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American Idol XIV Top 4 Themes Revealed

The Top 5 for American Idol XIV have been finalized, and next week we find out which four singers will be our Top 4. With the Twitter Fan Save now out of the equation, we might not even get to hear all Top 5 performances, which could be a shame depending on how you feel about next week’s theme.

The final four singers will take on a dual theme: Judges’ Hometowns and songs that represents each contestant’s “soul”. I have no idea what the loving Hell that’s supposed to mean, but I guess we’ll find out next week. I’m also curious to see if Keith will claim Nashville as his hometown in order to give us a de facto country theme, or if he will make the Idols head back to his Australian roots? Maybe give us some Bee Gees or something? I’m also wondering which contestant will get which judge, since it seems like a total luck of the draw situation.

American Idol XIV Top 4 Theme Revealed

Credit: FOX

That said, I’m a bit more optimistic about the vague second theme. Perhaps it will actually allow some of these contestants to show what kind of music they’d put on their album or play at their concert — which helps, considering the remaining five singers are going on the summer tour: Clark Beckham, Jax, Tyanna Jones, Rayvon Owen and Nick Fradiani.

In addition to the dual theme, next week will also feature a special performance from one of the judges: Harry Connick Jr. will perform “City Beneath The Sea” next Wednesday. This probably won’t do a whole lot to dissuade people from feeling that American Idol is gradually becoming The Harry Connick Jr. Show, but meh, the guy is a great singer, so I’m not really complaining about getting to hear him. Hopefully, it doesn’t involve any cringe humor.

What do you think of the theme? And what do you think the finalists should sing? Sound off in the comments!

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