American Idol Winner Trent Harmon: ‘Falling’ Oral Sex Lyric Was Written by Keith Urban

So it turns out that “Falling”, the coronation single for American Idol Season 15 winner Trent Harmon, was co-written by Idol judge Keith Urban. But that’s not the shocker, really. The surprise is that Keith was responsible for the song’s raunchiest lyric. The second verse of “Falling” has a line that apparently insinuates oral sex: “You slide your fingers through my hair and tell me ‘take it slow.’ And I know what you want. And so I go down on my knees. I’m here to please.”

Naturally, Trent was a bit taken aback by the lyric, but he had a mature attitude about it, as he told Us Weekly:

American Idol Winner Trent Harmon Addresses 'Falling' Oral Sex Lyric Written by Keith Urban

Credit: FOX

“We were listening [to the demo] and reading through the lyric sheet and I said, ‘Oh, wow. Cool, bro!,’” Harmon, 25, told the mag. “I really didn’t know what to say … You’ve got to grow up sometime.” He says he never even thought of asking to alter the raunchy verse.

The big surprise was that Harmon wasn’t aware the Grammy-winning singer — married to Nicole Kidman since 2006 — wrote the R-rated verse while he was in the midst of recording the song. “Two or three hours before the finale, Keith told me,” the final Idol winner said. “So right before I went out to sing it, I shook his hand and said, ‘If I win this thing, you did it.’”

The country superstar then asked Harmon how much of the song he was planning to sing on live television, and Harmon said only the first verse. “That’s probably for the best!” Urban joked.

Considering how the results turned out for the finale, I’d say things worked out for the best for Trent.

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