‘American Idol’ Star Katharine McPhee Finalizes Divorce – See How Much She’s Paying

“American Idol” and “Scorpion” star Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas are finally divorced.

Here are the divorce terms from court documents obtained by PEOPLE:

McPhee and Cokas are splitting the rights to songs McPhee recorded during their marriage, as well as income from her acting work. However, the American Idol runner-up retains full rights to income from touring and live performances of her songs taking place after the separation.

McPhee must also pay her ex little more than $102,000 and could wind up giving him up to $400,000 per year (prorated at a max of $33,000 a month) – depending on her income. The spousal support expires Oct. 31, 2017.

Source: Getty

Source: Getty

$400,000 per year? Oh my goodness. Thankfully it ends in 2017.

Cokas and McPhee remain friends.

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