American Idol Star Daniel Seavey Matures With ‘Treat You Better’ Cover (VIDEO)

Even though it was less than two years ago, it still feels like Daniel Seavey was virtually an adolescent when he was on American Idol XIV. But Daniel has come a long way since American Idol, not only as a vocalist but as a performer, as evidenced by with his latest cover, “Treat You Better” by Shawn Mendes.

Blending cello, vocals and more to create a one-man orchestra effect, Daniel delivers a performance that shows just how much potential he has. Seriously, had he waited a few years, and had Idol not been canceled, I think he’s the type of artist who’d have done even better when he had a bit more experience under his belt. But hey, there was no knowing at the time how much longer American Idol would last, so I get why he did it. And hey, I’m glad he did, because I might not have found out about this cover otherwise. I really like the newfound maturity in his voice. Watch the video below:

American Idol Star Daniel Seavey Matures With 'Treat You Better' Cover (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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