‘American Idol’ Finalist Michael Simeon Suing Show For Eardrum Damage

American Idol is no longer on the air, but that isn’t stopping the show from being sued by former contestants.

Season 14 finalist Michael Simeon is suing the show over an incident that left him with a damage eardrum which, he says, has pretty much ended his music career.

According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Simeon was fitted for an earpiece during his time on the show. But it apparently wasn’t a great fit, as the device caused him “immediate, excruciating pain”. Simeon pleaded with the audiologist to have it removed — at which point, the audiologist “yanked it out of his ear with such ferocity, it took out a portion of his eardrum.”

To make matters even worse, he wasn’t rushed to the hospital or anything. Producers simply had him wait in a room for five hours, all while he suffered in agonizing pain. Although Simeon was eventually treated for tympanoplasty, a surgery performed to reconstruct the eardrum, the singer claims he hasn’t been able to perform anywhere near the level he once did. So he’s coming after the show for compensation.

American Idol Finalist Michael Simeon Suing Show For Eardrum Damage

Source: YouTube

It’s a sad story, since Simeon had a lot of talent and could have easily gone on The Voice or America’s Got Talent to try and keep his name out there. He’s already been going the YouTube route. If his music career really does have to end here, it’s unfortunate, and he should be compensated, especially if it all ties back to the damage he sustained while on American Idol. With that said, it wouldn’t surprise me if the standard contestant contract had some sort of waiver absolving the show of any injuries sustained while on the program. Either way, while we don’t know how much Simeon is aiming to get, the fact that he’s going through with this lawsuit in the first place makes it pretty clear he’s going for the big bucks.

But what do you think about the lawsuit? Does Michael Simeon have a case? Sound off in the comments!

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