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American Idol 2016 Recap: Auditions #2 in San Francisco and Little Rock – Live Blog

“American Idol” recap tonight on Thursday, January 7, 2016. Season 15 auditions continue from San Francisco and Little Rock, to conclude the two-night premiere.

Season 8 winner Kris Allen is scheduled to appear in Little Rock.

To view last night’s recap please check: American Idol 2016 Final Season Premiere – Live Blog and Recap – Auditions No. 1

For added perspective, Season 2 runner up Clay Aiken totally hated the premiere, saying the judges “put him to sleep.” Will night two be the same? He’s scheduled to appear during this season sometime.

Please discuss the show in the comments section below (just like old times!)

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Live Blog Recap

(Updates as they happen)

8:01 PM – I’m really liking the opening sequences this season. Everything seems so epic… like this is literally the greatest show on Earth.

Kris Allen makes an appearance early!

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Source: FOX

First contestant of the night is…

Cameron Richard

Cameron is a 15-year-old native of Louisiana. He was born with a cleft palate but now he can sing. He auditioned with “Give Me Love” while accompanying himself on guitar. This kid had a really strong voice and was giving it his all.

“You have a lot of passion when you sing,” said Jennifer Lopez. “You have a wonderful gift man,” said Harry Connick Jr.

Cameron got three votes and got the first golden ticket to Hollywood for the night.

8:12 PM – There is a cute “mic check” feature with the contestants leading to the next contestant…

Daniel Farmer

He’s a student from Memphis, TN and huge Jennifer Lopez fan. He sang “How Does It Feel” by D’Angelo. I must admit I thought this was a joke audition but he hit all the notes.

“I really do love your voice,” said Jennifer Lopez. “You’re funny and you’re sexy.”

Daniel got three votes and a golden ticket to Hollywood.

8:18 PM – More quick fire joke auditions as JLo checks a dating app on her iPhone. And the next contestant is…

Dalton Rapattoni

19-year-old from Dallas, TX who sang a grunge version of “Phantom of the Opera.” LOL Apparently he’s a vocal coach.

“I’m looking for someone to have an artistic contribution to make,” said Keith Urban.

Dalton got three votes and a golden ticket to Hollywood.

8:27 PM – “Second Chance” focus now featuring repeat auditioners. A lot of rejections. So sad. So many tears!!! My heart is breaking. This leads to the next contestant (who brought her baby shared a bond with Kris Allen)…

La’Porsha Renae

She sang “Creep” after she handed her baby to JLo at the judges table.

“I loved it,” said Keith Urban.

“I love runs,” said Harry Connick Jr. “You destroyed it.”

La’Porsha got three votes and a golden ticket to Hollywood.

8:39 PM – Kris Allen still mingling with the contestants… including one practicing in the men’s room! Urinal duet FTW. Which leads to our next contestant who calls herself another country girl and brought a chicken with her…

Maddie McAllister

She’s from Ashdown, AR and sang “Cowboy Casanova” by Carrie Underwood.

“You need a couple more years,” said Jennifer Lopez.

Maddie did not get a golden ticket. The chicken did not work.

Then… a lot of contestants who live on a farm audition. Which leads to our next contestant, another farmer…

Trent Harmon

24-year-old from Amory, MS – this was really good! He is NOT a country singer, he’s a blues singer. Nice one. This guy can WIN this show. He sang “Unaware” by Allen Stone.

“I was so blown away,” said Jennifer Lopez.

Trent gets three votes and a golden ticket to Hollywood.

8:52 PM – The auditions shift to San Francisco and Lee DeWyze is in the house!

Next contestant is… a girl who is always so “sorry”…

Brooke Sample

She sang “Cold Day in July” by Dixie Chicks. She’s pretty but she needs some confidence. She also needs to remember her lyrics.

Brooke needs to see a mental health professional.

“You apologized three times,” said Harry Connick Jr.

“You have a really good voice,” said Keith Urban.

She got three votes and a ticket to Hollywood.

9:02 PM – Straight to the next contestant with pink hair…

Olivia Rox

She sang “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars on piano. She’s this year’s Jax!

“You’re an extraordinary kid,” said Harry Connick Jr.

She got three votes and a golden ticket to Hollywood.

“And the girls are marching into San Francisco,” narrates Ryan Seacrest. And we get quick girl auditions.

“It’s all girls,” says Harry Connick Jr.

Yup, a lot girls making it to Hollywood this year!

And to another girl contestant with really pretty eyes…

Melanie Tierce

She sang “Rise Up” and Jennifer Lopez got goosies. And Keith Urban teared up.

She got three votes and got a golden ticket to Hollywood.

9:16 PM – And we are back to another girl. It’s Miss Alaska!

Malie Delgado

She’s so pretty. And she raps.

“Really really great voice,” said Jennifer Lopez.

“There are so many blues in this competition and you are the pretties and strongest Aquamarine Blue in the competition,” said Harry Connick Jr.

She got three votes and a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

And now a feature on the “hot” girl auditions through the years on American Idol…

9:26 PM – The show returns with a musical interlude from Harry Connick Jr and Keith Urban while Jennifer Lopez applies make up on Ryan Seacrest.

Which leads to Harry and Ryan exchanging jobs. Ryan Seacrest is the judge for the next contestant…

Brandyn Burnette

He sang an original song called “Lost” on piano. Harry Connick comes to hug him while he sang on the piano.

“I was so impressed,” said Ryan Seacrest.

Brandyn got four votes and a golden ticket to Hollywood.

And now a feature on all the achievements of Idol winner and alums through the years… which leads to the next contestant who got a visit from Season 9 winner Lee DeDwyze…

Krysti Jewel

Her parents were in the audition room with her! They are such superfans.

She sang “Mama Knows Best” by Jessie J.

“I really liked it,” said Keith Urban.

She got three votes and a golden ticket to Hollywood. (That was a mercy golden ticket though. She was just shouting.)

9:41 PM – Ryan Seacrest brought Chinese food to the judges table. And then the overconfident contestants arrive. Which leads to the next contestant…

Sarah Hayes

She nuts. The kind of contestant we love!

She completely blanked out on the first song. So uncomfortable.

Harry Connick Jr. votes “yes.”

Keith Urban votes “no.”

Jennifer Lopez votes “no.”

So no golden ticket for Sarah.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

9:51 PM – Back to Little Rock and a tribute to the moms and dads of American Idol. Which leads to the next contestant…

Tristan MacIntosh

Tristan’s mom is in the military and couldn’t be there but she really wanted to do her proud.

She sang “Why Baby Why” while accompanying herself on the piano.

“That gave me the goosies,” said Jennifer Lopez. “I see in you something very very special. You remind me of Alicia Keys.”

Harry Connick Jr. read an e-mail from her mother which made Tristan cry. Then her mom comes to hug her! Oh my goodness. Tears everywhere.

She got three votes and gets a ticket to Hollywood.

Thanks for joining us! See you guys next week for more auditions. And Clay Aiken shows up finally.

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