American Idol Star MacKenzie Bourg Performs ‘Roses’ in One Take at Hollywood Bowl (VIDEO)

MacKenzie Bourg finished American Idol 2016 in fourth place. However, the big story of his run wasn’t how he went out of the competition, but the success of his original song, “Roses”, which he performed twice over the course of the season. The song proved to be one of the most popular singles on any singing competition this season, peaking at No. 4 on iTunes. Now, MacKenzie is delivering a long-awaited music video for the song, albeit with a twist.

In this video, MacKenzie performs “Roses” acoustically, in one take, while walking around the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. The reason? As a thank you to his fans! “Whether you know every word to this song or it’s your first listen, thanks for helping my dreams come true,” MacKenzie writes in the YouTube description. “I’m so thankful to have you. Much love.” This is one of my favorite original songs to come from any Idol in some time, and I hope it’s the beginning of a great career for him. You can watch the full video below:

American Idol Star MacKenzie Bourg Performs 'Roses' in One Take at Hollywood Bowl (VIDEO)

Seriously, this song is terrific. And I love the intimacy of this performance, particularly since it’s contrasted with the massive space in which he’s performing. MacKenzie has heaps of talent, and I’m anxious to see him record a full album with a major studio behind him. Here’s hoping for a bright future ahead.

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