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American Idol 2016 Spoilers: Semifinals #2 Results, Song List and Duets

American Idol 2016 Spoilers for the Semifinals #2. Who went home? Five singers were eliminated after solo performances and duets with Idol alumni.

The second batch of Top 24 contestants performed this week. The shows will be aired next week.

The first batch results were revealed on Thursday. You can check the results here.


Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Spoilers courtesy of The Idol Pad, the #1 source for American Idol spoilers on the Internet. Nothing else comes close.

Update: There was an error in the earlier posted spoilers. This is now the corrected list from The Idol Pad.


Shelbie Z
Adam Lasher
Amelia Eisenhauer
Kory Wheeler
C.J. Johnson


Manny Torres
Lee Jean
Trent Harmon
Dalton Rapattoni – Sang “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol
Jenn Blosil – Sang “Sorry” by Justin Bieber
Olivia Rox
Tristan McIntosh


1. Adam Lasher duet with Haley Reinhart
2. Amelia Eisenhauer duet with Kellie Pickler
3. Lee Jean duet with Chris Daughtry
4. Manny Torres duet with Jordin Sparks
5. Trent Harmon duet with Jordin Sparks
6. C.J. Johnson duet with David Cook
7. Dalton Rapattoni duet with Chris Daughtry
8. Jenn Blosil duet with Constantine Maroulis
9. Kory Wheeler duet with Haley Reinhart
10. Olivia Rox duet with David Cook
11. Shelbie Zora duet with Constantine Maroulis
12. Tristan McIntosh duet with Kellie Pickler

So just to recap, this is the complete list of the American Idol Top 14:


Avalon Young
Gianna Isabella
Jeneve Mitchell
Jenn Blosil
LaPorsha Renae
Olivia Rox
Sonika Vaid
Tristan McIntosh


Trent Harmon
Dalton Rapattoni
MacKenzie Bourg
Thomas Stringfellow
Manny Torres
Lee Jean

That’s 6 guys vs. 8 girls! Should be an interesting season.

According to the schedule, in two weeks there is going to be a Top 14 elimination then some sort of Wild Card. Then the Top 10 perform.

A week after that, in March, will be two double elimination episodes. And remember, there will only be one show a week at that point: combined results and performances.

By first week of April, it’s all over. This show would have finally run its course.

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