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American Idol 2016 Recap: Last Auditions Ever – Who Got The Final Golden Ticket? (VIDEO)

“American Idol” recap tonight for Thursday, January 21, 2016. Live blog of the final auditions ever as the audition round concludes for the farewell season.

After tonight, we will never see another audition ever again.

Who got the final golden ticket to Hollywood?

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Live Blog Recap

8:03 PM – Excuse me while I wipe away tears for the final audition episode of American Idol ever.

8:05 PM – Jessica Cabral, a worship music director, auditions.

She’s an immigrant from Brazil and she’s going to Hollywood! Yay!

8:08 PM – Shooting belly dancer audition!

8:12 PM – Love bird auditionees feature. Awww. Love is in the air!

One of those lovebirds are Brian Dale Brown and his cougar girlfriend who is 15 years older than him. He auditioned with “Unchained Melody” and he also does impersonations. He copied Scooby Doo and Keith Urban.

“It’s powerful,” said Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez.

He got a three votes and a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Gina Baez auditions “Lips Are Moving” with her dog Tinkerbell, a Palapatese (Papillon/Maltese).

“It wasn’t deeply interesting,” said Harry Connick Jr.

“I don’t see a real artist,” said Keith Urban.

She got two no votes and is not going to Hollywood.

Which brings us to crying auditionees and their families not making it. American Idol the killer of dreams.

8:28 PM – Melany Huber, a 17-year-old cancer survivor, auditions with “Talking to the Moon” by Bruno Mars.

She had Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma five months before the audition.

“Some people do it so naturally,” said Jennifer Lopez.

She got three yes votes and goes to Hollywood.

Watch her audition in full below.

Now we have family duo auditions. Girls accompanied by their family members on guitar.

This was very nice. They all golden tickets to Hollywood.

8:39 PM – The Kelly Clarkson superfan finally auditions (they promoted him all the time last year).

Jennifer Lopez read her queue card on the air: “Obsessed with Kelly Clarkson.”

“There were some moments there that I really enjoyed,” said Harry Connick Jr.

He got no votes and will not go to Hollywood.

Which brings us to some auditions that Harry and the judges make fun of behind the scenes.

And then… Chynna Sherrod representing Connecticut auditions with “One Last Cry” by Ariana Grande.

“I thought you were fantastic,” said Harry Connick Jr.

She got three votes and goes to Hollywood! Yay!

8:52 PM – Harry Connick Jr birthday time, now featuring the Happy Birthday song because it is now in the public domain! Nice one FOX. He got a small monkey as a gift.

Now comes a country singer who lives on a poultry farm – Lillian Glanton who sings an original “Country Boyfriend.”

“I really like you. I really like your song,” said Jennifer Lopez.

She got two votes and is going to Hollywood.

Segue into the judges disagreeing among themselves.

And then… another white guy with guitar… former drug addict, Kacye Haynes who auditions with “Brother.”

“It was lacking power,” said Keith Urban.

He got a ticket to Hollywood.

9:08 PM – Feature on auditioners playing guitar… and failing.

Then on to Zach Person, who can actually play the guitar. Yay. He auditions with “Next Door Neighbor Blues.”

“You got your thing,” said Keith Urban.

“I love your style,” said Jennifer Lopez.

He gets three votes to go to Hollywood.

9:16 PM – Keith Urban talking about how Harry Connick Jr is “insane.”

Then next is… Colette Lush, the nanny who loves redheads. She auditions with “Who’s Lovin’ You” by Jackson 5.

“It was that easy for you,” said Jennifer Lopez.

“You don’t sound like anyone,” said Keith Urban.

She got three votes to go to Hollywood.

Watch her full audition below:

And now on to… Avalon Young who auditions with “XO” by Beyonce. Go Avalon!

“You play to your vocals really well,” said Keith Urban.

She got three votes to Hollywood.

Watch her full audition below:

9:30 PM – More airtime for Idol winner Lee DeWyze. Yay.

Now on to “background actor” Usen Isong who auditioned with “Not The Only One.” He wore heels!!! Yes.

He got three votes to Hollywood.

He is now in the presence of Fantasia, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hicks!

9:39 PM – And now to green-haired girl with her band! Jaci Butler auditions with “It Will Rain”

“I kept pulling against you,” said Harry Connick Jr.

She got three votes to go to Hollywood.

And now all the rest of the auditions from San Francisco montage.

And now on to…

Stephany Negrete from Mexico… she auditions with “Who’s Loving You.” She’s so proud of her Mexican heritage, I love it!

“I felt like you were thinking about every other run you were going to do,” said Jennifer Lopez.

“I like you as a sum,” said Keith Urban.

She got three votes to go to Hollywood.

Watch her audition in full below.

Which leads us to the FINAL, yes final American Idol audition ever. I am so emotional!

And the last audition is… Manny Torres. He’s Puerto Rican.

He auditions with “This Love” by Maroon 5.

“You sound great,” said Jennifer Lopez.

He got three votes to go to Hollywood.

Watch his audition in full below.

And that’s it.

The American Idol auditions for the farewell season is over.

We will never see another American Idol audition ever. EVER. It’s over.

Sadly, the auditions end with a promo for “Grease Live”. Oh well.

The lights go out in the audition room.

I’m crying.

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