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American Idol 2016 Recap: Hollywood Round #2 – It’s Time For Groups! (VIDEO)

American Idol recap tonight for January 28, 2016. It’s the second night of the Hollywood Rounds and more cuts are made.

Yup… it’s time for groups!

The dreaded group rounds have historically brought out the best and the worst from the contestants on American Idol. In fact, some of the most memorable moments ever on this show happened during groups. White Chocolate, Fantasia, Kimberley Locke, Frenchie and Heejun Han among many others made their marks at this point in the competition. It’s what American Idol dreams are made of.

Let’s hope the final season of Idol delivers. We will never see an Idol group round ever again. This is it.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX


8:03 PM – Scott Borcheta is the surprise group mentor. “Ive been hearing trainwrecks like you won’t believe,” he said.

Groups need to be 3 or 4, and the early drama are groups missing members.

Morning of the group performances, anxiety in the air… this is going to be good.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

8:11 PM – First group sings “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. They’re good. Nice start so far.

Watch their performance below.

Results: All four from Team Blur Eyes made it to the next round

8:18 PM – Now it’s time for Team Milk and Cookies.

“This is not a karaoke bar,” said Michael Orland to the girls. Oh no.

They sing “Drag Me Down.”

“It wasn’t perfect but I liked it,” said Jennifer Lopez.

Watch their performance below.

Results: All four made it to the next round.

8:22 PM – Jennifer Lopez apparently eats a lot chocolate.

Next up is Team Ooh X 2, Tristan’s group.

And then Avalon Young’s group.

And then Jeneve’s group.

Results: All the groups made it to the next round. Yay!

(Note: That was a poor edit. Sigh, FOX)

8:31 PM – Back with Team Chynna Sherrod and Terrian’s group singing “No Place I’d Rather Be.”

“I’m going to miss Idol,” says Jennifer Lopez. “You reminded me how much I love this job.” And she cries.

I’m crying too. I love American Idol so much.

Watch Jennifer Lopez get emotional below.

And now… Trent Harmon is sick with mono and cannot perform with anyone because he’s contagious. He’s Team Just Trent.

“It sounds better in mono,” said Harry Connick Jr.

Watch Trent’s performance below.

Results: Trent made it to the next round as a group of one (which is really a solo, LOL)

8:41 PM – Michelle Marie’s team gave her some trouble last night with song choice and then they added Shelbie Z.

“Great group job,” said Jennifer Lopez.

Results: Everyone except their group leader Lindsey made it. The first cut aired on TV tonight!

8:45 PM – Now it’s time for people getting cut.

“Some just choke,” said Keith Urban.

Mackenzie Bourg from “The Voice” however did not choke:

8:53 PM – Now for Team NV and Team Chicken Noodle Soup.

Team Envy needs a new song and Team Noodle Soup’s Poh left the competition. Ultimately, Anatalia from Team Envy got kicked out from her team and joined Team Noodle Soup.

Anatalia’s mom made it all happen, yay.

First up to perform was Team Chicken Noodle Soup… with “Treasure”

“I thought the three of you did really well,” said Keith Urban.

Results: All three went through to the next round

9:06 PM – Team NV now and they are nervous during rehearsal.

“You look like background singers,” said Michael Orland.

They sing “One Less Problem” by Ariana Grande.

That was surprisingly good, oh my goodness.

Results: All three made it to the next round

9:14 PM – The judges reminiscing about Hollywood Week’s past and present. They talk about choreography.

And then many cuts including the girl with green hair… because she can’t dance.

Now with the next group singing “Uptown Funk.”

“You gotta be on and you did it,” said Keith Urban.

Results: All four guys made it to the next round

9:23 PM – Now it’s time for Team Soul…


Results: The girls make it but not the guy

And now for Team Las Boricuas… another dysfunctional team.

They sing “Hit ’em Up Style” – which is the kiss of death song on American Idol.

This was a hot mess. Oh dear.

“It’s not just about talent as you guys learned today,” said Jennifer Lopez.

Results: Evil Eliz didn’t make it while the other two did. My gosh, she’s delusional. I miss contestants like her.

9:37 PM – Now back with Team Good Vibes sing “Me and My Broken Heart”

“You look like your dog just died,” said Harry Connick Jr.

Results: Only Jessica made it from the four.

Next group now… featuring CJ Johnson.

Results: CJ, Jessica and Jess made it. Zach didn’t.

Thomas Stringfellow’s group now.

Results: Thomas and Thomas made it, the other two didn’t.

And now Team Rebirth with Manny Torres and his chest hair.

“You sound really good together,” said Jennifer Lopez.

Watch their performance below.

Result: All three made it to the next round

9:53 PM – Now for the last groups. Team Soul Cats choke as an entire group.

Results: Two made it and two went home. It was a mess, but the set up was for the last group…

… the last group featuring LaPorsha Renae. They sing “Staying Alive.”

LaPorsha is a star!

“It had a very group feeling,” said Jennifer Lopez.

Results: All three go through to the next round.

See guys next week! It’s getting exciting now. Long live American Idol!

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