Amazing Stuntwoman Blows Herself Up in Limo on America’s Got Talent 10 (VIDEO)

Stuntwoman Nikki McBurnett blew herself up inside a limo in her exciting audition on America’s Got Talent 10!

Nikki has always been a thrillseeker, and she wants to show America that you can be a daredevil and be a girl as well. She’s 41 but already a grandmother, and she’s doing this for grandkid, to show that girls rock. Onstage, Howie is in disbelief that she’s a grandmother, claiming that, much like himself, she doesn’t look like a grandparent. Heidi, however, insists Howie definitely looks like a grandfather. Howie’s reaction to that is pretty great. Nikki will be getting blown up inside a limousine, although she notes her biggest fear is getting trapped inside the car, since the fire could melt the doors into place.

Watch below:

Amazing Stuntwoman Blows Herself Up in Limo on America's Got Talent 10 (VIDEO)

Nikki seems more excited than scared, and the crowd seems pretty stoked with her. However, that enthusiasm wanes a bit once Nikki actually gets in the car, as you can tell the audience — and especially the judges — are starting to get nervous for her. Nick starts the countdown, and the car is just OBLITERATED by the explosion. The crowd is in stunned silence, but Nikki quickly comes out of the car, covered in flames. She falls to the ground and is quickly put out by the firemen on-set, and she’s all smiles afterwards. It’s certainly an act with enough danger to keep audiences thrilled, even if it’s not my cup of tea, personally.

Howie says the act was spectacular, noting how hot it was (both in temperature and in sexiness). Mel B enjoyed it as well, although Heidi felt it was almost too much. Howard, however, says that’s the point. Howie and Mel B say yes, Heidi goes with her gut and says no, and Howard delivers the deciding vote for Nikki and sends her through to the next round.


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