‘American Idol’ Producers Suing New Phillip Phillips Manager for $4 Million

Legal drama is swirling all around American Idol winner Phillip Phillips.

A new lawsuit from American Idol producers 19 Entertainment alleges that manager Michael McDonald, who previously managed such acts as John Mayer, stole Phillips from them. In fact, 19 Entertainment is outright suing the manager for $4 million for essentially poaching their talent. In particular, McDonald is accused of giving Phillips the opening act spot on John Mayer’s 2013 tour for the sole purpose of trying to lure him away from 19 Entertainment. The lawsuit goes on to claim this was an act of desperation on McDonald’s part, since he knew he was losing Mayer, and needed a new client to keep his management company, Mick Management, afloat.

Whatever the reason, McDonald’s approach worked. In December of last year, Phillips sued to be released from his Idol contract, presumably to join up with McDonald. However, 19 Entertainment isn’t ready to let him go just yet, particularly considering how lucrative Phillips still is as a client. The suit claims he earned around $5 million in 2013 alone, a number that increased considerably in 2014.

'American Idol' Producers Suing New Phillip Phillips Manager for $4 Million

Credit: Billboard

Of course, it’s hard to argue this type of lawsuit wasn’t inevitable, given that plenty of Idol talents have done their best to get the hell out of their contracts with 19 Entertainment over the years. But 19 Entertainment might still have a case if their claims about McDonald are true. I suppose we’ll see how it plays out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up being settled outside of court.

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