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American Idol Results: Who’s Going Home Tonight? (POLL) – 04/01/2015

Tonight, on American Idol XIV, the Top 8 compete by singing the songs of Kelly Clarkson (click here for song spoilers!). However, one singer will be eliminated from the competition altogether. After this week’s episode of Reality Check, I’m genuinely worried for my girl, Joey. But it’s hard to know who’s going home for sure, since this has been such a difficult season to predict.

So who will be going home tonight from the Top 9? Vote in our poll below! Remember, you’re allowed up to three selections per vote, in the event that you feel safer predicting the bottom three than predicting the eliminated contestants. Also, be sure to add your thoughts in the comments and let us know why you voted the way you did! Then check back later tonight for the live blog and recap of the Top 8 performance show!

American Idol Results Who's Going Home Tonight (POLL) - 04012015

Credit: FOX

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