‘American Idol’ Star Adam Lambert Releases ‘Welcome To The Show’ (AUDIO)

Tonight, Adam Lambert returns to American Idol to perform his latest single, “Welcome to the Show”! But you can now hear the full song ahead of tonight’s show, as Adam has released the track online!

Featuring Swedish singer/songwriter/producer Laleh, “Welcome to the Show” is a moody, atmospheric anthem that has tons of drama in it. There’s this epic feeling to the song, just from the way it builds, from Adam’s vocal to the beats co-produced by Ali Payami, with whom he worked on “Ghost Town”. It just comes together beautifully, and I could easily see this being a hit for Adam. If nothing else, it sounds radio-ready, and it’s an ideal follow-up to “Ghost Town,” which got a lot of play on the stations in my area, at least. (Seriously, that song was ALL OVER Philly radio) Here’s hoping Adam finds similar success with “Welcome to the Show”! You can listen to the full track below:

'American Idol' Star Adam Lambert Releases 'Welcome To The Show' (AUDIO)

Download from your choice of service: “Welcome to the Show”

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