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American Idol Results: Who’s Going Home Tonight? (POLL) – 04/29/2015

Tonight, the Top 4 are revealed on American Idol XIV, as the remaining finalists tackle a theme based on the Judges’ Hometowns and Songs That Inspire the Idols’ Soul (whatever the hell that means). The song spoilers reveal some interesting choices, although I’m withholding judgment until tonight’s show. But before the Top 4 are revealed, we have to get rid of someone from the Top 5.

This is the last week before Hometown Visits, and with the Twitter Fan Save gone, Rayvon might finally reach the end of his Idol journey. Then again, do we really know that Rayvon was the lowest vote-getter each of the weeks he was in the Bottom 2? It seems that there’s this presumption that he’d have gone home one of these past four weeks had there not been a Twitter save, but we don’t really know that that’s the case. For all we know, Daniel, Qaasim, Joey and Quentin really were the lowest vote-getters, and would have been eliminated whether there had been a Twitter save or not. So while I think he’ll definitely land in the Bottom 2, I don’t know if it’s necessarily a foregone conclusion that he’ll be eliminated. Then again, of the remaining 5, he’s the only one who’s ever been in the Bottom 2, so….yeah.

But take a crack at predicting by voting in our poll below!

American Idol Results Who's Going Home Tonight (POLL) - 04292015

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Why did you vote for the person you picked? Is it the person you think will go home, or is it the person you want to go home? Or is it both?

Sound off in the comments!

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