American Idol Star Brielle Von Hugel Teams With Postmodern Jukebox on ‘Same Old Love’ (VIDEO)

Postmodern Jukebox and American Idol is a match made in Heaven, between their collaborations with Rayvon Owen, Casey Abrams, Joey Cook, Von Smith, and Haley Reinhart, and their latest collaboration with a Season 11 semifinalist: Brielle Von Hugel!

In this version of the Selena Gomez hit, “Same Old Love,” Brielle gets to show a smoky, old-fashioned vibe she never got to show on Idol during her season. She gives off such a cool vibe here, and her voice has developed immensely from the time she was a 17-year-old competing for a wild card spot in the Top 13. I’m already looking ahead to the next collaboration, since there are a lot of modern songs I think she could put a classic twist to, especially with the range and diversity of her voice. This was a wonderful surprise to find in my inbox. Watch the full video below:

American Idol Star Brielle Von Hugel Teams With Postmodern Jukebox on 'Same Old Love' (VIDEO)

To download this song, click here: Rayvon Owen and Postmodern Jukebox, “Ignition (Remix)”

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