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American Idol Results: Top 8 Revealed + Performance Recap (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for American Idol XIV, “Top 8 Perform”! One singer will go home from the Top 9, and the 8 remaining singers will compete for America’s vote!

Plus: Who did America save from elimination via the all-new Twitter Save?

Kelly Clarkson is on hand as guest mentor for a night dedicated to her own songbook. However, tonight’s song spoilers suggest a night of iffy song choices, at best. And some potential disasters, at worst. But who knows? Maybe some of the arrangements will be interesting enough to make this a night worth remembering. If nothing else, it’ll be great to have Kelly back on Idol, even if only for one night.

Keep it locked right here as I’ll be updating with commentary, analysis, and videos of tonight’s performances!

American Idol XIV Top 8 Revealed + Performance Recap (VIDEO)

Credit: FOX

Let’s get this show on the road!


NOTE: Nick is on a bus right now, so I’m doing everything. Please discuss the show in the comments as I post individual performances. Will update this post through the night! Thanks! (Oh and just in case I don’t get to say it later… #SaveDaniel!) — Rickey

8:00 PM – Woohoo! Here we go! The show begins with Kelly Clarkson winning in 2002. This is American Idol!

8:03 PM – Cute shirt from Keith Urban.

8:04 PM – This Kelly Clarkson retrospective is awesome. Specially since runner-up Justin Guarini is now in some really strange Diet Dr. Pepper ads.

8:06 PM – American Idol Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard comes back to bring the results envelope.

8:08 PM – Nick had covered this song before on YouTube with his band. He’s first person to be safe.

8:19 PM – “You are quirky and I like it,” says Kelly to Jax, who is the next safe.

8:31 PM – Group song! “People Like Us” from Kelly Clarkson.

8:33 PM – Tyanna is next, immediately after the group song.

8:44 PM – OMG Vonzell Baby V in the house!!!

8:47 PM – Joey Cook is next… and she completely changed the song. OK.

8:55 PM – Kelly Clarkson performs to end the first hour. Woohoo! “Heartbeat Song.”

Kelly Clarkson Idol Top 8

9:04 PM – Quentin is next!

9:11 PM – Qaasim is next! Acoustic! But out of tune in many parts.

9:23 PM – Kelly Clarkson sings again! This time her audition song “At Last.” Amazing!!!


“Why didn’t you bring them? You are kinda a crap dad for that,” said Kelly to Harry Connick Jr. for not bringing his kids to the show. Hahahaha.

9:32 PM – Clark Beckham is safe! This means the Idol Save is between Daniel and Rayvon!

9:44 PM – Idol is streaming now:

9:44 PM – Daniel sings first!

9:56 PM – Rayvon next!

To Vote on Twitter: #SaveDaniel or #SaveRayvon


Contestant Song Results
Quentin Alexander Dark Side (Video) SAFE
Clark Beckham The Trouble With Love Is (Video) SAFE
Joey Cook Miss Independent (Video) SAFE
Nick Fradiani Catch My Breath (Video) SAFE
Jax Beautiful Disaster (Video) SAFE
Tyanna Jones Mr. Know It All (Video) SAFE
Daniel Seavey Breakaway (Video) BOTTOM 2
Rayvon Owen Since U Been Gone (Video) BOTTOM 2
Qaasim Middleton Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) (Video) SAFE


Bottom 2: Daniel Seavey and Rayvon Owen

America saves… Rayvon!

Daniel Seavey is eliminated from American Idol!

I’m so upset!

Anyway… thanks for joining the live blog! Join us again next week!

P.S. Rayvon was really more popular on Twitter tonight. #1 trending topic in the United States:

Save Rayvon

American Idol Twitter Save Revealed

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