‘American Idol’ Star Rayvon Owen Comes Out As Gay In Stunning New Video

“American Idol” star Rayvon Owen has come out as gay in the official video of his new single “Can’t Fight It” which he released this weekend.

Rayvon was interviewed by Billboard where he talked about his sexuality for the very first time publicly:

The season 14 finalist, who placed fourth in the competition, spoke with Billboard about his decision to let the world know he’s gay, a fact he kept to himself for most of his life, including his time on Idol.

“First I had to become comfortable with myself and who I am as a person. For the longest time I kept that part of my life separate, away from music, away from a lot of things. As I was growing as an artist, I realized I was missing out on so much of my artistry by not connecting the two. It’s easy to ignore when there are only a few thousand people who are fans and know who you are, but after Idol millions of people know me and I’m much more public.”

OMG This is amazing. I’m speechless right now.

Rayvon told Billboard that he didn’t come out before because he had not come out to his mom yet. Now that’s done…. here we are! Oh my goodness. Go Rayvon!!!

Press play to watch the video below.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

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