‘American Idol’ Star Jax Makes Her Postmodern Jukebox Debut (VIDEO)

American Idol star Jax has remained brave in the wake of her recent thyroid cancer diagnosis, moving forward with her life and career with the same fire she showed on Idol. Now, she’s pairing her unique talents with the throwback stylings of Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox!

In this video, Jax makes her Postmodern Jukebox debut with a cover of a lost classic among one-hit wonders of the early 2000s: “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus! This particular cover adopts a Janis Joplin approach, so there are few singers they could have gotten who’d do this better than Jax, considering how often she was compared to Joplin and other classic rockers on Idol. What I love about this cover is that the vocal has every bit as much character as the original, simply a different kind of character. Even though the pronouns remain the same, it’s interesting hearing a song I grew up with, and also identified with, from a female perspective. If nothing else, it helps me hear the song in a new way. You can watch the full video below and also download the song and get tour information by checking out the links that follow:

'American Idol' Star Jax Makes Her Postmodern Jukebox Debut (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

Download: iTunes

Tour Info: PMJ Live

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