American-Born Brock Lesnar Will Represent Canada at UFC 200

When Brock Lesnar makes his long-awaited return to MMA at UFC 200 on July 9, he’ll be representing Canada with his new Reebok apparel.

Apparently, the South Dakota-born fighter purchased a grain farm in Canada, which serves not only as his residence but also his training grounds. This is why the former UFC heavyweight champion will be announced as fighting out of Regina, Saskatchewan for his fight against Mark Hunt. In addition, he will be proudly wearing the Canadian flag on his Reebok apparel.

In response, Saskatchewan is over-the-moon about Lesnar’s support, as Premier Brad Wall demonstrated in a recent tweet.

While it might seem random, I find this adds to Brock’s aura. He’s a guy who does whatever the hell he pleases, and while some might call it unpatriotic, I don’t imagine many would say so to his face.

American-Born Brock Lesnar Will Represent Canada at UFC 200

Source: YouTube

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