‘American Idol’ Winner Nick Fradiani Splits With Big Machine

American Idol Season 14 winner Nick Fradiani is now officially an independent artist.

After nearly two years with the label, Nick has split with Big Machine Records and 19 Entertainment, stating that it just wasn’t the right fit for him. It had apparently been a long time in coming, though no less difficult, I’d imagine. Still, Nick seems a lot more self-assured about where his career is headed, now that he’s no longer on a primarily country label.

“I couldn’t be more happy,” Nick told Billboard. “It needed to happen, and I was hoping for it.”

Unsurprisingly, the split was amicable, as Nick states that he parted on good terms with head honcho Scott Borchetta.

“I love Scott. We both wish things turned out differently,” Nick stated. “I was signed to a country label, and I’m not a country artist.”

'American Idol' Winner Nick Fradiani Splits With Big Machine

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For a lot of fans during Idol’s final two seasons, this was a pretty big concern, since the show rarely found acts that fit in Borchetta’s wheelhouse. The fear was that the eventual winner would end up on a label incapable of really supporting them. Granted, Trent Harmon managed to find a perfect home with Big Machine, and the label’s Motown imprint is a similarly fine label for Season 15 runner-up La’Porsha Ranae. Still, Nick is already focusing on his next project outside Big Machine.

“I am already far along in the next record and put my own management team together,” Nick said. “There are a lot of positive things happening. I did my best. Some people will look at it like it’s not going well, but it’s moving forward.”

Nick’s new management team is Madison House and agent Jordan Burger, the agent covering past Idol winners Kris Allen and David Cook. Ultimately, it seems Nick is pretty optimistic about where his career is headed.

“The music is feeling better,” Nick would go on to add. “I feel like I’ve been finding myself again in last few months of writing, and if I stayed, I was going to stay where I was.”

Of course, Nick also explains that he still has tremendous respect for Borchetta and the folks he worked with at Big Machine and 19 Entertainment, but states that he and Borchetta “both knew it was the right thing” to part ways.

For now, Nick will continue to work on his new album, and aim for a February release date on his music video for “Love Is Blind” from his one and only record under Big Machine, Hurricane. Here’s hoping Nick is able to dig deeper into his music. I certainly believe in him and his talent, and I’m anxious to hear Nick’s sound continue to develop. Best of luck, Nick!

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