‘American Idol’ Alum Scott MacIntyre Gets Successful Kidney Transplant

In October of last year, we learned that American Idol alum Scott MacIntyre was given only six months to find a kidney donor before his own kidneys would fail. Things were looking grim as the six month deadline came and went. However, thanks to an anonymous donor, MacIntyre has received a second kidney, undergoing a successful transplant.

“I am so grateful to have received the gift of life through organ donation for the second time,” read a statement from the 29-year-old MacIntyre. This isn’t the first time he’s faced medical problems of this nature, as the singer underwent a kidney transplant at age 22 after he was diagnosed with kidney failure as a teenager. That first transplanted kidney came from the wife of MacIntyre’s college piano teacher, and this gift was what allowed him to go on American Idol in the first place. As the show’s only legally blind finalist, MacIntyre was one of the more memorable contestants of Season 8, making it to the Top 13 and eventually winning over judge Simon Cowell with his terrific rendition of Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are”. MacIntyre would finish in eighth place.

Although MacIntyre is only just revealing news of the successful procedure, the transplant itself was actually performed on June 4 at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville.

'American Idol' Alum Scott MacIntyre Gets Successful Kidney Transplant

Credit: Zach Gray

“The kidney was given by an anonymous living donor, one of several individuals who underwent compatibility testing,” said MacIntyre’s surgeon. “This particular person heard about MacIntyre’s kidney failure on the radio and turned out to be a great match.”

“I am truly humbled that a stranger would give themselves to me in this way,” said MacIntyre. “I want to thank every person who offered to be tested as a potential donor for me.”

MacIntyre will need six weeks to recover after he’s released from the hospital, but the singer is planning to get right back to work once he’s well, as he has a new album, Lighthouse, to promote, in addition to his popular iTunes podcast, 2 Blind Me. In addition, he’s looking to resume a full touring schedule later this year.

“My wife and I have truly been blessed beyond measure by all the loving kindness shown by fans, friends, family, and the incredible team at Vanderbilt,” said MacIntyre. “This experience has deepened my faith and I’m so grateful that God has answered yes to so many of my prayers concerning my transplant.”

Our congratulations go out to MacIntyre, along with our wishes for his continued wellness. All the best, Scott!


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