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‘American Idol XIV’ Winner’s Single Previews Released (AUDIO)

Tonight, only the Top 2 will perform on night one of the American Idol XIV finale, as one singer will be eliminated in third place before a single note is sung. But with emotions running at an all-time high, the finalists are still prepared to face the challenge. This means preparing for the possibility that they could win this show, as winner’s singles for each of the finalists have been released. Well, the previews for those singles, anyway.

Nick Fradiani’s coronation song is titled “Beautiful Life” and sounds like the kind of chipper, upbeat, hopeful song that he dedicated to his hometown in last week’s show, while Jax’s “Force Field” is totally radio-ready, even if it doesn’t sound like the kind of song to accompany a confetti shower. Lastly, Clark Beckham’s coronation track, “Champion”, is a soaring pop-rock track that is actually the most victorious-sounding of the three. Really, it sounds like a winner’s single in a way the other two don’t. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Clark is going all the way, as tomorrow night’s results are going to send home a frontrunner either way.

But what do you think of the coronation songs? Check out the samples below via Big Machine Label Group’s official Soundcloud page:

'American Idol XIV' Winner's Single Previews Released (AUDIO)

Credit: @AmericanIdol Twitter

I think Clark’s is the best track of the three, followed by Jax’s and then Nick’s. But the quality of a coronation song rarely, if ever, has any bearing on who actually takes the crown. For instance, I actually liked David Archuleta’s “In This Moment” better than David Cook’s “Time of My Life,” although the latter did eventually grow on me pretty quickly. Regardless of who gets to perform, I’m just glad the show is past the point of making everyone sing the same coronation song. Each track being tailored to the contestant is how it should always have been.

That said, it still hasn’t really sunk in that this is the second-to-last time we’ll ever get the big coronation song reveal, since American Idol is coming to an end next year. But that’s all the more reason to enjoy this finale while it’s here, even if only for old times’ sake. I know I’m going to.

Let us know what you think of the winner’s singles, and who you think should be in the final 2 on American Idol XIV, in the comments!

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