‘American Idol’ Star Rayvon Owen Releases His Anthem ‘Volume’

“American Idol” star Rayvon Owen has released his new song “Volume” and it sounds so good!

Rayvon is one of our favorite artists ever and I am hoping fans come out to support this song and his new EP.

In a statement he said: “[Volume] morphed into an anthem about self-encouragement and reminded me to stay true to who I was.”

Source: Rayvon Owen

Source: Rayvon Owen

One of the handful of former “American Idol” contestants who have come out as gay after appearing on the show, Rayvon debuted the song on Out Magazine saying:

“Like most everyone, I have experienced many highs and lows this past year. While I feel I have come a long way, I still sometimes fall short and don’t always believe in myself in the way I should. Coming out and accepting myself for who I am was one of the most liberating and life-changing experiences for me. While my confidence has grown, I am still human and am still learning to love the person I am—flaws and all—more and more every day.”

Rayvon has been very active in the LGBT community, doing work with organizations like The Trevor Project, Human Rights Campaign and POINT Foundation. He also worked closely with his boyfriend, producer and director, Shane Bitney Crone, following the release of his documentary, “Bridegroom.”

Can’t wait for more music in his new EP!

Press play to listen to “Volume” below.

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