‘American Idol’ Star Jason Castro Teams With Siblings In ‘Automatic’ (AUDIO)

American Idol star Jason Castro is back in the headlines, this time as part of a band comprised of himself, his younger brother, Michael (who made it to the Hollywood round himself), and younger sister, Jackie. Together, they’ve formed the band Castro. They have an EP on the way titled Diamond Dreams, and the lead single from that EP has just been released, a track titled “Automatic”.

The song, as well as all seven songs on the EP, were written by the members of Castro. It’s a pretty great track, and I think all three members of this family are immensely talented. I’m excited to see what they come up with next, because there’s a lot of potential for this band. Listen to “Automatic” below:

'American Idol' Star Jason Castro Teams With Siblings In 'Automatic' (AUDIO)

Source: YouTube

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