‘American Idol’ Winner Kris Allen Releases New Single ‘Waves’ (AUDIO)

“American Idol” winner Kris Allen has released his latest single “Waves” on SoundCloud.

Kris Allen will releases his fifth studio album “Letting You In” on March 18 and he talked to PEOPLE about his new music:

“It was actually the first song I wrote for this record, and it definitely inspired the rest of the album,” he said of the track.

Something else that’s inspired his new tunes: In 2013, he and his wife Katy – who was pregnant with their first child, son Oliver, at the time – were in a debilitating car crash that shattered his right wrist. Three years and several surgeries later, the limb’s function has returned – a major improvement from an originally bleak diagnosis.

Source: PEOPLE

Source: PEOPLE

I love this new song!

“Waves” is available now on iTunes.

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