American Idol Star Kree Harrison Releases ‘Dead Man’s House’ (VIDEO)

American Idol star Kree Harrison is finally delivering her debut album, and she’s building momentum with the release of some pretty great singles. First, there was the feel-good “This Old Thing. And now, there’s the smokey, rocking “Dead Man’s House”.

I think this actually surpasses “This Old Thing”, for me. And I LOVE that song, so that’s saying a lot. The chorus to “Dead Man’s House” is just so damn catchy that I imagine I’m going to be stuck singing this all afternoon. And hey, that’s fine by me. Listen to the song below:

American Idol Star Kree Harrison Releases 'Dead Man's House' (VIDEO)

What do you think of “Dead Man’s House” by Kree Harrison? Sound off in the comments!

And for more on Kree Harrison, check out her awesome debut single “This Old Thing”!

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