided he doesn’t split votes with Oz and Piff.

5. The CraigLewis Band: I couldn’t imagine a Top 5 without a music act somewhere in there, so I’m putting these guys here, even though they’ve been largely hit or miss with me. That said, they’re far more “hit” than “miss”, so I wouldn’t exactly be upset if they finished this high. I imagine they’ll be a lot like Sons of Serendip last season: saved from the chopping block in the semi-final results show, and finishing in the Top 5 in the finale.

4. Piff the Magic Dragon: Of the three magicians, I would predict he’d be the most popular, due to the inherently comic nature of his act. That alone should be enough for him to win votes, but if he also brings a mind-blowing magic stunt to go with it, he could finish a lot higher than people are expecting. But it has to be something bigger than just printing a playing card on a piece of toast.

3. The Professional Regurgitator: I think he’s one of the acts to watch out for in the finals. Sure, Howard predicted him for final 2, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a lock. So he’ll have to bring something even more unique than his last three performances. And how much more can Stevie Starr really do with this act? Well, I’m predicting he’s probably going to surprise a LOT of people who aren’t expecting him to have any more tricks up his sleeve (or his stomach, as it were).

2. Drew Lynch: Drew is likely the sentimental favorite of the finals, with his story of redemption and reinvention. He’s a guy who’s hard not to root for, particularly considering just how funny he is. He’s seriously one of the few standup comics on AGT to ever make me laugh so hard it hurt. The dude just has something special, and I think he’ll end up finishing pretty high, regardless of whether or not his material in the finals tops his outstanding semi-finals performance.

1. Paul Zerdin: While his act has a bit of an old-fashioned feel to it, I think Paul is one of the best ventriloquists the show has ever had. Not only is he immensely skilled in adopting several different voices while hardly ever moving his mouth, he also puts inventive spins on his routine. His act with the kid doll was completely different from his Howie-controlling act in the semi-finals. If he brings a similarly new, inventive act to the finals, his win could be in the bag.

What do you think of the final 10 on America’s Got Talent 10? What are your rankings? Sound off in the comments!

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