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‘American Idol’ Not Returning Despite FOX and NBC Bidding War

FOX and NBC are in a bidding war for the return of “American Idol” sometime in 2018 or 2019. According to TMZ, NBC is interested in the show in order to make “The Voice” one season a year. The site added that Adam Levine only wants to do the show once a year now. FOX meanwhile never really gave up on the show and would like it back with a “cheaper” set of judges.

The co-owners of “American Idol” – Freemantle and Core – however are in disagreement over what to do with the franchise. Freemantle wants to accept the NBC offer but Core is not budging. Core thinks that by putting Idol on NBC, it will just be part of a “year round talent competition” (NBC would have “The Voice”, “America’s Got Talent” then “American Idol”). This would diminish the value of the franchise.

So it’s a no go. Talks are over.

“American Idol” is not returning anytime soon. Looks like it is over for good.

'American Idol' Not Returning Despite FOX and NBC Bidding War
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