American Idol Reject Sundance Head Is A Star ‘At Last’ On The Voice 2016 (VIDEO)

A few years ago, Sundance Head failed in his bid to become a star when “American Idol” eliminated him before he had a chance for America’s vote. On Monday, December 12, 2016, he sang “At Last” on The Voice 2016 Finale and it looks like he might finally have that chance at stardom.

Sundance is the son of country star Roy Head and has a chance to win it all on Tuesday night.

“Sundance it’s literally like somebody reached back to time somehow… it’s absolutely unbelievable,” said Blake Shelton.

Press play to watch the video below. If it doesn’t play on mobile, please visit the full site.

iTunes Songs:

Darlin’ Don’t Go
At Last
Treat Her Right with Blake Shelton

Can Sundance still win The Voice? Anything is still possible!

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