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American Idol Results: Who’s Going Home Tonight? (POLL) – 05/12/2015

It’s all come down to this, as the final 2 will compete for the crown on American Idol XIV! But before we even get to that point, one singer MUST be eliminated in third place. Yes, one person will come within an eyelash of performing for the American Idol XIV title at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. And yet, that might not even be the biggest Idol-related story this week.

But who will it be? Which singer will just fall short? Well, if you’re torn on your decision, you should check out the preview clips for this year’s coronation songs, as the winner’s singles are actually pretty varied and offer a good idea of what type of artists these finalists will be after the show. Maybe that will help in your decision, maybe not. But I’d still recommend checking them out anyway, since they’re surprisingly good.

Then again, not everyone is as notoriously indecisive as me, so if you have your pick in mind, take a crack at predicting the American Idol finale by voting in our poll below!

American Idol Results Who's Going Home Tonight (POLL) - 05122015

Credit: FOX

Ultimately, I’m not sure who’s going home, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s the end of the road for Clark. I’m probably shooting myself in the foot, since Jax seems far more likely at this point, but I’m sticking with it being Clark anyway. I don’t know why, it’s just a hunch. Frankly, while I like the guy quite a bit, I’d actually prefer to see Nick eliminated, just so the finale can be a little more interesting. Either way, it feels like this is the least buzz a finale has ever had, although it’s not entirely this season’s fault, considering all the headline-grabbing Idol news that’s hit the web that has nothing to do with this season.

For one, FOX announced that Season 15 in 2016 will be the last for American Idol, making this the penultimate finale for what was once TV’s biggest show. Secondly, Nigel Lythgoe ripped into his former show, declaring that not only were Season 12 judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj a mistake, he’s actually happy the show is coming an end! So it’s somewhat understandable why this is one of the least buzzed-about seasons in recent memory, since the big news has almost nothing to do with these contestants themselves, or even this season itself, unless the news is about the cratering ratings this year. And that’s a shame, because I actually have really enjoyed this season, for the most part, and found this to be a pretty talented group overall.

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