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American Idol Results: Who’s Going Home Tonight? (POLL) – 04/22/2015

Tonight, the Top 5 perform on American Idol XIV. The finalists will be tackling Arena Anthems, and the song spoilers reveal a night that could really go either way. But before we finalize the Top 5, one singer must go home from the Top 6.

I’m still pretty miffed about Joey Cook’s elimination last week, so much so that I haven’t really given thought to who might be going home this week. That said, in the latest episode of Reality Check, Melinda Doolittle offered up a pretty interesting theory on why Rayvon Owen keeps landing in the Bottom 2. The Twitter Fan Save is back, so Rayvon might have another safety net if he finds himself in the Bottom 2 again. Will he land there again tonight, for a fourth consecutive week? Or will he be safe for the first time in nearly a month?

Take a crack at predicting by voting in our poll below!

American Idol Results Who's Going Home Tonight (POLL) - 04222015

Why did you vote for the person you picked? Is it the person you think will go home, or is it the person you want to go home? Or is it both?

Sound off in the comments!

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