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American Idol 2016 Recap – Auditions #4 Denver and Little Rock – Live Blog

“American Idol” recap tonight on Thursday, January 14, 2016. The Season 15 auditions continue in Denver and Little Rock as Ryan Seacrest looks for a winner.

The show returned to a two-hour schedule after reverting to a merciful one-hour show last night. It won’t be long now until the final winner of “American Idol” will be crowned in April and then there will be no more.

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American Idol 2016 Recap - Auditions #4 Denver and Little Rock - Live Blog

8:01 PM – The auditions in Denver coincided with a beer festival in the area.

Amber Lynn auditions with “Unaware” accompanied by James VIII on guitar.

“You really sound nice,” said Harry Connick Jr.

“You have a lot of soul,” said Jennifer Lopez. “I love the sound of your voice.”

James VIII auditions with “Sun Comes Up”

“There are lot of interesting things about you,” said Harry Connick Jr.

Amber and James get golden tickets to Hollywood.

Watch their audition below:

Emily Wears, an auctioneer, auditions with “Bring on the Rain”

“We’ll take the butter!” screams Jennifer Lopez when Emily demonstrates her auctioneer skills.

“That auctioneering stuff is ridiculous,” said Harry Connick Jr.

Three no’s for Emily unfortunately.

8:16 PM – Auditions switch to Little Rock…

Chris CJ Johnson, the professional musician, auditions with “You Make My Dreams”

“There’s an effortless confidence,” said Keith Urban.

“It feels really good,” said Jennifer Lopez.

Three votes for CJ to go to Hollywood!

Watch his audition below:

Ethan Kuntz auditions with “Stormy Monday.” His family owns an American Foxhound kennel. Yay.

“I feel like you are such a natural,” said Jennifer Lopez.

Harry votes no. JLO votes yes.

Keith votes yes and Ethan goes to Hollywood.

8:31 PM – More southern charm contestants with a Kris Allen sighting! Yay. I love Kris.

It’s now time for “would you like to ride my mule” girl…

Mary Williams auditions with “I Know I’m Over You.”

“Really pretty voice,” said Jennifer Lopez. “I got a little goosies on my leg.”

Mary got two yes votes and goes to Hollywood, despite Keith’s no.

8:41 PM – Jennifer Lopez made the shot!

Xavier Soller, the in-game host, auditions but is not going to Hollywood.

Terrian auditions with “Happy”

“You have a mellow style,” said Jennifer Lopez.

Three votes for Terrian and she goes to Hollywood.

8:52 PM

Blue-haired singing nomad girl, Leann “Blue” McIsaac auditions with an original song she wrote on the spot with three words given by the judges: Family, Love and Music.

“It sounded like a Jewish prayer song,” said Harry Connick Jr. “I don’t think singing is for you.”

She got three no votes and is not going to Hollywood.

More rejects and then…

Thomas Stringfellow auditions with “Give Me Love”


“You kinda fell into your own thing,” said Keith Urban.

Stringfellow got three votes and is going to Hollywood.

Watch his audition below:

9:04 PM – Auditions switch back to Denver and Keith Urban is busking on the street.

The dance teacher is next.

Tywan “Tank” Jackson auditions with “Superstar”

“You really are out of breath,” said Harry Connick Jr.

He got three votes to go to Hollywood.

And now the cowboy…

John Wayne Shultz auditions again with “The Dance”

This audition made me cry.

“Thanks for doing that,” said Keith Urban.

Three votes to go to Hollywood.

9:20 PM

Leah Harbert auditions with “Chain of Fools”

Why was she singing like that? Oh my goodness.

“Maybe spend sometime working with a vocal coach,” said Harry Connick Jr.

She’s not going to Hollywood.

9:23 PM – American Idol tries to “claim” Tori Kelly … and justifying why they cut her in Hollywood when she auditioned. WTF? This show I swear.

Jordyn Simone auditions with “Who’s Loving You”

“It’s a phenomenon,” said Jennifer Lopez.

She got three votes to go to Hollywood.

9:30 PM – Auditions switch to Little Rock…

Kessy Levels and Rhea Raj both make it to Hollywood.

Jake Dillon auditions with “Danny’s Song”

Keith Urban corrected the missing chords he was playing.

“Musically you’re gonna get killed in Hollywood,” said Keith Urban.

Jake made it to Hollywood in a surprise.

Ashley with a long name Lilinoe auditions with “Black Velvet”

“You don’t really fit in anywhere,” said Harry Connick Jr.

She gets two votes and goes to Hollywood.

Andrerw Nazarbekian auditions with “Make You Feel My Love”

“You have this beautiful voice,” said Jennifer Lopez.

He goes to Hollywood.

9:53 PM – And now the last contestant of the night:

“Love is thicker than blood.”

Elvie Shane auditions with “House of the Rising Sun”

“Your guitar is all jacked up and out of tune,” said Harry Connick Jr.

He got three votes to go to Hollywood!

… with Lee DeWyze song in the background, yes.

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