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American Idol 2016 Summer Tour Canceled

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the show contacted me and wished to make it clear that it wasn’t a matter of the tour being canceled. Rather, a summer tour was never scheduled in the first place. We apologize for the mistake. Original story is below.

As if it wasn’t clear already from the lack of any mention of a summer tour on-air, the news is now official: the American Idol 2016 summer tour has been canceled. The final season of American Idol will be the only one to not have the finalists go out on tour.

Granted, this was to be expected, considering attendance for the tour has been steadily decreasing every year, parallel to the drop in ratings over the past several years. This was a tour that used to feature most of the finalists America voted through, complete with a backing band. But last season cut it in half, and scaled back on the as the Fox show began to lose ratings steam, so did the summer trek and what once included a complete group of finalists and a full band was cut in half for season 14, to where we found ourselves wondering what the point of the tour even was anymore.

“The American Idol Live Tour has historically been an integral part of celebrating the seasons’ contestants and also garnering excitement for summer auditions for the upcoming season,” said CORE media in a statement. “This year’s Idol finale celebrates the past 15 seasons, the amazingly talented participants, and the millions of fans who’ve helped make American Idol the legendary program and brand it is today. It will be so memorable and meaningful and we’ve chosen to end it on that note.”

Sad as it might be to read about the end, it was time, really. Long past time, honestly. It sucks for these contestants though that they don’t get to hit the road, since those tours still paid a pretty decent wage, if I remember correctly. They don’t go home millionaires or anything, but it’s a solid chunk of change. But this is a season that didn’t even have iTunes recordings until last week, so the contestants are probably earning less for their appearance this season than any other season before. Hopefully, the finalists are able to have a profitable summer some other way, regardless.

American Idol 2016 Summer Tour Canceled

Credit: FOX

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