‘American Idol’ Star Bo Bice Feuding With Popeye’s Chicken Over Racial Remark

In one of the weirder feuds we’ve seen in some time, American Idol star Bo Bice is beefing with Popeye’s Chicken over a racial remark an employee made towards him at the location in the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

In an interview with Atlanta’s Fox 5 News, Bice says that when his order came up, one of the employees asked whose food it was, prompting another employee to single out Bice and say, “that white boy.” Naturally, Bice didn’t take kindly to being singled out by his race. And although he received an apology from corporate, and an assurance that their associates will be re-trained to “ensure this isolated incident does not occur again”, Bice got pretty emotional when talking about how sad it is that he had to tweet and make Facebook posts about the incident to even open up a dialogue. Bice looks into the camera and straight-up declares, “America, you should be ashamed.” Watch the emotional, teary interview below:

'American Idol' Star Bo Bice Feuding With Popeye's Chicken Over Racial Remark

Source: YouTube

What do you think? Is Bo Bice in the right or is this an overreaction? Sound off in the comments!

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