‘American Idol’ Star Jax Battling Thyroid Cancer

“American Idol” star Jax revealed on Monday that she had been battling thyroid cancer a few of months.

She told USA Today that she was diagnosed in the spring and underwent surgery to remove the thyroid and several lymph nodes.

She said:

“I’m a total insomniac and professional over-thinker/crazy person so this is hard for me either way. Cancer is a tricky topic. The doctors are very optimistic about a full recovery. They have actually been a lot of fun. One of them even made me homemade hummus. I was really lucky to score with such an awesome surgical/nuclear medicine team at Cornell. I was even luckier that so many of them watched my season of ‘American Idol.’ I go into the hospital every time with a smile on my face. Things could always be worse.”

Jax also announced that she will be running the New York City Marathon this November. To donate to her JaxPack fundraiser, please visit

Source: Jax

Source: Jax

Here’s to your full recovery Jax!

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